Ernesto Guevara, también conocido como el Che

Ernesto Guevara, también conocido como el Che[Reading] ➶ Ernesto Guevara, también conocido como el Che ➬ Paco Ignacio Taibo II – Nuova edizione definitiva riveduta e ampliataLa biografia del Che dall'infanzia in Argentina al viaggio in America Latina con Alberto Granado alla Rivoluzione cubana la carriera politica sull'isola ca Nuova edizione definitiva también conocido PDF/EPUB æ riveduta e ampliataLa biografia del Che dall'infanzia in Argentina al viaggio in America Latina con Alberto Granado alla Rivoluzione cubana la carriera politica sull'isola caraibica la propaganda del modello comunista cubano nel mondo fino alla morte nella Ernesto Guevara, eBook Ì selva boliviana. I'm not sure how I feel after such a commitment to John Lee Anderson's book but I'm going to give this a goOct30This book was informal than Anderson's but big in terms of passion having an inside view to Che's life journals the comrades with whom he fought right down to comments from frightened peasants who watched him as he was brought into La HigueraI'm left wondering how if ever ineuality will ever be rectified in this world Almost finished with this biography The best part is about Che and the rest of Cuba dealing the nationalization of resources and standing up to the US with Soviet Union backing I wish the entire book had been about that because there's so much that could be learned about how a peoplea society become self determined especially under a difficult and challenging economic system like the socialist transformation of the society I am the translator of this biography into English and it was the most challenging of Taibo's books I have worked with both for the scope the subject matter and the approach I should say that Taibo was the first historian who published details of Che's time in the Congo which had been secret for almost thirty years Previous biographies simply had a gap of about a year between the Argentine born revolutionary leaving Cuba and his winding up in Bolivia fantasticgot into aaalll things about him and surrounding himi mean literally during battles it would say every single detail w50000 references as wellalmost overwhelmingly sogrand still makes me wanna read I have read the Greek translation of this book a three volume edition given through a newspaper than 1000 pages in uite small font I 'm not sure how all this stuff included in this specific edition in only 690 pages unless the page size is big enough For the history the most common size in Greek books is 21x14 cm It doesn't really matter I just want to underline that it is a huge biography Paco Ignacio Taibo certainly deserves a lot of congrats for a great research he did for writing this book actually he spent lot of years I 'm not really sure If I 'm able to review it correctly since my non fiction readings are very rare my experience in this genre is limited to very few books so my rating is very subjective Ernesto Guevara is for sure a very uniue figure in worldwide history his name and his face has become a symbol worldwide he has great fans but sworn enemies as well I don't belong to any of these sides actually I have never searched a lot around him this was my first extended touch with Guevara's case Definitely his life story is interesting his personality is complex enough his ideas and ideology much I liked some of them I disagreed in others After finishing it I didn't love him neither hate him But reviewing a biography I guess it's not about how much you like the person of the story or his character but for the uality of stuff the biographer provides you I enjoyed a lot the fact that there is a lot of history of all Latin America within the pages but in many parts I felt very tired of all details Probably I would have enjoyed it if the size was about the half Anyway it was a nice experience reading it There is so much to dislike about this book I don't know where to begin Maybe with the editing and translation There are so many mistakes that I wonder if the translator read what he put down It's almost as if a translating computer did the first go round and then a person tried to clean it up Words that didn't belong sentences that seemed contradictory Just awful The author seems to be a pretty big Che fan so that biased things Not necessarily a bad thing Bios can be written by admirers but one must realize this in order to understand how things are presented Overall not much new was learned from this bio that I didn't know from the previous 2 I've read I've yet to really understand the allure of this man Revolutionary died young left a nice picture but what did Che accomplish? The Congo adventure was a bust the Bolivia adventure was just stupid He pretty much abandoned his children and wife He advocated ongoing revolution when it may not have been necessary was Bolivia in need of revolution at that time? Maybe it was I just don't know Che it seems was a driven man who identified with the people an admirable trait He was a leader who did not take advantage of his rank another admirable trait He expected of himself than others but it seemed he could be uite unreasonable as well A very polarizing figure whose overall appeal I don't understand Excellent biography of Che I have read several books on Che including Jon Lee Anderson's biography of him and while this one may not stand up to Anderson's it's by far the next best biography I have read It's very informative and well balanced While the author is clearly sympathetic with Che he's also not biased to the point he wouldn't criticize Che or Fidel He even brought up such things as the persecution of homosexuals which happened after the Cuban Revolution For all Che Guevara fans this is worth a read I highly recommend it I am currently reading this book and it is amazing It is not only about all your learn about Ernesto Guevara El Che but it is also a journey through the political economical and social history of America and Europe at that specific timeThe writer tells the story in an objective way he does not take parts he is only telling us how things happened based on testimonials and The Che's authentic Diaries Loving the level of detail on this book Paco lets Che do most of the talking Seems very uncritical of the early days of the Cuban revolution after Batista fled but I don;t know enough to be sure Need to read something to give this some background wonderful i learned so much and fell even in love with him very well written and just over all perfect

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