Anna and the Cat Lady

Anna and the Cat Lady❰Reading❯ ➻ Anna and the Cat Lady Author Barbara M. Joosse – Popular Book, Anna and the Cat Lady Author Barbara M. Joosse There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9780060202439 format Hardcover and others 170 pages and has a text language like Englis Popular Book, the Cat MOBI ó Anna and the Cat Lady Author Barbara M Joosse There are many interesting things in this book isbn format Hardcover and others pages and has a text language like English. Dan dapat pula lanjutannya ╯✧▽✧╯ Ceritanya tidak saling terkait dengan buku pertamaDi sini Anna dan temannya berteman dengan Bu Kucing seorang perempuan tua yang dianggap aneh oleh masyarakat sekitar Tapi apalah artinya pendapat masyarakat Anna tau Bu Kucing orang baik yang sudah menolong dia menyelamatkan anak kucingMakin lama keanehan Bu Kucing makin terasa juga oleh Anna Keanehan yang dia rasa tidak berbahaya buat masyarakat tapi bisa berbahaya bagi Bu Kucing sendiri dan kucing kucingnyaRasanya dengan cerita ini pun terhubung つω`。 Kalau dulu aku sebagai anak anak terhubung dengan Anna yang iri melihat kakaknya Sekarang aku sebagai orang tua dewasa merasa terhubung dengan Bu Kucing Mungkin aku juga harus cari pertolonganBagaimanapun masyarakat diwakili oleh ibunya Anna yang melihat Bu Kucing yang aneh dan mencegah anaknya dekat dekat orang itu akhirnya view spoilerbisa memahami keadaan dan menerima kondisi Bu Kucing setelah mendengarkan penjelasan dokter hide spoiler The third title in Joosse’s series about Anna—an effusive adventurous nine year old—Anna and the Cat Lady tells the story of Anna’s friendship with an unusual elderly neighbor Mrs Sarafiny After Mrs Sarafiny rescues Anna and her best friend Bethie from an abandoned house and then takes in Anna’s adopted kitten the girls form a deep bond with the older woman As they slowly begin to realize that Mrs Sarafiny is suffering from a severe mental illness eventually identified as paranoid schizophrenia they take on increasingly large responsibilities in order to care for their friend But when Mrs Sarafiny puts herself in danger the girls realize that they have no choice but to enlist the help of their parentsHere is a well intentioned title that is certainly showing its age It reads like a prototypical realistic adventure novel for middle grade readers from the early 1990s which of course it is It features all the typical conventions—sibling rivalries a secret club and fears of parents’ divorce—though these seem rather tame by today’s standards Beyond the novel’s age however are some deeper concerns The book’s portrayal of mental illness is extremely stereotypical and negative both Anna’s family members and Anna and Bethie themselves use the word “crazy” to describe Mrs Sarafiny and Anna’s parents forbid her from spending time with Mrs Sarafiny although they clearly do not know the older woman Moreover the description of Mrs Sarafiny’s treatment for schizophrenia serves to minimize the perceived severity of this mental illness While as the School Library Journal review reports “Mrs Sarafiny is taken to a hospital for a uick fix of medication and readers are led to believe that she will be as good as new” those familiar with mental illness will immediately realize that she will reuire significantly attention than is indicated in the bookAlthough the characters of Anna and Mrs Sarafiny are compelling this title will likely be of little interest to modern readers This is probably for the best as its troubling stereotypes and inaccurate depiction of the treatment for schizophrenia make it valuable only as a relic of the past Listed as 3 A good story with some faults P3 A booktalk on this title will excite most people’s interest Lupa ini ceritanya kayak gimana baca waktu SD kayaknya Yang jelas sih ada kucingnya eyyalah 112th 2011

Anna and the Cat Lady PDF ☆ Anna and  eBook ↠
  • Hardcover
  • 170 pages
  • Anna and the Cat Lady
  • Barbara M. Joosse
  • English
  • 23 August 2014
  • 9780060202439