Paying the Piper (Fleetwood Sheils Thriller, #1)

Paying the Piper (Fleetwood Sheils Thriller, #1)➼ [Reading] ➾ Paying the Piper (Fleetwood Sheils Thriller, #1) By Simon Wood ➱ – He was known as the Piper a coldhearted kidnapper who terrified the city He taunted the FBI through Scott Fleetwood's column But Scott had been duped The person he'd been speaking to wasn't really the He was known as the Piper a coldhearted kidnapper who terrified the city He taunted the FBI through Scott Fleetwood's column But Scott had been duped The person he'd been speaking to wasn't really the Piper By the time the FBI exposed the hoaxer time ran out Now Paying the Epub / he's after Scott's children. I could not put this book down; I read it in 2 days This was my second book by this author I read his book “The One That Got Way” thanks to the Kindle First Program and loved it so I thought I’d try another one and this one grabbed me just as fast as the first one I read If you are a fan of Harlan Coben I think you will like Wood’s books tooThis book had some edge of your seat moments and also a lot of What Ifs? Or What would you do? I also figured something out early but thought it was a great red herring then got blindsided by being right 8 years ago Scott Fleetwood was an up and coming reporter when he gets the call of a lifetime from the man known as The Piper who has kidnapped 8 children and is offering Scott an exclusive but what he thinks is his big break turns out to be a crank call that causes the death of the Pipers current victim The Piper has never killed before and there is a note on the boy’s chest saying ‘You’re to Blame’ And everyone blames Scott including the FBI the public the family and The Piper And now 8 years later one of Scott’s twin boys has been kidnapped by the Piper but this isn’t the Piper’s MO this is revenge and it’s personalThis book had a lot of twists and turns and since this time it’s personal the Piper is asking a lot than money of Scott he wants him to pay in ways than one I really liked how strong of a relationship Scott had with his wife Jane and I truly felt the pain of poor Peter whose twin was fooled into getting into a car with a stranger while he was told he couldn’t come so heartbreaking All of the side characters in this book were very well developed including all the FBI people I especially like the way Agent Guerra handled matters with the family and how good she was with Peter Even Agent Sheils who at first wasn’t very professional grew on me eventuallyI don’t want to give anything away so I will just say this was a great thriller I plan to read everything Simon Wood has written and think he is right up there with Coben in writing a good thriller4 ½ Stars Thrilling edge of your seat ride from start to finish I literally couldn’t put it down Every time I thought I had it figured out there was another twist Very much looking forward to reading Saving Grace now I had so many “ah” moments with this book that I just have to give it 5 stars One night I woke up frantically wondering if my own children where in their beds only to realize they were either sleeping in their college dorm room or living at their own house that’s how drawn in I got This is a first rate thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through till the end It’s a parent’s worse nightmare to have your child abducted from you and the author does a great job playing with the readers emotions with all the various characters as he plays out the scenarios that surround the kidnapping Who is paying the Piper and who is playing with the Piper? How far would you go to get your child back? Would you let your emotions get in the way? Well donebravo bravo Looking forward to reading by this author I'm not a big fan of the child in peril thrillers That said Simon Wood keeps that part within the respectable PG 13 bounds in Paying the Piper We've been table of content mates in short fiction anthologies I liked his sense of pace nifty plot twists and well drawn characters particularly the law enforcement types His writing is forceful but smooth In short I spent several nights following his heroes and villains in print with enlivened interest and I remained entertained until the surprising end Great stuff here Eight years ago reporter Scott Fleetwood thought he helped catch The Piper a serial kidnapper but interfering in the case caused the Piper not to receive his ransom and the death of eight year old Nicolas Rooker Now the Piper has resurfaced and he has taken Scott’s child But this isn’t a simple ransom kidnapping The Piper has returned with a vengeance and the target is Sammy Fleetwood A faced paced thriller full of twists and turns This tale is different than most crime fic novels because this story actually focuses on the victim’s family Most authors make the mistake of placing the investigator assigned to the case as the lead role and this is a mistake because really who cares about the boring detective working his dreary desk job? Yes of course we want to see the action but we also want to feel the emotions of the family as they fight to have their loved ones returned Wood placed a perfect balance on both Scott and Agent Shiels’ roles I loved following Scott around on the adventure of his lifetime all while developing a certain level of respect for Agent Shiels who always had his victim’s backs I will say that I began to suspect the perpetrator about 33% into the story but I could not match up the evidence to link him to the crime This kept every page imperative to turn I had to learn how this story was going to end And boy did it end with a bang It really felt just like watching CSI or Criminal Minds I’ve never read a Stephen King book but I feel that if I had I would be comparing Wood’s work to King Yes it’s that good I love feeling out of breath after reading a Simon Wood book I feel like I am right there in the chase Every book has been like this Wood creates a world and inserts the reader in it so effortlessly And once again it's dawn and I'm just now going to get a few hours of sleep since I couldn't put this book down until I finished it And I've already downloaded the next book in this series Good bookEnjoyed the suspense of this book and characters surprises and suspense kept me wanting to read would read seuel not too intense but just enough If you’re looking to get pulled in and pumped up by a truly kick ass suspense novel then this book is for you Simon Wood’s Paying the Piper is a pure adrenaline rush that will have you hanging by the edge of your seat while clawing at your heartstrings Mr Wood tells the tale of a parent’s worst nightmare the kidnapping of a child and the unrelenting attempts to get them back The excitement begins as soon as you open the book the story moving along at a swift and thrilling pace The storyline is fantastic and the characters are complex and diverse I saw and felt this novel come to life as I’m sure many readers have and willRight off the bat we are introduced to Scott Fleetwood a crime reporter for the Independent as he races his way across town to his children’s elementary school His wife had just called with horrible life altering newstheir son had been kidnapped Every parent hopes and prays for their children to be kept safe from such a tragedy but Scott had almost expected it Just eight years ago Scott had made a terrible mistake and put publicity and a good story above bringing down the bad guy Scott believed the man on the phone was The Piper a serial kidnapper contacting him personally to tell his story This was huge or it would’ve been had he really been speaking with The Piper Scott soon realized he had been duped when the area’s highly feared kidnapper became a cold blooded killer showing the FBI the news and Scott that they had made a grave mistake in ignoring his demands A young boy had been killed and Scott has been blamed by all for his death Now after eight years his children were being used as pawns in this sick and vengeful game that The Piper had waited long enough to play Scott wanted his children back and was willing to get them no matter the cost It was time to pay The PiperI highly recommend reading this book to just about anyone I was completely engaged in this story from the beginning and found myself emotionally vested in the main character’s course to get his kids back There were twists and turns I never saw coming keeping the storyline fresh and invigorating Loved this bookHazel O'SheaWritten for the Juniper Grove Blog Simon Wood has enough titles and enough awards to his credit to know that he has a loyal readership Perhaps they will welcome Paying the Piper but someone new to this author may feel uninspired by a familiar plot some cardboard characters and clichéd writing in this day and age on only the second pageScott Fleetwood is a journalist who covered past kidnappings by 'The Piper' Now his own child has been snatched Tom Shiels the FBI agent assigned to the case also has personal issues to settle Jane Fleetwood's wife fluctuates between bursting into tears and being a fierce mother demanding action And this is the problem Characters change personality in order to drive the plotProvided that is no bar to enjoyment indulgent readers may travel with a convoluted plot to its somewhat predictable conclusion It is not too demanding except in reuiring belief in the people involved GrippingIf you like a gripping and fast paced thriller read this you won't be disappointed I could not put it down

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