Ultimate Comics X: Origins

Ultimate Comics X: Origins❮Read❯ ➵ Ultimate Comics X: Origins Author Jeph Loeb – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Who or what is Ultimate X The answers and even secrets arrive in the all new Ultimate Comics X series from the superstar dream team of Jeph Loeb and Art AdamsWolverine is dead Captain America is a fug Who or what is Ultimate X The answers and even secrets arrive in the all new Ultimate Comics X series from the superstar dream team of Jeph Loeb and Art AdamsWolverine is dead Captain America is a fugitive The Fantastic Four disbanded Lives have been destroyed and nothing can ever be the same is there any hope left It all begins with a search for a brand new character whose identity will leave jaws on the floor Ultimate Comics PDF/EPUB ² and change the Ultimate Universe foreverCollecting Ultimate Comics X . I didn't think it was possible for Jeph Loeb to redeem himself Some of the stuff he's written? Pure crapHowever this was fun Yes most of the original characters are dead but since it's the Ultimate Universewell I guess that's ok So what we have here are pretty cool introductions to some of the new X Men Sons or daughters of the original characters a few surviving original characters and then some new guys Oh yeah and the Hulk What?Trust me It's the coolest partIf you hate the direction that the Ultimate Universe has taken I'd highly recommend you read this For once I'm impressed So this turned out to be pretty dang awesome Great artwork and great story and I really had misgivings about it Big hitters Jeph Loeband Arthur Adams combine to being a post Ultimatum new mutants story of the Ultimate variety Introducing Jimmy Hudson Karen Grant Derek Morgan and Terry Allen Will there be a new generation and how will the likes of Nick Fury and Creed react? 75 out of 12 Brilliant art by 'The Master' Arthur Adams My initial reaction to this had been pretty positive But as I was reading other Goodreads reviews before writing this as I normally do I came to realize I only thought it was good because my bar of expectations from a Jeph Loeb story was so incredibly low I feel the best I can say was yeah it wasn't utter shitThe narration during each issue was something I really didn't like What was being said was good but the way it was paced out over every panel just didn't fit what was going on It felt like it should ove been contained once or twice at the beginning and end of every story instead it was just floating there taking me out of the story going on before my eyesAnother big sticking point for me was the way Sabertooth was drawn He REALLY didn't fit in the Ultimate world It was especially highly unbelievable someone looking like that was wondering around drinking in bars with out everyone in eyesight calling the cops He was OBVIOUSLY a mutant as they kept pointing out through the whole story mutants were now shoot on sightThe final thing that really got to me was The Hulk He didn't seem to serve any real purpose in the story and it was not ever half explained how he was so smart All Jean did was mention she could handel it but they never even mentioned that she DID handle it Excellent group of characters all handled and introduced very well and even handedly with superb illustration from Arthur AdamsIf they keep Loeb and Adams together on this it could be very fun indeed Enjoyable Hulk in the X men? A story is only as good as it's narrator In Ultimate Comics X the narrators are humans who share a bond with each of the mutants in the comic I read the story as parts each issue had its best moments and character appearances The artwork is neat and has a movie like depictionThis volume has built a foundation from the origin stories of its titular characters as well as showed who their rival faction is The ending is something to look out for as the rival team has gotten itself a stronger member who could even the odds against our heroes I'm thrilled to know what the next adventure will reveal I was pleasantly surprised by this I like the idea of the X Men on the run no costumes no school I hope the next series follows this pathAlso it's nice to actually see some heart back in the Ultimate X Men I honestly loved this one Mostly because of Karen but it’s just a solid little read My only complaint is I wish I had of LoebAdams Ultimate X Men but sadly their short tenure was par for the course for Ultimate X Men

Ultimate Comics X: Origins MOBI è Ultimate Comics
  • Hardcover
  • 136 pages
  • Ultimate Comics X: Origins
  • Jeph Loeb
  • English
  • 04 January 2016
  • 9780785140146