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Looking for Alaska❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Looking for Alaska Author John Green – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Before Miles “Pudge” Halter is done with his safe life at home His whole life has been one big non event and his obsession with famous last words has only made him crave “the Great Perhaps” ev Before Miles “Pudge” Halter is done with his safe life at home His whole life has been one big non event and his obsession with famous last words has only made him crave “the Great Perhaps” even Francois Rabelais poet He heads off to the sometimes crazy and anything but boring Looking for PDF/EPUB or world of Culver Creek Boarding School and his life becomes the opposite of safe Because down the hall is Alaska Young The gorgeous clever funny sexy self destructive screwed up and utterly fascinating Alaska Young She is an event unto herself She pulls Pudge into her world launches him into the Great Perhaps and steals his heart Then After Nothing is ever the same. WROTE THIS IN 2010 Now I am TEN YEARS OLDER I didn't like this book This is not what I expected to be I hoped to find a book in the style of Stargirl or something novel and what did I find? A bunch of teens who try to ease their anxieties in their not so original vices and a sudden drama which leads to nonsense talking All hiding of course in a couple of beautiful uotes that wrap all the 'inspiring sites' on the internet the reason I got to the book and I bet that you tooBoring it was so so boring I didn't like the characters Alaska was unbearable oh no wait she was awesome if you were a character too fantastic girlbeautiful and wonderful and ohmarrymerightnowplease and she had to be an intelligent woman so the author made her feminist and an avid reader to prove she had brains and there is no need to write about the boys because booh The main character was a cronic linnet who got lost in his difficulties mostly not having a girlfriend such a big problem you see and searching The Great Perhaps thing he forgot to do so easily so What a waste of time2013 EDIT almost FOUR years have passed since I read and reviewed Looking for Alaska and I hope nobody expects me to discuss anything related to the book It's great if you loved the book but I didn't Maybe at this time of my life I would express myself in a different way but when I wrote this I was convinced of all I said before After Looking for Alaska I read other John Green's books And I loved some of them like really did It's sad that Looking for Alaska didn't work for me but I think it is wonderful that it did for you Not so many books can inspire that kind of passion Thanks everybody for your likes and comments and my apologies for not answering them any2020 EDIT I read this TEN YEARS AGO and I still get comments saying the same thing over and over again and honestly I read the comments twice in the last two or three years Don’t waste your time being angry at me for not sharing your thoughts about a book because If you are lucky I’ll notice next year and well I bet you have better things to do My assistant Amanda has been a John Green fan for ages which is one of the reasons I decided to start giving his stuff a read I decided to start here because it was one of his first books After I finished this book I went to her and asked Are all of John Green's books going to leave me feeling like I've had a hole kicked straight through my guts?Not all of them she said But yeah Some I thought about this for a while then asked her In Name of the Wind when X happens did it feel like that when you read it? Except I didn't say X obviously I mentioned a particular scene in my first book Well Amanda said Not really His scene is central to his book But even so yeah It was kinda like that Shit I said Sorry about that So yeah Sorry about that some people are careless and in an adrenaline fueled all caps teen reviewing frenzy will inadvertently give a major spoiler for this bookavoid these people even though ordinarily they are pretty coolthis is a really well written teen fiction book i mean it won the printz award i'm not discovering america here i think i wanted to emphasize that it definitely reads like a book intended for a teen audience and i think that me as a teen would have numbered this among my very favorite books however as an adult there are a lot of years between me and the characters in this book and i have read a lot books than the average teen so i am mostly jaded and ruined but imagine me discovering this at say 131 a group of smart kids going to boarding school who read all the time and take pleasure in learning and have hundreds of books and uote maruez and rabelais karen would have loved to have had friends like these2 emotionally unstable female lead who is mysterious and changeable who is not afraid of her sexuality but doesn't use it all the time to get what she wants who says tough and dramatic things like y'all smoke to enjoy it i smoke to die thirteen year old karen loves this line grown up karen rolls her eyes3 drinking and smoking and fornicating that do not lead to bad grades and ruined lives there are other causes for those things4 blow job tips 'nuff said5 brief crash course in eastern religions that would have been so exotic to small town karenand the structure would have been novel to young karen countdown leading up to the event then countdown leading away from it very cool so i see why the kids like it and i liked it too but i think it would have been important and surprising and enchanting to me as a kid all the first love and first loss type stuff all the unwritten behavioral codes between the teens and the authority figures and the slow unravel of a mystery very coolbut i have a uestion and it is a spoiltastic uestion so i am going to put up a barrier of images to protect anyone who has not read it and wants to these will be subliminal suggestions that are so subtle you won't even know what is happeningdude seriously why didn't jake go to alaska's funeral?? there is no reason for him not to have and there is absolutely no explanation given it makes it easier for the author yeah to not have to write a confrontation scene between jake and pudge and to have the mystery unravel slowly but it makes zero sense for someone so in love with his girl to not go to her funeral seriously dumb i will accept any private messages about this to keep the thread spoiler free but until john green tells me why i am going to say dumb That's me realizing I was about to give a big one star to a super popular book on Goodreads It didn't stop me This book was beyond stupidMiles is a little nerd boy from Florida he is going away to boarding school hoping for a new life or maybe his Great Perhaps The Great Perhaps comes from a minute reference to some poet Thrown in to this book to make it all edgy and shit Fail Once he gets there his roommate the reuisite character that is so poor but super smart befriends him The Colonel aka Chip takes Miles now known as Pudge under his wing and now he has friendsIncluding the super special Alaska she is the beautiful cool and allusive girl She is moody and spontaneous Of course the boys all love her milkshakeincluding our Pudge That smoking line? It's from the book head deskThen another thingand this was a big one for me John Green you have enough dang money that if you are going to write southern characters at least try TRY to get them halfway right You just put every stupid stereotype known into the characters that are southern for this book You made them all sound stupidIf they didn't go to this wonderful boarding school that erased their accent they sounded like ignorant hicks I hate to tell you honey but last time I check Florida is also in the south They have accents too You lost a star just for not taking the two seconds to research southern speech I've lived here my whole life and I have never heard someone speak like you had several characters speaking Anyways for me This book glorified the whole oh I'm so dark don't you want to be me shit FOR ME view spoilerIt glorified suicide even though Alaska technically did not commit suicide hide spoiler I'm going to explain my emotions about this book in a billion of gifs because I love this book too much to put into words 3So first I was like because Pudge was pretty coolThen we met the Colonel and I did thisbecause the Colonel is awesome and he got my approvalThen we met Alaska and I gobecause who knows? She's really not that badThen we really get to know her and I'm likeThen ALL this stuff happens and I don't know what to expect because now we're at the After part and I'm excitedThen BAMAnd I'm likeBecause there is NO WAY that can happen and I'm pretty sure someone is playing a sick sick joke on meThen I realize its not a joke and the waterworks start flowingAnd I'm likeAndThen I finally calm downAnd I'm trying to stay strong and remember it's only a book so I'm likeThen I can't help myself and go back to ugly cryingThen FINALLY acceptanceor as close as I can get to itThen after all that I realize I LOVE THIS BOOK Wow I must've skipped a bunch of pages or read the Hebrew translation or was having root canal or something because that was one terrible book All those awards WHAT??? Such a clumsy story— every move of the author was heavy handed and so transparent I felt like I was a fly on John Green's ceiling watching him go Oh that's good oh that's just precious and fall asleep in his soup again Miles—I mean Pudgeas he is deemed within minutes of his arrival at his School of Great Perhaps— may be looking for Alaska throughout this story but I sure knew her right away She's the pretty girl who's even prettier because she's a bit damaged and makes you feel like you have a chance with her because she's a flirt Yes she's a hopelessly thin character as are they all with the exception of The Colonel Takumi for example who is supposed to be one of the Big Four around whom this story revolves is completely characterized by his unrealistic rap improvs My rhymin' is old school sort of like the ancient Romans The Colonel's beats is sad like Arthur Miller's Willy Loman and basically disappears from the story until reuired by the plot to re emerge with More Information Lara Pudge's first girlfriend is so bland she is given a Russian accent complete with long e's for short i's I put the stuff een the gel and then I deed the same thing een Jeff's room to prevent her from evaporating off the page and into THEEN ARE In fact each character is carefully provided with a shtick often a savant like talent that would in reality win game shows but is meant to be That Thing That Makes Him Special The Colonel can remember capitals of countries to the point of extreme autism Pudge knows the last words of famous people— only he's so doggone uirky that he reads the biography but not the work of the famous person And our precious Alaska? She keeps stacks and stacks of books in her room that she intends to read when she's done selling cigarettes to high school kids I guess called her life library or something but has wrestled with life's Big uestions alongside some very Heavy Thinking Authors and can recite poetry of course Everybody is way too philosophical and literary for their own good but god forbid the reader is allowed to think Lest you miss the point every moment is interpreted for you I finally understood that day at the Jury Alaska wanted to show us we could trust her Survival at Culver Creek meant loyalty and she had ignored that But then she'd shown me the way She and the Colonel had taken the fall for me to show me how it was done so I would know what to do when the time came Ok then—I guess that's what happened except that's just not the way high school kids workEven word choice reveals fear we won't get it; if an author has to tell you FIVE TIMES in the book that the character deadpanned instead of said the Coloneldeadpanned three times and Pudge just a little less dry I guess deadpanned twice then either the dialogue is not written well or the author believes it is not written well The former at leastSo just hanging with these kids leaves one searching for a third dimension but then the story itself pretty much jumps genres halfway through from slacker YA Holden mentioned on the back cover to straight mystery Why'd she do what she did? Lest I spoil this story for you I won't go into this part but suffice it to say the above uestion is left out in the sun to rot while we are forced to look on sniffing the decay The story doesn't work in any genre anyway I know what the story is supposed to do— make me fall in love with Alaska feel all warm and cozy when the four friends smoke cigarettes shoot the breeze and look out for one another and care when one of them screams with cosmic agony but alas Maybe if I wasn't basically tapped on the shoulder and demanded these reactions I would be better at having them but lines fall flat and soggy like cigarettes tossed casually into some cliche prep school lake The Colonel let go of my sweater and I reached down and picked up the cigarettes Not screaming not through clenched teeth not with the veins pulsing in my forehead but calmly Calmly I looked down at the Colonel and said F— youMy first Kindle read too Update 41214This reviewrant receives comments than any other book review I have I decided to reply to a few of the comments in my review because the people that don't like my reviewrant don't like it for pretty much the same reasons First please note there are spoilers However the spoilers aren't really spoilers since it doesn't affect your enjoyment or lack of enjoyment if you know the big secret Nevertheless a helpful few have pointed out that I have spoilers and I didn't mark them So are you happy now?Ok now to another criticism Many lovely critics bring up the same point maybe John Green just wanted to show a flawed character you just don't grasp the flawed characterblahblahblah I'm paraphrasing here and kinda combining all the criticismAll right I'll bite Yes Alaska is flawed That is obvious Ok? Did Mr Green show how Alaska was flawed and resolve either her flaws or how others deal with her flaws if she chose not to change her ways? Nope Still not buying my argument? Ok Let's say for the sake of argument Alaska was a puppy abuser She goes around kicking puppies Is her puppy kicking dealt with? Do any of the characters say listen Alaska Darling you kick one puppy and I'm kicking your ass? Ok maybe that is a bit extreme how about does Mr Green have his characters abandon Alaska because she refuses to give up her puppy kicking ways? Nope I know you are saying listen you stupid idiot Alaska didn't abuse puppies she only abused other's people's kindness took advantage of people emotionally manipulated people and was an all around piss poor person that used her own poor past to lash out Oh ok I see what you mean nope not a puppy kickerclearly I'm wrongBelow is the old rantreviewenjoyI'm totally going to regret putting this review in and I'll probably change it later but ohwhatthehellPoor Alaska She screwed up in her past She blames herself for something that happened when she was a child It caused her to be moody withdrawn angry and unpredictable It caused her to drink too much take unnecessary risks take advantage of other people’s kindness One minute Alaska was fun the life of the party caring and everyone’s best friend The next minute she was the bitchPoor poor Alaska Let’s save AlaskaGive me a break Alaska acted the way she did because she could She used her past as an excuse for her destructive behavior Alaska’s friends enabled Alaska’s behavior because they didn’t stand up to her In fact they had destructive behavior that needed to be addressed as well but since this book is called “Looking for Alaska” I’m going to focus on AlaskaMany people had really shitty childhoods Many people were physically and mentally abused as children Many people were left to survive on their own as childrenhungry dirty and alone These people didn’t grow up to use their bad childhood their own guilt or their past mistakes to act out take advantage of other people or to basically treat people like crapI’m not uncaring Far from it I have a ton of compassion I’m too caring But being a victim does not excuse your behavior Being a victim does not justify your behavior You still have to treat people with kindness compassion love and honesty regardless of what struggles you survived Get help and then move onIf someone is treating you wrong call them on it Don’t look into their past to try to explain away their behavior That is BS It isn’t uirkiness it isn’t moodiness it is abuseSo dear Miles aka Pudge why are you seeking Alaska’s forgiveness? You did nothing wrong except failing to recognize Alaska’s destructive behavior and failing to get away from itIf a person is friendly kind caring one minute but then angry withdrawn the next THEY have a problemIf a person is drinking too much partying to hard ignoring authority breaking the rules THEY have a problemIf you are trying to figure the above mentioned person out if you are trying to solve that person’s problems figure out why they are the way they are YOU have a problemI’m off my pedestal now I’m going to probably change this review once I stop being so irritated but for right now I’m rolling with it And if I didn’t “get” the true meaning of the book well I’m sorry; I don’t want to “get” it I don’t care Alaska sucked as a friend and she was a lousy human being and she took up too much of my time by reading the book yup this is not the right book to read for the first time at 23 years old in 2020 yup “We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreperably broken”Again I know I'm late This book is incredibly popular and it's been waiting patiently in my bookshelf for at least two years now I've read Paper Towns which was boring af and The Fault In Our Stars which is one of my favourite books Looking for Alaska was something in betweenCharactersMiles the main character is as interesting and charming as toast So are his parents but their lack of character depth is even worse Chip his roommate saved me from falling asleep and Alaska is a bit of a cliché She is every toast boy's fantasy curvy but also smart a bookworm and feministPlotHmm What's the plot? Boarding school pranks bullies girls with boobs alcohol and cigarettes Way too many cigarettes which really annoys me Yeah teens smoke out of stupidity but why write about it and in a way promote it Not cool Listen guys smoking not coolThoughtsI don't get the point I didn't feel emotionally connected to any of the characters and this lack of feelings took away the sympathy and understanding for them view spoilerAlaska's death didn't move me In a way it seemed pointless Not because it's not sad but because the whole novel left no impression on me hide spoiler This was the first book I ever read by John Green It was given to me in 2007 when I had no idea who John Green was I wish this book had been around when I was a teen I really enjoyed the story but I think I would have liked it even if I wasn't already past that point in my life Even still I loved this bookMiles is in search for the great perhaps and has a fascination with famous last words He meets Alaska Young who is basically the girl of his dreams Their journey together at boarding school begins and John takes us on an exciting ride in which you constantly feel there is impending doom lurking ahead I'm going to keep this review short because so much has been said on this book The writing is as great as I always expect now from JG and the story unfolds with a great pace that makes you never want to put the book down You will probably feel some excitement sadness and maybe even a little anger reading this book but I think this book will be memorable This is an outstanding coming of age novel that doesn't resort to a happily ever after ending but the characters each seek closure on their own terms The characters are well drawn witty and full of individual uirks This book also includes some fun pranks some great humor and some shocking turns of events I loved the beforeafter and the whole countdown I thought that was a really neat tool that helped build suspenseLooking For Alaska is a book I still love and recommend years later and occasionally still think about It remains my favorite JG book and I would like to personally thank the person who gave me this book for introducing me to this wonderful writerRecommend to everyone really