My Lord and Spymaster

My Lord and Spymaster[Epub] ❥ My Lord and Spymaster By Joanna Bourne – A DARING BEAUTY SHE WAS INFAMOUS FOR TAKING CHANCESRaised as a poor but cunning pickpocket Jess Whitby may have grown into a wealthy young woman but now she must once again rely on her guile Her fathe A DARING BEAUTY SHE WAS INFAMOUS FOR TAKING CHANCESRaised as a poor but cunning pickpocket Jess Whitby may have grown into a wealthy young woman but now she must once again rely on her My Lord MOBI :¼ guile Her father's been wrongly accused of selling secrets to Napoleon and he's going to hang unless Jess finds the real traitor in the London underworld She never dreamed her search would begin by waking up naked in a rude captain's bed Or how little she'd mindNOW SHE'LL RISK EVERYTHING FOR LOVEWhen Captain Sebastian Kennett prevents a kidnapping on the London docks he takes the headstrong would be victim home He's infatuated with her courageous spirit She's enthralled by his commanding strength and the sexy spark in his eyes Then she discovers something else about the spellbinding seaman He could be the traitor she's hunting the man whose next move could determine her father's fate and her future as well. I started with My Lord and Spymaster some time after New Year’s Day and finally managed to finish it only about five weeks later Impressive by my standards as I tend to leave a book be after such a long time But there was Hawker’s story I’m still dying to read and there was the promise of The Forbidden Rose which I loved Oh boy am I glad I started with The Forbidden Rose seeing that The Spymaster’s Lady was enjoyable but nothing to be too excited about The first half no strike that the first 65 70% of the book I was first confused then irritated and finally downright annoyed and ready to give in The book had nearly beaten me with its constant hints and red herrings that weren’t really hints or red herrings I was like this I don’t need nor do I want info dumping On the contrary I love it when a story slowly unfolds but for that to happen I need a few markers All I got in My Lord and Spymaster was a heroine running through the streets and the rooftops trying to find proof that her father was not the infamous French spy Cin while the hero wasWell I don’t know what he was He was lusting after Jess Whitby that’s for sure He was also convinced that Jess’s father was indeed Cin If there was some sort of romantic development between Jess and Sebastian I didn’t see it by the wayI didn’t know when the story was taking place The name Lazarus already mentioned in the two previous books I had read was dropped here and there in connection with Jess but Jess also seemed to have spent years in Russia In what order all this had happened however was not disclosed until we finally finally meet the infamous Lord of London’s underworld Lazarus By that time I was well past the 70% mark And again – finally finally – things started to make sense FinallyI wouldn’t presume to believe that I have sussed out Ms Bourne’s conceptualisation of her female characters But from the three books I have read so far they are all cunning deadly alluring and super intelligentI loved MargueriteI liked Anniue though she had me scratching my headJess Whitby howeverJess Whitby thy name is idiotSeriously am I to believe that a woman watched by three four different partiesagencies can loose their tails as easily as it was described? Am I to believe in a heroine’s intelligence putting herself in constant danger when she has other resources at hand? And I mean it at every corner I was told how much she knew of London’s many opportunities to get things done What does she do? The complete opposite Even at the end when everything is in the open when Sebastian tells her repeatedly that they needed to talk she states she can’t as she would only start crying although it’s so very very clear that Sebastian would help her in any way possible and that he has the means to help her too I might add What does she do instead? She ignores him walks off and puts herself – once again – in mortal dangerI hate that I hate hate hate it when a heroine is portrayed as some sort of super heroine and does the most idiotic things When she is unwilling to listen to reason unwilling to cooperate if not for her own sake then at least for the sake of her loved ones At this point I might as well say Jess Whitby thy name is Too Stupid To LiveThe only saving grace was her talk with Hawker once again Hawker There were only glimpses of romantic moments between Jess and Sebastian None of the slow unfolding of feelings between William and Marguerite for exampleWell I’m done now and I’m clapping myself on the shoulder for finishing it But I can thank Hawker for that I am glad I started with The Forbidden Rose first as it introduces many of the characters that pop up in the books Had I started with the date of the publication of the books I doubt I would have made it to The Forbidden Rose What happened? Eh??? Where the interesting stories of the other books went?Here we have a huge mess Shall I start with the heroine Jess or with the hero Sebastian? MmmmmJess what a mess It even rhymes LOLShe's supposedly a genious everybody is in awe of her intelligence but I saw only a stupid idiot She overthinks and does exactly what she said to herself not to do two minutes ago ArghhhhSebastian is an overly misterious man everybody fears but he deosn't know to speak with Jess like a sentient being He wants to protect her but doesn't say it on the contrary he does everything he can to get the opposite reaction from herAlso the identity of Cin the super Frech spy No I don't want to talk about him It was so stupidI want to pretend that I've never read this one That took me like an eon It was just ok I don't really connect with this one Here's the deal for all that Joanna Bourne subverts genre conventions with her surprising character choices and action filled plots she also embraces some of the worst By the time I finished My Lord and Spymaster I just wanted to throttle Jess Whitby She is really really um REALLY just almost too stupid too live Any stupider and the book would have been a tragedy not a romanceUnlike many historical romances Jess is not a lady a countess a duchess etc She's not a virginal weeping wallflower either The daughter of a merchant she runs her father's business importing stolen or black market goods with great skill She invented a bookkeeping system that beats all the boys' versions She's been to Russian prison AND she is a reformed street urchin the former right hand man of London's most notorious kingpinSo when Capt Sebastien Kennett the slightly piraty bastard son of a nobleman proves that her father is Cin a French spy for Napolean responsible for the deaths of many Englishmen Jess decides to use her considerable intelligence and cunning to prove Kennett is the spy and hang him instead of dear old dadAnd in doing so makes so many stupid decisions and risks her damn neck so many frickin' times I kinda wanted her to just die already Bourne is great at twisting the story's plot until maybe just maybe you might agree that Jess's only option is the stupidest possible choice in the universe The one that reuires her to basically die until Sebastien steps in for the grand heroic rescue at considerable risk to his own lifeYou mightIf it wasn't such a stupid fucking choice in the first place In fact the story BEGINs and ENDS with Sebastien rescuing Jess By the end I kinda had to uestion her intelligence and cunning and wonder instead if her whole extraordinary life was really just the luck not to DIE FROM MAKING SO MANY STUPID CHOICES Meditating on this book and Bourne's first The Spymaster's Lady it dawned on me that these books are not that subversive or that different Yes they are well written Yes they are wonderfully romantic But gawd do the heroine's get rescued over and over and over And that is traditional conventional and also fairly disappointingI want a heroine who doesn't need to be rescued because she is smart enough and strong enough to stand side by side with the hero Do it Joanna Bourne I believe in you I just have to say that that hand on her back is really creeping me out Does it not look like some kind of giant sci fi spider? It seems out of proportion big And why do the women wear the tackiest clothing on these covers? AnywayWhat we have here is a rip snorting good adventure story with political plot fighting in the alleys treason smuggling mystery and a shade of romance The romance aspect is not the main focal point of the book but like a side issue added in for the genre and very soft There's only one graphic scene towards the end and it's very tasteful But there is uite a bit of good chemistry and sexual tension though it seems a bit one sided on his partSet after the Napoleonic Wars Jess Whitby's successful merchant and smuggler father Josiah has been locked up for uestioning he's the main suspect for leaked secrets to France that resulted in many British deaths All the evidence points to him but Jess knows he's innocent and is determined to find the proof A very smart girl who runs the Whitby company far than her father does she has the allies and the resources and the intellect to figure it out At the top of her list of possible suspects if Captain Sebastian Bastard Kennett who helped put together the evidence against her father Circumstances see them thrown together and Jess finds her attraction to Sebastian getting in the way of her growing conviction that he could be the traitorThis is a mystery than a romance and a rollicking good one at that The setting and period is wonderfully recreated with lots of detail and wry humour the dirty side of London is scrupulously depicted with all its prostitutes and thugs and Secret Service agents laid bareJess is a pretty spiffy heroine brains guts and determination set her far above the usual fare She's canny resourceful and has a good head for business My only uibble is that despite the adjectives used to describe her she's often the loser in clever banter I would have thought a woman like her would be able to hold her own better I did love her ferret Kedger thoughSebastian makes a great hero the typical attributes are all there he's tall dark strong and ruthless And sexy Let's not forget that He falls for Jess remarkably fast but is uite endearing in it I mentioned that the attraction seemed a bit one sided we get evidence of Sebastian's interest in Jess than the other way around For an historical romance My Lord and Spymaster is uite original and lots of fun If you're not big on the romance side of things but you love these kinds of adventure stories you might enjoy this one I'm still not sure what the title refers to exactly though 25 starsThis is a historical romance book that decidedly tried to have of a plot than a romance but the plot is kind of boring and the romance isn't that interesting either Jess is some kind of accounting prodigyex thiefmaster tradeswoman who is determined to prove her father hasn't committed the treason he is about to be hanged for She then is almost murdered who was behind this was never explained and proceeds to risk her own life needlessly a couple of times all to discover something that she could have thought of without doing any of that nonsense in the first place So much for her being this super intelligent independent woman The romance is just the guy Sebastian falling in love with her beauty and then saving her from her own idiocy I think I'll pass on reading any of this series except for maybe Adrian's book I did like the first book in this series so there is hope his might still be good despite this book's relative blandness 45 starsThe Spymaster's Lady is destined to be one of my top reads for 2011 so I was really interested to see if it was a fluke or whether Joanna Bourne is one of those too rare extremely talented authors There's some good news and some bad news in the answer to that uestion The good news is The Spymaster's Lady wasn't 'beginner's luck' I loved this one too The bad news is there is no backlist for me to glom How incredibly exciting to have found a new favourite author and how disappointing that there isn't a mountain of books to look forward toRidiculous title and misleading cover aside this was an excellent book I know a lot of readers who loved The Spymaster's Lady were disappointed with his one but that was absolutely not my experience Sure The Spymaster's Lady might have the edge but this was a great read in its own rightOnce again the author gifts the reader with a uniue unconventional interesting chameleonic heroine and pairs her with a strong hero who combines raw masculinity strength and dominance with sensitivity care and concern The heroines seem to shine so well in these stories that you can forget the enormous appeal of her heroes It's a surprisingly pleasant changeAgain our hero and heroine seem to be at cross purposes where each have their own agenda adding significant complexity to their basic and fundamental attraction The author writes this so well I loved that in this one Sebastian's agenda wasn't to the mutual exclusion of Jess's The battle here was not just of political origins but really about trustThe attraction between Sebastian and Jess was wonderfully rendered and I loved their banter and the way Sebastian patiently and purposefully pursued her These are not books with detailed sex scenes but nor do they need them I never felt like something was missingThe author again brings the setting to life another major talent of hers I'm not always a visual person but the images here were vivid and leapt into my imagination without conscious effort on my part or the need for endless dull description by the author I love her prose and the way she writes dialogue really enhances the experience The secondary characters are also fully realised My Lord and Spymaster is balanced in action and emotion and is a rich and rewarding read My one niggling complaint was Adrian's character I adored him in The Spymaster's Lady and I didn't recognise him here He was a different and less interesting character in this one I can't to read The Forbidden Rose I read the first book of this series The Spymaster's Lady and really enjoyed it I don't know why I never bothered to pick up the next book in the series when it came out I finally decided to get it off my wish list and order it I really wish I hadn't Everything that I loved about the author's style in the last book was repeated here but it really didn't work for meWhat I really liked about the last book was the flow of the language The heroine was French and her thoughts and dialogue really felt authentic to me The wordiness didn't bother me because it was all part of the experience of Anniue most of the book was from her pov That same style was duplicated in this book What was wonderful and had a great feel for Anniue was horribly tedious for JessI thought Jess was going to be really interesting I mean with her past she had to have some interesting character motivations Unfortunately she wasn't anything special Her actions made no sense to me and even though she was supposed to be some genius mind I honestly couldn't see it She was a very weak character even though we're told again and again that she's strong and caved to whatever pressure was placed on her It was irritating to read aboutI really didn't like Sebastian's character He was basically a carbon copy of Grey from The Spymaster's Lady Grey too was overwhelmingly dominant He was very much so an I know best kind of guy It worked for him because of his position as spymaster I didn't mind him overwhelming Anniue and controlling her actions because she was the enemy and to act otherwise would be stupid That does not mean it was ok for Sebastian though Why exactly is he acting that way? His controlling egotistical behavior was so irritatingNow why exactly did these people fall in love? I really have no idea One moment they're lusting and hating each other and then the author tells us they're in love I just disliked the characters and couldn't get into the bookOne thing I do have to admit though I really want to read Adrian's book I liked him in the last book and I liked him in this one I truly hope that he won't be a carbon copy of the other two male leads though Okay I'm ending my misery I've made it nearly halfway and they're still faffing around trying to find evidence on each other Which means they aren't concentrating on the bad guy Or talking to each other really And Sebastian is a dead loss I can't take seriously He's so busy controlling his lust that he can't see Jess as an actual person—one who may just possibly actually know her own father who she lives with and works closely with in his business better than he does It doesn't help that Bourne hasn't bothered telling the readers what the evidence is that he's acting on nor does it help that it's obvious the real villain is way way competent than either of the idiots stumbling over each other in their lust filled hazeSo yeah I'm out I'm really looking forward to Adrian's book I hope it doesn't suck I take comfort from knowing that this was one of the earlier written books It certainly hasn't lived up to the uality of all of the others in this series When you call on the God of Luck you have to scrape down and give up everything or you don't get his attention Really enjoyed this one I would have given it five stars but the first book was just a little bit better I felt the need for a distinction between them Now on to the next one