Froggy's Day With Dad

Froggy's Day With Dad[PDF / Epub] ★ Froggy's Day With Dad Author Jonathan London – It’s Father’s Day at last and Froggy is so o o excited We’re going to play golf he tells his dad Oh no Dad says Froggy’s too little for golf But you’re just the right size to play miniature It’s Father’s Day at last and Froggy is so o o excited We’re going to play golf he tells his dad Oh no Dad says Froggy’s too little for golf But you’re just the right size to play miniature golf he explains At the fun park Froggy discovers mini golf is fun—especially once he figures out how to face the right way With his beginner’s luck Froggy makes a hole in Froggy's Day PDF/EPUB ² one But his next shot hits his dad on the head— bonk—and that’s only the beginning All ends well though when Froggy presents his dad with a special coffee mug he decorated in school To the Best Dad I Ever Had. Froggy plans a special day with his dad for Father's Day Breakfast in bed a trip to the amusement park and even some mini golf While there are some foibles along the way it all turns out perfectly when Froggy presents his special gift at the end of their adventures Neo liked this since it was about a little frog and his dad feeling that WE should be playing mini golf too as long as no one gets hurt Sooo adorable I just smiled my way through this little charmer I just love how the day progresses from Froggy trying hard to make a delicious breakfast hey as Daddy says the eggshells in the scrambled eggs do add a nice crunch haha to their mini golf game I LOVE the expression on the dad's face when Froggy makes a hole in one and it's great for read aloud with all the Flop flop flop and other sounds you get to make The ranine hero of Jonathan London and Frank Remkiewicz' long running picture book series sets out to give his dad a Father's Day he will never forget in this amusing tale and does he ever succeed Gourmet breakfast in bed complete with crunchy egg shell laden eggs; plenty of fun and games at the amusement park including a number of mishaps involving objects landing on Dad's hapless head and feet; and a return home where a special gift is waiting what could be better? In the end nothing could be better because although this frog might be prone to accidents he also is part of a truly loving father son relationshipChosen as one of our June selections in The Picture Book Club to which I belong where our theme this month is fathers Froggy's Day With Dad is only the second Froggy book I have read after picking up the initial entry in the series Froggy Gets Dressed last June I found it fun and engaging with a humorous storyline that will keep young readers entertained and bright colorful artwork that will hold their attention I can definitely see this one being a story hour winner especially around Father's Day Froggy is a great character that children can relate to He has to do things he doesn't want and does want and makes the common mistakes kids will make in funny ways Extremely relatable for children They all love Froggy The illustrations are fun and bright and really pull out the action and funny parts of the tale In this story froggy plans all of Father's Day for his dad I have always been a huge fan of frogs I am not sure why especially since I consider most slimy things gross but I love frogs Sadly this love does not transfer over to the Froggy books I have come across a few while teaching in a 2nd grade class and I might have purchased one or two as the 1 choice of a scholastic book order but I do not care for the books However I am able to appreciate that the series is popular with children and the books contain a high concentration of sight words which makes them great for younger readersIn this particular book it is Father’s Day so Froggy spends the day with his dad Froggy cooks him breakfast they ride bumper boats go to the batter’s cage and play miniature golf The facial expressions of the dad as they proceed through the wild antics of the day are somewhat amusing but the illustrations are not detailed and lack depth I did not care much for this book but my almost six year old LOVED it He enjoyed all of the onomatopoeias splat zap thump etc that were scattered throughout the book I think this particular feature is appealing to young readers because “sound” words are easy and fun to readI would have given this book two stars but because my son reuested to read it twice at bedtime I am going to give it three stars Froggy's Day With Dad Froggy by Jonathan London illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz follows Froggy as he attempts to give his Dad a great Father's day experienceRemkiewicz's colorful humorous illustrations match well with the story and the action I laughed at the fly pattern on Froggy's blanket My favorite images are cooking eggs getting dressed addressing the ball and finding golf ballsAlthough Froggy's Day does not go exactly as planned it ends well There's a lot of onomatopoeia used which children should enjoy saying The slap stick antics should appeal to many although it gets old for me after awhile Froggy's Father is one of the most patient Dad's ever This will be enjoyed by many and should make an amusing read aloud especially for Father's Day Froggy Gets Dressed is still my all time Froggy favorite 35 star ratingFor ages 3 ro 6 Father's Day fathers sons frogs families putt putt golf family read aloud onomatopoeia and fans of Froggy Jonathan London and Frank Remkiewicz I have never been a big fan of Froggy and Froggy's Day With Dad didn't change that I don't mind sound effects they usually are a hit in story time however slapstick humor was never my forte I prefer humor where someone isn't hurt However I know that this is a popular series and popular topics This was a book on the holiday Father's Day This son got up in the morning and made his dad breakfast; he made a mess of course but the dad enjoyed his breakfast It was also a good book for just father son activitites and would be good to read if students are hosting a father son night at the school A story about a frog who wants to plan a great day with his dad but nothing goes as planned A great way to begin father's day and discuss events Students could also count how many times things go wrong Froggy is a character with a fun personality and always means well However Froggy is still young and often makes mistakes which the author often turns into humor In this book Froggy has a special day planned for his dad for Father's Day Froggy cooks his dad breakfast in bed and offers to take his dad golfing Froggy ends up getting distracted along the way and of course makes mistakes but once again always means well The main character in this book is Froggy The only other two characters who talk in this entire book are Froggy's parents Froggy's parents are pretty understanding when Froggy makes a mistake but they usually make sure to give him reminders often starting in the form of FROGGYYYYY and Froggy always responding WHATTTT?? The illustrator of this book Frank Remkiewicz uses a watercolor medium with tracings in black crayon and often uses double page spreads This free flowing medium and lack of borders really adds to the free flowing and childlike personality of Froggy I like this book because it always makes me laugh when I'm reading this book with kids I don't necessarily love the book however because it seems slightly repetitive both in style and plot throughout the series I would use this book in a kindergarten or first grade classroom to talk about Father's Day and potentially help students come up with ideas of something nice they can do for their dad on Father's Day

Froggy's Day With Dad MOBI é Froggy's Day  PDF/EPUB
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  • Froggy's Day With Dad
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  • 05 July 2014
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