The Party Thieves

The Party Thieves❴Reading❵ ➹ The Party Thieves Author Barrie Cassidy – Barrie Cassidy picked a hell of an election to cover changes of leaders on both sides of politics Australia's first female Prime Minister a hung parliament and a country not knowing who its Prime Mini Barrie Cassidy picked a hell of an election to cover changes of leaders on both sides of politics Australia's first female Prime Minister a hung parliament and a country not knowing who its Prime Minister was for nearly three weeksBut in the The Party PDF/EPUB or beginning were The Party Thieves Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd Turnbull's manic desire to get his own way in the party and because he simply stopped listening led to his demise Rudd stole the party through his authoritarian approach to government and a cabinet that felt alienated from the job of governingIn both cases the members of their respective parties came at The Party Thieves to reclaim what was rightfully theirs and set the stage for the ascension of Tony Abbott and Julia GillardAnd all that before we even get to the election campaign The Party Thieves is than just a campaign diary of the extraordinary election and its aftermath; it is a rip roaring incisive analysis of a tumultuous nine months in politics that even surprised veteran journalists such as Cassidy This is a must read for anyone interested in Australian politics of any persuasion. Sometimes I worry about the bias of the author when reading political books In this case Barrie Cassidy has a history with the Labor Party in particular Bob Hawke's administration but he's able to look at the events surrounding the 2010 with a level of impartiality that I appreciateIt's interesting that Labor comes off with of a thrashing although that could be simply because they're perceived to have made mistakes or it could be because Cassidy naturally goes harder on 'his team' or because I'm aligned with Labor than the Coalition I felt those blows than the ones against the formerThis book looks at the events from Kevin Rudd's astounding win in 2007 to the landmark 2010 hung parliament Considering the ever continuing events in the Australian political landscape I would expect a seuel is forthcomingGoing in one might expect the party thieves are those who dethroned Rudd so it's surprising to learn it's Kevin Rudd who is the thief At least in the sense that he immediately changed the way Labor functions by declaring he would personally pick his own ministry rather than the greater Labor caucus giving him much greater power than any of his predecessors This book goes into great detail for the fall of Rudd and lays most of the blame at his feet as well as those who helped prop him up without any sort of consideration for the future He was a popular figure but he was also someone who backed away from the great issue of our age climate change someone who was doubted by his colleagues who was accused of being autocratic and a micro managerYou really get a sense of why he was removed as leader It's just a shame that reasoning was never given to the public in a timely mannerThe second thief is Malcolm Turnbull of the Coalition At the time of publication he was biding his time as Shadow Communication Minister He'd not yet reclaimed the throne he'd stolen Turnbull was a thief in the sense he wasn't a typical Coalition member he was well liked by those on both sides of the political isle he was seen as progressive and likely to fight for his beliefs He was a man who made bold claims like I would not lead a party that is not as committed to effective action on climate change as I amI wonder what happened to that man in fact I wonder if he ever truly existedJulia Gillard comes off the best as far as it goes Particularly because Cassidy claims with reason that if it weren't for the damaging leaks from within the Labor Party she would have been returned as Prime Minister albiet with a reduced majorityAs much as it pains me to say it Tony nobody respects women than I do Abbott also comes off fairly well To his credit he nearly took down a first term government And it pains me to say that about Tony nobody respects women than I do Abbott Although I feel his time will come with the inevitable seuel Not exciting Certainly you need a strong interest in politics But if you really are looking for a recap of the lead up to the 2010 election and week by week account of the campaign this is probably your book The prose is readable the author knowledgeable this bias minimal This doesn't offer a smorgasboard of new insights but there are a few and it is a solid revision of the events leading up to the 2010 election The party thieves are Turnbull and Rudd who lost the confidence of their parties leading to losses of leadership and in Rudd's case the prime ministership The similarities between them are noted ambition overblown self confidence limited consultation But these men emerge as very different characters Turnbull's competence as an intellectual contributor and policy mind are not doubted though his political judgement is seriously uestioned In Rudd's case his alienation of his party the public service the media and eventually the public is fascinating David Marr had already captured the striking differences between public and private Rudd and Cassidy continues the theme Cassidy is particularly interesting on the evisceration of the ministry I enjoyed Cassidy's comparisons with his time working to Hawke the contrast with Rudd is compelling The end uote from journalist Chris Uhlmann is amazingly prescient and a perfect finishing pointA good solid read That a party could make so many errors in such a short period of time is unprecedented They include Failure to successfully claim sufficient credit for dodging recession duringafter the GFC The home insulation fiasco The mining tax The disillusioning of core supporters with an asylum seeker policy shift for Sri Lanka Afghanistan The ditching of the ETS the greatest moral challenge of our generation Timing of the election The leaks during the election The promise to fund the rail link in Sydney linking federal Labor to the reviled and terminal NSW GovtCassidy's account is interesting but there is little new insight Pretty definitive account of the factors leading up to the sacking of Rudd and results of the 2010 election Much depth to this analysis than some of journalists attempts after those events An easy read but not much insight Cassidy provides a commentary on the over covered crazy election campaign of 2010 and the events post electionA fun read but not much new to offer A must read for anyone with even the slightest interest in politicshttpwpmep20PAS 8g A comprehensive summary of a very fun year in politics

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