A Pair of Socks MathStart Series Matching Level 1

A Pair of Socks MathStart Series Matching Level 1➥ A Pair of Socks MathStart Series Matching Level 1 Ebook ➫ Author Stuart J. Murphy – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Does a polka dotted sock match a striped sock Young children will learn about matching an important early math skill as a lonely striped sock searches the house for its mate They will may even be insp of Socks PDF ✓ Does a polka dotted sock match a striped sock Young children will learn about matching an important early math skill as a lonely striped sock searches the house for its mate They will may even be inspired to practice this skill in their own sock drawers  This nonfiction picture book is Pair of Socks MathStart Series MOBI :¼ an excellent choice to share during homeschooling in particular for children ages to It’s a fun way to learn to read and as a supplement for activity books for childrenThis is A Pair PDF/EPUB ² a Level MathStart book which is perfect for kids ages and up The MathStart series uses funny stories and colorful art to show kids that they use math every day even outside of the classroom Each book features an activity guide to have fun with the math concepts presented in the story. This is not a very exciting book The illustrations by Lois Ehlert are nice but the story is kind of meh The book does introduce matching and I think the thing the two year olds I read this to liked best may have been looking at all the socks on the last page Simple rhyming text as a sock looks for its mate Not uite a book for patterns however Cute book and good for counting and matching SynopsisA blue and red striped sock searches through the house looking for its mate ReviewThrough this book children are introduced to the important concept of same and different On each page the sock finds a possible match in various places around the house The following page has the two brightly colored socks side by side on a black background This makes it easy for children to see the differences between the two socks The book ends with a two page spread of all the socks encountered in the book and children are invited to find all the matching pairs The simple yet brightly colored pictures makes it easy for children to discern the patterns and colors in each sock To further support the educational aspect of the book the story is followed with discussion points extension activities and other books which deal with the same concept This is a great book to teach this concept and children are sure to be excited about thier new found skillCritical ReviewsChildren's LiteratureThis short review raves about the illustrations in the book It states that this skill lays the foundation for math abilities This was something I hadn't thought about But aside from the mention of the vibrant illustrations it doesn't mention anything about the appeal of the bookNo other reviews were foundOther Bibliographic InformationPublished in 1996 by HarperCollins Publishers40 pages A Pair of Socks is a very simple picture book that was written with the intention of teaching very young children to identify similarities and differences between patterns This book would be useful in a kindergarten to first grade classroom but I would be hesitant to use it in older classrooms The text and the concept of matching socks is very simple and relates to something within the child’s world and so it really helps to bring math to life for very young children However this book was not written with the intention of writing great children’s literature The purpose of this book is very pointed and even provides activities that can be done with children in order to further reinforce the topic taught in the book I would use this book in my classroom and I would actually like to find even books from this publisher that I could use to introduce math concepts Murphy introduces young children to the concept of patterns through a lone sock's search for its mate The boldly colored artwork helps children clearly see various stripes dots and designs There is a slight story in the rhyming text but as with most concept books fine literature isn't the point Readers can practice their newly learned skill with a matching exercise The book ends with suggested activities such as clapping and stomping in different patterns parents can try with children to extend the lesson For babies and toddlers Same or different This book will help students look at groups of objects and shapes to see if they are the same or are they different I would have objects on two sides of the room so will be similar and others will be copies of each other I would have my students small group activity try to match up the correct pairs as fast as they could and then talk about how are these objects the same I would also have the students talkl about why the similars are not uite right Story about making pairs It's a very simple level one book but shows how to match up a pair Throughout the story one sock is looking for it's pair by eliminating all the other socks that come up At the end there is a page of all the socks for students to match up together based on the designs and coloring of the socks Cute story I bought this as part of a pack of books by Stuart Murphy that teach math concepts They're all good and have teaching lessons in the back that I was able to adapt to the summer reading program on numerous occasions Shhh Don't tell them they're learning at the library it's only fun and games OK? This is a cute story about matching socks It also rhymes It has very pretty and bright pictures and the text is easy enough for even early readers to work with In the end of the book the sock finds his match in the dog bed I particularly liked this because my dogs used to steal my socks too The last page of the book also has all of the socks together for the students to match

A Pair of Socks MathStart Series Matching Level 1 eBook
  • Paperback
  • 40 pages
  • A Pair of Socks MathStart Series Matching Level 1
  • Stuart J. Murphy
  • English
  • 04 August 2016
  • 9780064467032