The Whisper

The Whisper[Read] ➫ The Whisper By Carla Neggers – Archaeologist Sophie Malone is still haunted a year after she was left for dead inside a remote Irish cave Now she's convinced that her night of terror is linked to recent violence in Boston Did the k Archaeologist Sophie Malone is still haunted a year after she was left for dead inside a remote Irish cave Now she's convinced that her night of terror is linked to recent violence in Boston Did the killer under arrest steal the ancient Celtic treasure from the cave that night Or is another killer out there ready to strike againBoston detective Scoop Wisdom has recovered from his injuries and is after the bomber who nearly killed him Tough and stubborn he's the best at detecting liesexcept maybe those of Sophie Malone When an ex cop becomes the victim of ritual sacrifice it's clear nobody's safe and everyone's a suspect. I received this book for review from the Vine program Here's my take on itBriefly it's a tale of a find by archeologist Sophie Malone and her encounter with Boston detective Scoop Wisdom who is convinced Sophie is not telling all she knows As events begin to unfold it becomes clearer that there might be a connection to Sophie's scare some missing artifacts and a bomb plot that nearly cost Scoop his life They must join sides to uncover the mysteryAs an Irish travel guide and one familiar with West Cork Kerry and Kenmare I was prepared to like the book based solely on the setting That it was a romantic suspense penned by a well known author in the genre was an added bonus however I found it tough reading for a number of reasons First I did not know this was a fourth book in a series so the plethora of characters from previous books had my head spinning Way too many characters who got in the way of Scoop's and Sophie's story and who seemed peripheral to the mystery of this book The constant jumping between Kenmare Boston and Dublin made it difficult to follow the story because it seemed like different sets of characters were all doing things that were only loosely related to the main plot I never did learn what Will Davenport's Simon's or Myles' roles were in relation to the main plot; in fact I wondered what the main plot actually was Was it what Sophie found on the island? What Keira saw? How did these incidents relate to Norman Estabrook the man who died in prison or to Scoop's brush with death? And what was Lizzie's purpose to the plot? Why the references to Abigail Browning since she is never onstage? All these characters and all these uestions As for Kenmare I would like to have read detail so I actually felt the characters were in Kenmare Ms Neggers' description was pretty generic I don't know of a pub that close to the Kenmare pier and as for the pier it's small antiuated and with maybe five or six boats moored at any given timeThe story is mystery than romance though Scoop and Sophie share a moment of intimacy however the mystery builds slowly up to the last uarter of the book Why Sophie can't discuss what she saw on the island is a mystery to me; I kept waiting for something bigger to be happening When finally it does it came out of nowhere because the reader had no lead in And the villain's modus operandi seemed contrivedI wondered why many characters were described as having West Cork accents since they were in County KerryTo Ms Neggers' credit her Sophie's descriptions of early Celtic artifacts and customs was well doneI feel I would have appreciated the book if I had read the preuels and had an understanding of how each character was relevant to which portion of the plot As it was I found myself wanting to skip large chunks of the story I really enjoyed this I'm getting used to this author's writing style of going from Ireland to the US in her books Enjoyed the book although probably because i had not read the previous ones i was pretty confused The story jumps back and forth between usa and ireland and there were way too many people involved for me to keep up with who was who Liked the author's writing style Most of Carla Neggers' novels are great stand alones even when they belong to a particular series They can be read out of order and are just as enjoyable Realizing this I didn't mind delving into The Whisper and within a few short pages began to regret that decision If you haven't read earlier novels from the FBIBPD series in which this novel belongs to much is given away If you haven't read the previous novels I would highly suggest doing so Although discouraged I was still intent on enjoying the novel As a mystery the novel makes for superb reading but as anything it was an okay read Unlike her other novels the romance was very limited and felt contrived It wasn't so much that there was chemistry lacking between archaeologist Sophie Malone and Boston detective Scoop Wisdom but that their relationship never fully developed Rather it was simply a prop Even minus their relationship the mystery would have read just fine as two partners solving a mystery than lovers in the making Another thing that was distracting was that the story itself felt like two separate stories one based in the United States and another in Ireland The two pieces never blended and came together One redeeming uality is definitely the picturesue descriptions of Ireland The beauty of the land and the richness of the culture and history really came through in the writing I enjoyed learning and envisioning the country even if the story wasn't uite as appealing That being said and this being a novel by Carla Neggers it was still good but compared to her other works it does leave me yearning for This was the last volume in the BPDFBI series and was the worse I was looking forward to Cyrus 'Scoop' Wisdom's story and Sophie Malone was a good match for him Their interactions were good although there were not enough of them They did not carry the action Too many sub characters took over and watered it down The whole plot of this story seemed contrived The motivations and connections between the various villains in each volume have been getting farfetched as the series progressed and this was the most nebulous where it should have been the Ah ha moment All of the earlier matched couples appear in this volume as well as the related secondary characters It seemed like some convolutions in the plot happened only to give some characters a reason for being in this volume I did not feel suspense It was talked to death This book missed the mark for me i enjoyed the book but it had a very wobbly start Since it was the 4th in a series the author attempted to fill in the reader who hadn't read the first 3 in an uniue way But the updatecatch upput everyone on the same page was so spread out so disjointed that even by the middle of the book i was still not totally clear It wasn't until I decided that it just didn't matter what happened before that the book became enjoyable If asked i would say Start from book onei know i will be going back to the beginning even if I already know how it all ends bet you thought I'd spill the beans It was an interesting book obviously part of a series and I didn't read any of the previous books written in the series The author developed many characters in the twist and turns of the mystery The reason I only gave it 3 stars was the author seemed to purposefully keep the book from expanding on the intimate details of the characters physical relationships which I appreciated until almost the end of the book Chapter 27 If I had read this type of content in the beginning of the book I would not have continued to read it I enjoyed this story especially spending time with Scoop but everything from the introduction of Sophie to the culmination of the story felt abrupt The book was published in 2010 but everything about it felt like we were gearing up for another suspense action semi romantic adventure Huh The Ireland series was fun regardless This was a great ending to the Boston PoliceFBI series The book wraps almost everything up nicely I did not like Sophie at first in this book but by the end I did like her It was great to see all the familiar faces in this book again and to catch up with their lives The whispers are coming; 'Scoop' going to be the best 'lie detector' after his near death experience except for SophieIs Sophie leading danger to 'Scoop's' front door?This is a must read in the Boston Police Department series

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