The Edge of Impropriety

The Edge of Impropriety❮Ebook❯ ➦ The Edge of Impropriety Author Pam Rosenthal – Popular novelist and Countess of Gorham Marina Wyatt knows her public scandals help sell her romances Her latest novel coincides with the arrival of her lover's uncle Jasper James Hedges an antiuarian Popular novelist and Countess of Gorham Marina Wyatt knows her public scandals help sell her romances Her latest novel coincides with the arrival of her lover's uncle Jasper James Hedges an The Edge PDF \ antiuarian who sees a priceless work of art in Marina For all of her passionate works none compare to the erotic adventure that Jasper promises. This was uite unlike anything I've ever read before except perhaps my last Pam Rosenthal Almost a Gentleman' which memorably contained a fisting scene that was somehow sexy and romantic and is also great and you should read it It is baffling to me that The Edge of Impropriety has such a low average rating on this site It doesn't uite make five stars but it's a solid 45Rosenthal writes mature adult modern books yet she does so in a style which somehow feels like classic Regency writing She has far in common with say Carla Kelly than she does with Tessa Dare or Courtney Milan This is not a contemporary in long dresses or even approaching that status but the writing feels fresh Sometimes that heavier Regency style reuires a little from the reader which is why I felt almost regretful that I couldn't sit down and glom this over a consistent period of time because I'm sure that I've overlooked some of the magic and the intelligence at work here There's a subtlety to the characters and their interactions Rosenthal says it best in the book itself ‘In a certain situation what was left unsaid might be as important as what was on the page’ loc 2560 and the characterisation overall but the whole book feels incredibly lavishly detailed There were some moments where I read a phrase or a paragraph or the thought of a character and thought ‘damn it why can’t I write like that?’ The novel is multiple POV So in addition to the Hh we hear from no less than four other major characters and they're all important and they all speak with their own distinctive voices Sydney the young girl on the cusp of adolescence worked particularly well for meThere's a playfulness to the writing Marina the heroine is an author of scandalous society novels and Sydney is a wannabe authoress which allows Rosenthal to muse on the creation of a novel and characterization and so on The art of writing is a theme and given what she's created Rosenthal herself is obviously a studentBut let’s get to the nitty gritty the romance We have two fantastic central characters Jasper studious academic wracked with guilt unsure how to relate to his son and in an adorable surrogate father relationship with Sydney And Marina wonderful intelligent Marina who had faced an awful lot and was stronger for it In Marina’s case her background is never that fully explored we learn I think everything we need to know but Rosenthal doesn’t lay it on thick but that’s part of the subtlety I was talking about Rosenthal trusts her readers to know and understand how the characters have developed into the people they are There were certain things about their romance that I loved Ok one really significant thing the chemistry and following on from that the sex Holy hells bells the sex If you want to read explicit yet romantic yet subtle yet non purple sex this is the book for you There is an anal sex scene in this book and it is amazing in the depth of feeling it conveys In addition it is amazing because it assists the development of the romance and the relationship of the Hh The book is somewhat insta love some might say insta lust but I don’t think that gives Rosenthal enough credit This is a rare example of love at first sight working for me I believed it and I was invested in the relationship from the very first meeting Why does it drop half a star? Whilst the love at first sight worked our Hh don’t do much talking and what can I say? I likes my banter I remember this being an issue with ‘Almost a Gentleman’ as well If Rosenthal could add some of that in – she’d be knocking this out of the park with a five star The secondary character POVs worked for me but I did feel towards the end of the novel that they were given too much page time partly to wrap up the charming secondary romance and our Hh were separated for too long For some readers these issues might lead to a slashing of than just a half star but I cannot in good conscience give this book less than 45 I thought it was pretty brilliant Oh and the cover art does not contain a half naked man nips out with no chest hair Hurrah At this rate I’ve underestimated how many romances out there were written for me I thought Provocation was good; this one is better It hits my buttons the Greek mythology the cheeky candor the two mature people who know who they are and what they want and yet still learn and grow It’s earthy and funny and I’ve been waiting to call a book “earthy” since I started this project There’s one scene in the middle that holy smokes might be the hottest I’ve readThe supporting cast of Helen Sydney Anthony only adds to the story Impetuous youth vs the fullness of middle age Jasper unfolds like a flower The blackmailing Rackham is the one shaky note but I like how his role resolves abruptly and ties a few threads together so that earns a passIn fact I’d say it’s not unlike Jane Austen but with the added complexity of intimacy That’s how I’d go back in time to sell this book to myself and I’d read it all over again This year's RITA winner in the Historical Category I can see why Very different sort of romance the kind you'd like to write but couldn't get an editor to accept Yet Rosenthal did find a publisher of this tender story between a middle aged novelist at the very end of the regency period and a bachelor antiuarian who has been raising his brother's two children FINALLY finished with this oneI think I would have enjoyed this if the author had spent time on the sex and less time congratulating herself on her own cleverness The writing is both self conscious and smug; toward the end a minor character thinks thinks the word synecdoche which is immediately followed by a brief definition AND a disapproving reminder that an educated person would already know it Urgh There are freuent mentions of historical details so insignificant to the story that readers can't miss the look what I found out ness behind them And perhaps most annoying of all periodically a character will think or say something along the lines of if this were a novel something very obvious would happen here or worse this is just what would happen in a novel Which does not excuse the obviousness of this novelI did like most of the characters but PLEASE spare me meddling children in romance novels though none ever seemed fully developed Marina was especially unfocused What exactly was Rackham's dirt on her? Where did that impoverished sister so suddenly come from? What about the lesbian stepdaughter? On the other hand who really cares? I didn't and I never felt fully convinced that I should have In the end none of it seemed to matter anyway Whenever even the tiniest hint of a plot appeared to be developing it would resolve itself off screen in the least interesting way possible I really really wanted to like this but in the end I just can't figure out how this won a RITA Was in the mood for a comfort read and picked up an older RITA award winning Pam Rosenthal off my shelf The trade paperback size indicates that this falls on the intellectual end of the historical romance spectrum not a place where too many authors are writing these days alas Love the intertwined romances of the mature couple a thirty something countess with a scandaloussad past and a forty something antiuary scholar with his own past disappointments and the younger one the antiuarian's beautiful fashionable nephew and the buttoned up but observant governess of his niece which are both sharply and warmly drawn Also love the intelligence of the characters and the writing Will be tempted to go back and read Rosenthal's entire oeuvre now A bright brief affair between two seemingly incompatible people A romance in the old fashioned sense of the genreI found The Edge of Impropriety on a display of books that had never been checked out at my favorite library I can't say why it languished on the shelf for five years but I can say that it's a damn shamePerhaps the style of the prose is a bit much for your average reader While the jacket blurb is written in the usual simple catchy way of such things the novel itself is written in a style reminiscent of the Regency period that serves as its setting For someone like me who grew up almost exclusively reading novels written prior to 1900 except for the surreptitious devourings of such forbidden fruit as Outlander the style is comfortable For the average reader looking for an erotic romance it may be a bit much The sex is there oh yes but it's done very tastefully and elouently leaving room for the imagination to fill in the gapsThere are a few different narratives interwoven through the pages of The Edge of Impropriety some successful than others But I suppose the only one that really matters was done very well I enjoyed the mixture of perspectives and the infreuent use of italics to indicate thoughts too much of that is annoying And while there were the usual misunderstandings and misadventures reuired to make a romance work they were entirely reasonable I suppose there was only so little drama that could be had as the heroine was in her late thirties and the hero somewhere in his late forties although the precise age was unclear As I grow older I find I appreciate mature characters Gone are my days of the bodice rippers with sixteen year old brides and good riddanceAfter having recently read such things as Lord Savage and Rush by Maya Banks both of which I enjoyed the subtle stylings of The Edge of Impropriety were refreshing and I'll be rescuing Pam's other books from my library's shelvesTake It Don't see what the fuss is about with this book It's occasionally witty and the protagonists are unconventional to be sure but there's little else to recommend this other than a well executed painting on the front cover I could just barely complete it It's not that steamy either compared to other historical romances that are out there today I really wanted to like this book but I didn't love the main character enough to finish it The writing was great and the approach to a romance novel refreshing But after a bit I got irritated Maybe it was just my post holiday blahs I'm too much of a prude for this one I did finish it but too kinky for me Took me out of the story A good solid read; I was charmed by the younger couple's romantic subplot as well as all the family stuff intertwined with the central romance also enjoyed that the two main characters are by romance standards older The multiple POVs work well here

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