The First Elizabeth

The First Elizabeth☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The First Elizabeth By Carolly Erickson ❤ – Il Cinuecento fu un secolo drammatico e per molti versi decisivo nella storia dell'Inghilterra lo scisma anglicano e l'opposizione a Roma la perdita di Calais la uestione scozzese e uella irlandese la Il Cinuecento fu un secolo drammatico e per molti versi decisivo nella storia The First eBook é dell'Inghilterra lo scisma anglicano e l'opposizione a Roma la perdita di Calais la uestione scozzese e uella irlandese la contesa con la Spagna per il dominio sul mare le tensioni sociali prodotte dalla violenta rottura dell'ordine agrario feudale e da un impressionante incremento demograficoAl centro di uesta storia c'è la figura di Elisabetta I sovrana che coniugando spregiudicatezza politica e pugno di ferro riuscì a fare del proprio paese il padrone assoluto dei mari e la prima potenza mondiale gettando le basi dell'impero coloniale britannicoNelle pagine di Carolly Erickson rivive l'enigma di Elisabetta I In una prosa brillante e narrativa l'autrice evoca l'adolescenza infelice e la maturità della sovrana senza trascurare gli sfarzi e le ombre dell'epoca tudoriana Nell'immagine agiografica della vergine regina si scopre così in filigrana il profilo di una donna molto strana per usare le parole di un ambasciatore spagnolo orgogliosa della propria indipendenza e del proprio potere ma al contempo votata a un ineluttabile destino di solitudine capace di sublimi tenerezze e gesti di sfida innamoramenti e solenni ingiurie. Audiobook #193I recommend to you the possible nonfiction peruser if you're looking for accurate surprising and entertaining go with Alison Weir or Antonia Fraser Carolly Erickson is one of those rare academics who is able to write very well Her biography of Elizabeth I conveys not only a clear sense of her subject's personality but also a believable representation of the culture of both her court and her nation against the backdrop of European history Unlike other histories I've read of the period Erickson's does not particularly favor the English over the other peoples of Europe nor is their ueen portrayed as a paragon of virtue This is the second book I've read by this author I shall read others Eliza is the fairest ueeneThat ever trod upon this greeneElizaes eyes are blessed starresInducing peace subduing warresElizaes hand is christal brightHer wordes are balme her lookes are lightElizaes brest is that faire hillWhere Vertue dwels and sacred skillO blessed bee each day and houreWhere sweet Eliza builds her bowreUna biografia stupenda e ben scritta First Sentence The afternoon sun was already low as the constables and marshals their hands took up their stations along the route the royal procession would follow After reading a biography about Elizabeth I for younger readers I thought I would try an adult biography This one is pretty good It reads like a novel Carolly Erickson is very good at describing people and places and you feel like you are really there The book does a good job of giving you an idea of what daily life was like in 16th century England The amount of detail I haven't found in any other books and its a different approach to Elizabeth I's life that I haven't encountered beforeThere are some issues in the book The author repeats a lot of things especially in the last few chapters which makes the book stretch on forever A lot of information in the book directly contradicts what I have read in other places The book also focuses mostly on the personal life of the ueen and not on the politics of the time The book also reads like a gossip rag at some points and it seems that the author really wants to show the dark side of Elizabeth's reign while glancing over good things that happened This wasn't a bad book on Elizabeth I despite its faults I really enjoyed learning about the ueen's daily life and what it was like moving courts around all the time It gives me a much greater appreciation of the Tudor era What a woman A princess a bastard a brilliant student of the classics as well as of court She survived plots and conspiracies and her sister's hate to become Gloriana She was a great ueen at a time when the world was changing and moving so fast that the game was new before the players left the field Elizabeth fought the Popes Philip of Spain a couple of French kings wooing some on the one hand not the Pope while maneuvering with the other her armies and spies in a constant struggle to keep England free from European invasion and interferenceMs Erickson presents us with the brave and brilliant Elizabeth along side of the not so pretty woman who became England's first Elizabeth During a time of constant turmoil Elizabeth with her band of not so merry men take a small inconseuential island country and bring it out into the whole wild wide world A great story well told Too bad this is the first bio of Elizabeth I that I have read Ms Erickson is very good on background such as what people wore at court and the fears caused by the Spanish Armada but there are many many times that Ms Erickson tells us what a character felt or thought when she can not possibly be certain That combined with Ms Erickson's willingness to accept the meanest most unflattering things said of the ueen when others living at the time and other biographers are unconvinced of this extreme portrait makes this book untrustworthy I would respect Ms Erickson had she given the case both for and against the ueen's sluttishness for example but simply accepting that she was and building on that is bad biography and bad scholarship I am glad I read the book for the background but surely I could have found that elsewhere Carolly Erickson has to be one of the most engaging and sophisticated historical biographers of the last century After reading Bloody Mary I knew the next step had to be reading either her book on Elizabeth I or Henry VIII You learn all sorts of wonderful little facts about medicine wardrobe and culture in this book along with following the life of one of England's most influential rulers And you witness the brutality and imbalance of life in Elizabethan England even the haves are often have nots as wellIn spite of the enthusiasm I have for this book it is not for lightweights or anybody seeking a uick summation of Elizabeth's life Erickson's penchant for detail can prove a little overwhelming at points but it is overall a pleasure to read this book I read this back when I was in high school along with a couple of this author's other works I enjoyed this book nearly as much as I enjoyed her bio on Marie Antoinette But that doesn't mean that this book is at all a bad read While Ms Erickson does speculate uite a bit much like she did for her book one Anne Boleyn the way she speculated helped to make this book a real read rather than just a dry book of various sources and excerpts and the like I honestly enjoyed this book a lot I really enjoyed the book It has a great amount of detail making it read like a story than a biography There were even parts of suspense despite knowing the history The book covered all the way from Elizabeth's birth to death in great detail This book inspired the #% out of me

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