Obama Zombies

Obama Zombies[PDF / Epub] ★ Obama Zombies Author Jason Mattera – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In 2008 Barack Obama lobotomized a generation For an entire year otherwise clear thinking members of the most affluent over educated information drenched generation in American history fell prey to th In Barack Obama lobotomized a generation For an entire year otherwise clear thinking members of the most affluent over educated information drenched generation in American history fell prey to the most expensive hi tech laser focused marketing assault in presidential campaign history Twitter messages were machine gunned to cell phones at mach speed Facebook and MySpace groups spread across the Internet like digital fire YouTube videos featuring celebrities ricocheted across the globe and into college students’ in boxes with devastating regularity All the while the mega money raising engine whirred like a slot machine stuck on jackpot The result an unthinking mass of young voters marched forward to elect the most radical and untested president in US history Recognized as one of the country’s top young conservative activists by Human Events Jason Mattera created an internet sensation with ambush video interviews that exposed clueless young liberals and cunning Democratic officials Now he reveals the jaw dropping lengths Barack Obama and his allies in Hollywood Washington and Academia went to in order to transform a legion of iPod listening MTV watching followers into a winning coalition that threatens to become a long lasting political realignment Obama Zombies uncovers the true behind the scenes story of the methods and tactics the Obama campaign unleashed on youth culture Through personal interviews and meticulous original research Mattera explains why conservatism’s future rests upon jolting the young masses from their slumber yanking out their earphones and sparking a countercultural conservative battle against the rise of the ignorant Left The lesson from is crystal clear When true conservatives run away Obama Zombies come out to play. I've looked this one over and nope I wasn't brainwashed as the author claims In fact most of the generation it discusses and those who voted for Obama as a whole made their decisions by researching information on both candidates via the internet rather than latching onto the liberal media and other such sources Being young doesn't make us all gullible folks In fact many of us have read learned about or experienced the same parts of history that caused you to make an opposing decisionDon't get me wrong I'm all for fair political debate but I hate to see anyone call my choice one I made based on brainwashing I'm sure the same holds true for those who remain conservative or identify as independent or Tea Party My views are all based on the way I want to the world to be and my choice to vote for the president was one made in the interest of reducing the pain suffering and reduction of freedom I saw under BushCheney for 8 years Obama was a candidate who offered a presidency which matched up with most young people's views on the world separate from politics Rather than a man who seemed angry and a vice president who seemed less than experienced we voted for the candidates who seemed together aware of the social structures we used and the world view we held September 11th affected us as a nation and at first we all invested ourselves in the war that followed but soon it became clear that tragedy was being used as a manipulation tool one that caused many to accept the limitations and invasions that came with the BushCheney administration Those of us who voted for Obama saw this and became wary began to study politics and the way it affected our right and our nation as a whole in the last 40 years We followed the run of both presidential elections that preceded the Obama vs McCain election and as a whole didn't vote for either party in those elections We began to realize that both parties were flawed and studied the candidates as people the decision they made before the election and the facts about them behind the statements they made while running Obama was the first presidential candidate we felt any real connection to He actually held many of the same beliefs we had and spoke about them in his books and in his life outside of his candidacy We voted for him because he was who claimed to be knowing that while not everything he promised would come to pass that he would endeavor to try to make those things happen That was something few politicians had done in the last several terms and it made an impact we voted for him feeling that our views would b e better represented and our rights would be in far less danger than they had been under BushCheney Having made those efforts I think that those of us who made that decision would consider this book as insulting as the Ann Coulter books were for liberals or for anyone whose beliefs caused them to be labeled liberal despite their lack of political identification with either party PROS → Laughable in a haha this is so childish sortCONS → No valid arguments to support theories→ Meant to be insulting so it may or may not be insulting depending on how you look at itIf the book was meant to anger andor make liberals laugh then it got the job done I like to read books to see the other people's opinions but I have only found one Moral Politics How Liberals and Conservatives Think; very unbiased and maturely well written I still have yet to find a book with opposing views where the book is well constructed with maturity and sophistication Most of the time I feel like the purpose of books written by self identified Republicans is meant to attack other people who think differently instead of talking about what they believe in This book is no exception to that and I'm left feeling nothing but disappointed Very well done with the same cutting humor that is usually reserved for lefties Cobert and Stewert I'm sure they wouldn't consider it funny though since they really lack any sense of humor at all Young people read this book enlighten yourself OK so I don't really know where to start with this Is it the constant use of bro in reference to Obama or the constant use of the phrase beta male when writing about any TV talking head not named Hannity or O'Reilly? Beta male means an unremarkable careful man who avoids risk and confrontation according to urbandictionary com In other words pussies I read this to see how one side is trying to reach out to the youth market I will NEVER read another screed of this kind regardless of the liberal or conservative person who wrote it Mattera blathers that conservatives make up their own minds Well if you buy what he is selling here you don't Oh and there is Much much Mattera became a minor celebrity back in 2003 for writing that pedophiles nationwide condemned the FDA's food pyramid as 'bigoted' and 'hateful' because 'anus' and 'penis' were not listed as separate food groups This is from a Roger Williams University College Republican newspaper called The Hawk's Right Eye that the then 20 year old Mattera published with school funding Of course it was a private school Just like most other people on earth who know a lot about public education he don't go to a public university I'll start in on that D Bag in a minute but here are three points I want to make1 If the mainstream media had numbers of something Mattera calls O gasms especially by female reporters who got wet panties talking to His Holiness 9 13 why did the Obama Campaign use YouTube as a way to bypass mainstream media? 39 Would you bypass something that wasis as firmly in your pocket as Mattera claims? No? Didn't think so I do agree with the claim that the big three and most cable news outlets treated Obama with kid gloves; see my review of Game Change2 After blasting Barack Obama for The Job Stimulus that Wasn't he chides the Chief Executive for doubling down on Bush's reckless spending 199 OK so if a conservative fucks the budget 18 ways from Sunday and from Hell to Breakfast it's reckless If a Democrat does it he is the most radical left wing presidential candidate in history Of course Mattera Ann Coulter and the rest of these miserable deadbeats have possibly heard of Eugene Debs and honest to God socialist who ran for president Of course if Mattera actually met a real socialist he would call him a beta man getting only 12 the second word out before bursting into flames It is brutally obvious that socialist is a buzzword just like Fascist was for liberals in 2003 2008 Both words are meaningless now bogeymen stripped of their context but not their power3 I'm all for compromise but I'd rather see liberals concede to our values 197 Well OK If I go into a dialogue about the family budget with the wife and want to spend 700 on beer a month thinking well I'd rather her concede to my values we will get in the mother of all arguments that will end with the checkbook rammed sideways up my ass Notice too he says values instead of ideas That's really what this whole ConservativeLiberal thing is about It is not about whose ideas are better but whose values are And that is the precise reason why everything is so fucked upAnd here's for the D BagThis is the best the Conservative movement has to offer A puerile bag of hot air spouting values and not any new ideas In 2010 he offered up this to CPAC a gathering he termed our Woodstock“Except that unlike the last gathering our women are beautiful we speak in complete sentences and our notion of freedom doesn’t consist of snorting cocaine which is certainly one thing that separates us from Barack Obama”This is just fucking tired Books and authors such as this add nothing but bile to a world perfectly fucking long on that substance It is not that he is stupid or a chickenhawk or a racist which seem to be the labels of the month for most conservative media darlings Like all of his ilk left center or right he says things to get attention These people do nothing to help this country; all they do is add another level of volume to a world that is too loud First let me say something to all those 1 star reviews IT'S CALLED OBAMA ZOMBIES YOU DUMBASSES IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE NEUTRAL Now on to the reviewBeing a former Obama ZombieI can remember volunteers coming to my anime club for Christ sake I can say this is a truly entertaining book It basically spells out how Obama took advantage of the youth of this country by using the internet their basic lack of knowledge and their love of celebrity culture It is brutal scathing and often times humorous with enough punch to keep the reader hookedI would recommend this book to many of us who were around in 2008 and remember being suckered in It may not be the nicest and gentlest of books but then again waking up in the morning isn't either Obama Zombies or how I'm really bitter that my guy lost the election and being a loud and proud conservative meant I didn't get laid for two yearsWhere to start with this mess of a book?Here's his main argument Obama was charismatic articulate cool made use of social media had the backing of a huge chunk of Hollywood and had a rock solid on the ground infrastructure and McCain was a lousy candidate so the obvious conclusion is that Obama won becauseCollege kids are dumb and Obama brainwashed a whole generationSeriously? As a 'wake up call' for a generation this book is a failure It's arguments are unconvincing badly stated and when he has an interesting point he is inarticulate and makes sure to bury it under a huge pile of adolescent humor involving a lot of name calling and really clunky cultural referencesA whole chapter on MTV? Are you kidding me? Obama brainwashed a whole generation using MTV? Is it 1987 again and nobody told me?He promises facts but relies on blanket statements talking points and deeply flawed logic as well as ignoring history and context and contradicting himselfHe seems to be trying really hard to stay ignorant on why anyone would be excited to be voting for the first time or seeing the USA elect the first black presidentHe also does not present much in the way of convincing specific argument for why his side is better Just talking points blanket statements and the occasional defense of Sarah PalinHis side is better but you are going to just take his word for it because he doesn't provide examples or factsWhile this book is funny none of the laughs occur when the author is trying to be funny those bits are pretty painful and read like either they were written by a 12 year old or written by an old white guy trying to sound like a college studentI chuckled a lot but never when the author wanted me to The laughs mostly occurred when he was presenting his serious factual arguments I started reading this one with only a few ideas based on the title of the book Had never heard of it and cam upon it by chance and it's been lying around for a while I had this idea that it would be a critical commentary of the overwhelming gush that obama received upon election thinking of the nobel prize and similar stuff and just because the title's hyperbolic it wouldn't necessary be an interesting critiueHoly crap on a cracker was I wrong I wish I could give this book negative stars It makes me want to wash my hands as if the frothing pejoratives slung about by the author has made my hands sticky BlehHere's the first sentence of the 4th chapter whom would you rather have protecting your family? rambo? or bambi? that was your choice in 2008 well thanks to obama zombies america chose bambi the book just continues in this vein it has footnotes and definitely tries to base it off facts But in the end it seems to just want to hate on the college yuppies fair enough whilst pretending to have something to sayIt's probably naïve of me to be so appalled by this book but I will say that I haven't found much criticism of it online despite the fact that the author keeps dismissing any racial grievances as race baiting and claiming that voters who are proud to have a black president are not being colorblind like him and un americanI need a shower Every young person in America should read this book Making my teenager read this however I'm marking over some of the swear words that the author directly uotes from others and passages that may be inappropriate material That being said this book should be reuired reading for all youth before they vote in their 1st election as it will teach them a little something about what candidates their handlers will do to get their vote; also how to be a savvy voter themselves I knew the Obama team was up to no good it has been confirmed by many others now Before picking this up I thought I already know all this stuff But decided to give it a try because I noticed the last chapter was about what we can do to help make sure no zombies are created I appreciate the way the author breaks up the book into chapters dealing with the hot button issues of the time This was published in March 2010 so there's obviously a lot to add now It starts out really angry sounding when he's writing about manufacturing a crowd with celebrities but his main points are right on target I do wish there hadn't been a whole chapter dedicated to Steven Colbert and John Stewart It sounded much personal to the author than the other chapters and it became annoying But it is a point worth making since their shows are favored by my generation Above all the best thing is that this book is dripping with facts Facts about the environment the economy health care the media and all the individuals involved in the lies that were a large part of the Obama campaign Look up the facts people and you will be much informed when everyone is screaming at you do this it's the cool thing Know why you believe what you believeI'm just going to add a few pieces of this book that summed it up for meYou do have the right to be duped by the 'scientific' shell game but you also have the right to think for yourself and not act like a Zombie pg 107Let's punt all our personal responsibility and just lay it at the feet of Dear Leader The government can't even make a profit delivering mail yet they want to dictate the health care policy for 300 million Americans? pg 118Look if government spending were a magic bullet the Soviet Union would never have fallen; it would have been an economic juggernaut a model for our success Moreover Cuba Venezuela and every other socialist tyranny around the world would be economic nirvanas pg 139While liberals like to tout themselves as progressives the dirty little secret is that they are far from progressive in any modern sense of the word Their allegiance to top down bureaucratic management is right out of a thirteenth century feudal system where kings and lords gave order for how all the peasants would live in society pg 198

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