Pounding the Pavement A Novel

Pounding the Pavement A Novel[PDF] ✩ Pounding the Pavement A Novel ❤ Jennifer Van Der Kwast – Oaklandjobs.co.uk A laugh out loud debut novel about the minefield that is unemployment the pursuit of the ultimate career and the annoying habit of falling in love at inconvenient times Sarah Pelletier is unemployed a A laugh out loud debut novel about Pavement A PDF ↠ the minefield that is unemployment the pursuit of the ultimate career and the annoying habit of falling in love at inconvenient times Sarah Pelletier is unemployed and in a very bad mood Her film company has tanked—right before Christmas no less—leaving her with one lousy swivel chair and a lifetime supply of paper clips Her headhunter is a fool who can’t pronounce her name; her irritatingly gorgeous roommate’s idea of a fun time is to drag her to pink slip parties; and to top it all off her last twelve Pounding the MOBI :¼ bucks are trapped in a Metro Card Something has got to giveSo begins one smart twentysomething’s uest for the right job in New York City After extricating herself from a morass of self pity strewn with candy bar wrappers and wine bottles Sarah turns to the all important task of padding her résumé—while artfully dodging her parents’ attempts to bribe her into law school Of course padding your résumé puts you in jeopardy of being construed as over ualified In which case you might try unpadding your résumé which then puts you in danger of being labeled inexperienced the Pavement A ePUB ✓ Which leaves you with the option of stalking your ex boss in the hope that she’ll drag you along in her ascent to greatness in another company Unless she stabs you in the back first Meanwhile when a temp job saddles her with a massive crush on a Brooklyn dwelling dreamboat named Jake Sarah’s already full plate is crowded with lust jealousy and mild obsession just when she’s trying to be professional This hilarious first novel from a confident new voice in women’s fiction offers a pitch perfect take on the dignity whittling survival game of job hunting—starring a lovably neurotic heroine whose problems ring refreshingly true. When I picked up POUNDING THE PAVEMENT I was really just looking for a fun chick lit read I wasn't expecting anything big just a relatable story about a girl who can't find a man or a job I mean who can't relate to that right?And while this novel definitely wasn't bad there just wasn't anything extraordinary about it either When I think about chick lit stereotypes I think of everything I found in this book a self entitled main character who seems overly picky in her choices of work even though she claims to be desperate for a job characters who think that the perfect man is seemingly the only path to happiness then of course you have your prototype big city full of perfect publish jobs and adorable coffee shops where rich yuppies go to write articles for their perfect magazine jobs Check check check it's all hereSo Sarah is unemployed and is desperate for any job she can find or actually just for a cushy job in publishing that will allow her to discover the next great American novel Her roommate a self absorbed fashionista with a perfect closet full of expensive clothes drags Sarah to pink slip parties which do nothing to help her self esteem or her job searchWhen Sarah lands a temp office job she meets a gorgeous guy named JakeThen she gets fired a lot whines a lot and continues to search so not desperately for jobsThere was nothing wrong here but it just felt like I'd read this novel before you know? It's fine for a lazy afternoon but you may want to save your time for something a big fresher perhaps? I mean there are only so many minutes in a day You can't read them all The thing about the 5 star rating system is that you have to rate every book in the context of ALL the books you read In that light this book is a one at best But if you evaluate it solely for what it was beach read uickie book it was pretty good I read it uickly and found the characters interesting and mostly likeable and I appreciated the New York ness of it as well as the coming of age plot I hate to say that I disappointed with the ending but all I really wanted was for the book to wrap itself up neat and tidy It was too fluffy to try to pull off an open ended close Being unemployed I really thought I could commiserate with the main characterboy was I wrong I had a hard time getting through it The main character is whiny self loathing self destructive and highly pretentious I loathe peoplecharacters that have self righteous and arrogant attitude towards lifewhich is in essence the main character Adding insult to injury to a reader the book is held together by a threadlike plot with awful characterizations and an even random and disappointing endingThis is not saying the author is terrible writer she is not but the book as a whole needed an infinite amount of work Would put it just under 4 stars because I really enjoyed this novel about a woman who gets laid off The heroine has an all too attractive roommate who she envies and at times hides from because of money issues and her untidy ways To tackle her job problem she often plays with her resume in order to land a permanent but often temporary job The romance while likeable was not constructed well It just started too uickly and you really didn't get the feeling that the guy was very interested But over all I did like the zany trek she takes during this story Would try another by this author I've always thought that there are significant parallels between dating and job searching and that a great book could be written on the topic This is not that book It's a missed opportunity The author can't seem to decide which to focus on the romance or the job search and does neither justice The protaganist ends up with a man to easily and uickly and her job efforts are not productive My uest for better written chick lit continues If you need to turn your brain off for a few hours this book might do the trick I've never lived in NYC but I doubt the experience is ANYTHING like this book portrays it not that reality is exactly a chic lit forte this books pushes my ability to suspend reality a little too far to the point where it's not a fun read any Serves me right I was pleasantly surprised by this book which I just randomly picked from the shelf of the local library The story of a young woman trying to find her perfect job in NYC was funny relevant and sweet I loved all of the pop culture references and her smart observances of the working world I'm not sure if this author has any other books but if she does I'll definitely give them a try A cute uick read I could certainly relate to some of what the main character was feeling with job interviews and job opportunities like being offered an assistant position Is this a job that interests you? when she's looking for something totally different The ending was sort of anti climatic for me though I happened to be job hunting when I read this book so it hit slightly close to home However my job hunting experience did not include finding a gorgeous boyfriend lying on resumes or working on movie sets I am trying to find a genre of books to read when i'm desiring some brainless entertainment I can't play bubblebreaker This book was not it I try to like these contemporary trash fiction but really I just am bored irritated Maybe I should try out Janet Evanovich like Molly J suggests

Pounding the Pavement A Novel PDF/EPUB õ Pounding the
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Pounding the Pavement A Novel
  • Jennifer Van Der Kwast
  • English
  • 13 April 2016
  • 9780767919531