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A Chance to Make History[PDF] ✎ A Chance to Make History Author Wendy Kopp – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Since 1990 Teach For America has been building a movement to end educational ineuity in America Now its founder Wendy Kopp shares the lessons learned from the experiences of than 25000 teachers and al Since to Make eBook ¸ Teach For America has been building a movement to end educational ineuity in America Now its founder Wendy Kopp shares the lessons learned from the experiences of than teachers and alumni who have taught and led schools in low income communities during those years A Chance to Make History cuts through the noise of today's debates to describe precisely what it will take to provide transformational education education that changes the academic and life trajectories predicted by children's socioeconomic backgrounds Sharing her experiences in some of the country's most underserved communities A Chance eBook è Kopp introduces leaders at the classroom school and system levels who driven by passionate belief in their students' potential have set out to accomplish what most think impossible Their inspiring stories show how we can provide children facing all the challenges of poverty with an excellent education and that doing so involves the same ingredients that account for success in any endeavor visionary leadership that sets ambitious goals and puts forth the energy and discipline to reach them Kopp's experiences and insights also shine light on why we have not made progress against educational ineuity Chance to Make PDF/EPUB Ã how and why the intense but misguided uest for easy answers actually distracts from the hard work of expanding on the growing pockets of success in low income communities and on what we need to do now to increase the pace of change America's failure to educate millions of children to fulfill their potential is a crisis that strikes at our fundamental ideals and health as a nation A Chance to Make History offers tangible evidence that we can change direction and provide all children the opportunity to attain an excellent education. I saw an article in Time magazine a few weeks ago It was about Wendy Kopp CEO of Teach for America The article promoted her TFA and her new book A Chance to Make History The article alone inspired me to read the book but I also have ulterior motives er motivations I come from a family of teachers plus I am a home schooler and need to stay current with the always topical subject of education plus my neighbor is running for a seat on the Rockford School Board plus I have numerous friends who are teachers plus I just plain care Now that I've said that I want to say I wish the title wasn't so corny I keep hearing Jon Lovitz shouting the title in that broad affected voice he does A Chonce to Make Hissssstory Moving onThe expectations accountability and standards of TFA are expressed well in this book Kopp's language is clear and sophisticated but at times long winded For example on page 113 she writes I believe part of the reason that the achievement gap has not narrowed in an aggregate sense over the past two decades despite all the energy and resources invested in education reform is that our policy makers and influencers have been so obsessed with finding a uick fix that we have gone lurching from one silver bullet solution to another rather than embracing the big idea of transformative education and engaging in the very hard work of implementing itShe repeats this sentiment throughout the entire book While it is good to know she is committed to commitment and accountability her repetitive writing style is boringShe is also very acronym heavy KIPP WHEELS OECD AFT NOW etc Call me dumb but I can't remember what a single one of them means Ironically she spells out Teach For America every single time I would have remembered TFAShe points out a few great teachers Megan Maurice Julie Joe Paul and Cami a few times which I don't understand Is this a corporate awards show for TFA I mean Teach For America? And she includes a bizarre passive aggressive section about Steve Jobs and Bill and Melinda Gates I'm not sure if she was paid to be pro Mac than pro PC but she passively hints at it She is definitely political and her writing style hearkens to the speech styles of candidates running for office The most promising path is to generate political leaders advocates and union leaders who deeply understand that educational ineuity is a solvable problem who appreciate what solving the problem will take and who have the conviction to stand up for the change that is necessary Page 160and The intensity of the disagreements and the tensions between adult and student interests sparked by the proposed legislation demonstrated just how critical it is to have political leaders who have acuired unshakable conviction through firsthand understanding of the potential of children in under resourced areas Page 162 I enjoyed this book for educational and political purposes but am sharing the following lessons I gleaned from this book Keep momentum in the classroom going Consider 7 minute lessons followed by 20 minutes of classwork Motivate your student to look toward the future Change your teaching environment a lot Tell him or her the year he or she will graduate from college Embrace science fiction and plan lessons around that year Take your kids to colleges for fun Have students track their progress in a way that euates academic progress similar to progress tracking in universities Learn about other cultures I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand educational reform a little bit better I read this book as part of my pre institute work as a 2013 TFA corps member I know opinions about TFA are super polarized and as a new comer to the organization I am working hard to tip toe carefully among all those opinions I don't know enough yet to say what is true What I do know is that personally I'm not trying to use under served children or communities as a stepping stone in my career in law or business or medicine as is often a criticism of TFA corps members I don't have a clear vision for my own future but tentatively I think that I would like to stay at the school I'm placed at for at least five years if I feel that I am useful to the community and that from there I may want to get involved in education administration to try to effect broad positive change in the system I am not working under the assumption that as a first year teacher I will be a better teacher than those who have decades of experience in fact I'm pretty sure that at first I won't even be a good teacher at all But I do know that my constant presence in the classroom will be better for my students than a string of long term substitutes which is what TFA is meant to replace not veteran teachers I will strive every day to be the kind of transformational teacher that Wendy Kopp describes in this book That being said this was an interesting book to read I think she makes a case for a kind of broad scale no excuses education reform that doesn't rely on any one silver bullet as she calls it not even TFA I found myself throughout wondering what SPECIFICALLY makes a transformational teacher but I'm sure that that is explained in detail in Teaching As Leadership the other TFA pre institute book which I am beginning now This book served as my March non fiction challenge book Early on I was excited about this book About half way through I realized its purpose was mainly for Wendy Kopp to brag about Teach for America Excitement waned and I found myself wishing she would share some great things their teachers were doing instead of just stating how great they've done While I respect TFA I found this book a very superficial treatment of the subject of school reform The author TFA founder Wendy Kopp doesn't really get much beyond the buzzwords of high expectations accountability and transformational teaching Besides listing one study she also doesn't answer the critics of the so called school reform movement For a much better understanding of these criticisms I would recommend Diane Ravitch's Death and Life of the Great American School System The only saving grace of this book is that at roughly 211 pages it is a relatively uick read All in all I appreciated the overwhelming affirmation that you can achieve stellar results for the most under served children if you believe in them ie set goals communicate the goals clearly get everyone on board kids parents community work overtime be a transformational teacher etc It is not a function of throwing money or euipment into a school system Also good to learn that you can achieve incredible results if you treat the school system exactly like any other organization measurable results driven system with accountability and strong leadership at all levels It's a compendium of lessons that I might have guessed or believed to be true via movies like Stand and Deliver but they mean so much that they actually happened and these school systems are still in place and these leaders are still activeIt was a great introduction to the world shakers in the education community I wish I had a digital version so I could ctrl F to find the parts about particular school systems leaders TFA's practice of identifying bright active young people training them for a very short period of time and then sending them into the country's worst ie struggling schools is either a brilliant bit of public policy or disasters waiting to happen Fact of the matter is that kids learn better when they have a teacher who wants to be there and TFA only places people usually post college kids but occasionally mid career or retirees in school districts where no one else wants to teach A good way to burn out potentially good teachers but if the point is to impact as many kids as uickly and as meaningfully as possible then it is at least someone trying to do something The location of a child's school should not determine their future course in life schools everywhere should be able to graduate everyone with the ability to read and do simple math and understand concepts of the world at large Idealistic yes? Achievable TBD? But someone has to do something This book provides specific examples of how teachers and students have transformed the lives of their students Detailing the steps that these transformational leaders have taken the book provides a how to guide to show that this transformational process is not elusive but tangible and doable by setting aggressive goals working incredibly hard and always putting kids interests first excellent book very thought provoking I probably would have rated it higher if I hadn't just seen her speak in DC A lot of the ideas in her speech were in the book so since I'd already heard it it didn't have as much of an impact In June I read “A Chance to Make History What Works and What Doesn’t in Providing an Excellent Education for All” by Wendy Kopp the founder of Teach for America I originally picked up this book because it sounded like it would be about the successes that TFA members have had in the classroom and what strategies they employed to bring this success Instead it read as an educational policy statement and was at times difficult to readThe main theme of “A Chance to Make History” is that unless school districts make a commitment to hire the best talent and provide ongoing support training and mentoring to teachers any effort that is implemented by the school whether it is smaller class sizes technology in the classroom longer school daysyears or updated curriculum will not be successful Several school districts around the country are discussed at length; the school district transformations in Washington DC and New Orleans and their successes are documented throughout primarily because they are led by TFA alumniKopp talks throughout the book about the great lengths that schools have went to to add technology to the classroom but how it is being misused underutilized or just isn’t working School districts often believe that adding technology to the classroom will result in instant student success but fail to realize that if teachers are ineffective the technology will be tooThe book highlights some extraordinary teachers and their experiences in the classroom but most of them left teaching to become administrators and policy makers and the book focuses on success at the policy level rather than on the front lines Several times Kopp states that 60% of TFA teachers stay in the school system but for the program to work I believe that need to actually stay in the classrooms Unfortunately TFA primarily recruits their talent out of Ivy League and other prestigious private universities and this may be why their alumni do two years in the classroom and move on to better paying careersWhen we met with the deputy director of MCN during our Capitol Corps Day she made a statement that resonated with me but that I generally disagree with – that to make change to “the system” it needs to start from the top down rather than the bottom up In my opinion it needs to happen at both ends and that is a lot of what Teach for America is all about Inspiring A book for would be TFA teachers or teachers who want to be inspired again

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