Elämä lyhyt, Rytkönen pitkä

Elämä lyhyt, Rytkönen pitkä❮Reading❯ ➹ Elämä lyhyt, Rytkönen pitkä ➱ Author Arto Paasilinna – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Fermo in mezzo alla strada incurante dell’imbottigliamento che ha creato un uomo anziano sta lottando con la sua cravatta com’è che si annodava uel ridicolo straccio senza il uale un gentiluomo n Fermo in mezzo alla strada incurante dell’imbottigliamento che ha creato un uomo anziano sta lottando con la sua cravatta com’è che si annodava uel ridicolo straccio senza il uale un gentiluomo non va in giro E cosa ci fa lui Taavetti Rytkönen lì a Tapiola con uel misterioso fascio di banconote in tasca senza più sapere dov’è diretto né tanto meno da dove viene Per fortuna almeno il suo nome lo ricorda e per fortuna interviene un giovane taxista a liberarlo dall’angoscia gli annoda la cravatta e se lo carica in Elämä lyhyt, Kindle - macchina Da uel momento non si lasciano più da Helsinki a Tampere in taxi e da lì alle selvagge terre dell’Ostrobotnia in una delle consuete fughe paasilinniane verso libertarie avventure ai margini della società in mezzo alla natura estrema di una Finlandia colta nel breve incanto dell’estate Un agricoltore bombarolo un architetto albanese venuto a imparare dai finnici l’arte di costruire alberghi un ex taxista bosniaco promosso a interprete e dodici anoressiche parigine a scuola di sopravvivenza sono tra i campioni di varia umanità con cui si ritrovano a condividere la sorte Dalla comicità delle situazioni traspare però una serietà di fondo la malinconia della vecchiaia la sua fragilità il suo anarchico conflitto con le leggi dell’efficienza sociale e insieme il suo antidoto la felicità di incontrare uelle persone libere disponibili e generose da cui l’amicizia “sgorga come una fonte naturale senza mai esaurirsi”. I reread this surreal tale by Arto Pasilinna after so many years and it was like coming home There are all the absurd situations and all the most improbable characters of Arto together with his love for Finland and that underlying sadness linked to the advance of the modern world with the final and often present suggestion in his books that friendship is the solution to so many of our hardships In this book he also deals with the problem of old age and illness Alzheimer which affected one of the two protagonists an old man a little busted fragile but also energetic when he remembers what he had been when he was in his full physical shape a soldier of the Finnish army In short a somewhat melancholy story which develops in an absolutely irresistible way in the pure style of Paasilinna The other protagonist is also a bit wacky a young taxi driver who is going home after an unsatisfactory day of work and who after meeting with the old man suddenly decides to turn his life aroundIn addition to Taavetti the old man and Seppo the taxi driver there are obviously also many other characters all or less messed up as Paasilinna likes Extravagant amusing but which do not have the sole purpose of making people laugh each of them presents at least one serious stimulus to reflection whether social sociological or existential Not a little I would sayIn short one evening Seppo is returning home with his taxi and he meets Taavetti in the middle of the street who no longer knows where he is why he is there and what he is doing around Seppo makes him go up and together they leave to north as Taavetti says who having just taken money can pay the taxi However as soon as Seppo realizes well the state of Taavetti he does not feel like getting him out of the car somewhere and decides to accompany him on his journey not just to transport him During the journey Taavetti says he wants to look for his fellow soldier and the two arrive in Ostrobothnia it seems an invented name but it really exists where they finally find Heikki Makitalo Taavetti's friend Heikko and his wife welcome Taavetti well so much so that Seppo feels like leaving him there a few days while he returns to the city because he has decided that after a long time he wants to ask Irneli his girlfriend to marry himWhen he returns he finds Heikko's farm completely destroyed and finds out that he and his wife fed up with being farmers have decided to get Taavetti to help blow up everything A whole series of paradoxical adventures then began such as the search for 10 bulls that Taavetti had freed so as not to let them die in the explosion a search which is joined by two improbable characters an Albanian architect and his assistant also an ex taxi driver During the search they then meet two French tourists who went to Finland in search of true vegetarianism and who then deny everything for the pangs of hunger becoming convinced steak farmers In all this whirlwind of events Seppo's girlfriend also arrives and the two marry with Taavetti as the perfect witness Perfect for such an over the top storyTruly a beautiful book which makes you laugh which makes you melancholic which makes you think I don't know what is up with me lately I keep picking books that I can't focus onSince I loved Arto Paasilinna's Den elskelige giftmordersken about an old lady murderer I wanted to read of his stuff That made my expectations grander I supposeBut where I obsessively read through all of that book I get distracted with this oneDon't get me wrong this book has its funny moments makes me giggle at the insanity at times but isn't great all the way throughI will probably try reading of his books later in search of gems like the first I read but this wasn't one of those of Paasilinna's books with hilarity all the way through This was definitely one of my favourite books written by this author I've read so far the story is different I love the fact that one of the main characters comes from another one of his books my favourite one at that I loved all the characters in this book especially the main two the basic story is a man is struggling with dementia and can remember everything from his past but cannot remember anything besides his name in the present a taxi driver finds him in the middle of the street and since he doesn't know where he lives they go on an adventure to find out about this man so he can safely return home the humor is great the story is amazing it flows nicely and I enjoyed reading it a lot definitely reading it again Harens år and Kollektivt selvmord are sweet funny and excellent for your light yet smart reading experience Compared to these two you could hardly guess Den senile landmåleren is written by the same author and this novel could be confused with some of the almost useless stuff Jonas Jonasson showels out It's just to shallow and random and often feels like it's just filling up some gap between the real gems Bit of a picaresue romp A young tired cab driver comes to drive a senile land surveyor and former veteran of war across Finland through various absurd situations A lighthearted read freuently enough amusing I Love Paasilinna but this is probably the least engaging book I've read by him It has it's moment that got me laughing but overall it's slow shallow and at times painfully sexist Without story about mad French female vegetarians I like this novel very much But this made me rather angry it is silly and sexist And I myself am semi vegetarian I eat sometimes fish no other meat And I would never eat frogs Or sleep with anyone to obtain some food when I can buy it And I believe that no woman certainly no female vegetarianMay it would do man? oVery stupid story But remains of novel was good and I like it Main hero was one hero from previous book this one about candidates on mass suicide the one who loved suirrels There he has girlfriend and on the end his wedding with her I don´t like the other hero very much but his old friend and his wife were good fellows I like them oNot bad book o This is the only novel I read by Arto Paasilinna I still don't have in my Shelf LibraryI don't know why I haven't bought this book yet Not yet Particularly considering that this is the novel by him I appreciated Believe me I never laughed so much Not my favourite Paasilinna which I am however fan of This one was actually uite disappointing Only I got hooked on the 3rd and last part I guess I like Paasilinna's stories better when they happen to be in the forest A great book to read to someone Odlično za brebrati