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Dirty Girls Come Clean❰BOOKS❯ ✮ Dirty Girls Come Clean Author Crystal Renaud Day – Oaklandjobs.co.uk You are not alone The sexual addictions of pornography and masturbation are not just men’s issues They’re women’s issues too Research shows that 25% of Christian women are addicted to pornograph You are not alone The sexual addictions of pornography and masturbation are not just men’s issues They’re women’s issues too Research shows that % Dirty Girls MOBI :¼ of Christian women are addicted to pornography But % of these women will never admit their struggleIn Dirty Girls Come Clean Crystal Renaud aims to change these statistics and help you gain freedom from sexual addictionWhy This Book'So often ministries and tools for overcoming these sexual addictions are accessible to men than they are to women Even if these ministries and tools were accessible to women they may not be as effective in giving freedom because women turn to pornography for different reasons than men doWomen need a resource crafted specifically for themA Trusted Source Crystal founder of Dirty Girls Ministries and AACC certified counselor comes clean first Her story of addiction to pornography began when she was years old and continued and intensified for eight yearsDuring this time of sexual addiction Crystal deceived and withdrew She came to know shame intimately and she thought she was alone in her struggleAfter coming clean about her sexual addiction Crystal also includes stories of other women who have come clean about theirsA Plan for FreedomCrystal is determined to help women come clean and by God’s grace and power get freeAddressing both the sexual addictions themselves as well as underlying issues that cause them Crystal provides a plan for freedom using the acronym SCARSS—Surrender Trusting the HealerC—Confession Out of the DarknessA—Accountability Restoring Our CharacterR—Responsibility Owning My Part of the StoryS—Sharing God Never Wastes an ExperienceIn addition to her plan for freedom from sexual addiction Crystal provides other resources such as personal inventories the twelve steps of sexaholics anonymous online accountability programs other books and links to recovery groupsJoin Crystal and many others who have claimed freedom from sexual addiction Now is your time to come clean and be free “With the recent release of Crystal’s book Dirty Girls Come Clean women now have the tools they need to fight a battle that many assume only ensnares men I can only imagine what kind of hope and encouragement this book is going to offer women who have believed for years decades that they were the only ones struggling and there was no hope for them” Book review by Marsha Fisher on porntopuritycomAn Excerpt from the First Chapter This book is for you the woman who feels alone in addiction to pornography I don’t believe in coincidences This book is in your hands because God wants to speak some truth to you and for whatever reason He’s chosen to use this book to do soThe dark cloud of this addiction is far reaching Pornography addiction knows no path other than one of destruction isolation and suffocation Pornography addiction knows no creed Pornography addiction knows no genderWe are all sexual beings If not you and I would not be living on this earth So to believe that pornography can only be a man’s problem is not only false but it is an ignorant lie that comes from the enemyThe enemy Satan deceived Even in the garden of Eden by convincing her that if she ate the forbidden fruit she would be like God She in turn offered Adam the fruit he took some and as a result of their disobedience they were expelled from the beautiful garden where they had enjoyed perfect fellowship with God Satan’s goal was to destroy And the enemy has been trying to destroy women ever sinceFrom the first bite of forbidden fruit to pornography addiction the enemy will use whatever he can to deceive us and keep us ineffective for use in the kingdom of GodMay you find comfort in knowing that not only are you not alone in your struggle but there is hope for breaking the stronghold of this addictionAnd that hope comes from Jesus      I write this book from a Christian point of view because it is my personal belief that Jesus is the reason I stand free from pornography today But as I said pornography addiction knows no creed Pornography affects everyone So it is my hope that the steps provided throughout this book will be beneficial to all women from all walks of lifeYou were created for so much than this life you’ve been living Life is to be lived abundantly It is time to come on out from behind the bushesLife is waiting . MY REVIEWI took the opportunity to review this book because it's a topic you don't see much about and as I work with teen girls and women I wanted to be aware of these issues However I uickly realized it was so much than just an informative read I was both shocked and helped by this book Shocked because I did not know nor understand the depth in which women struggle with sexual addictions And I was helped because it's than just information about the issues it's practical help for overcoming these sinsThis book is not for young readers and due to the testimonies included I stress caution and discernment in reading this book However that said this book will be a huge encouragement and help to those struggling with these particular sins or an aid for those helping others who are struggling The testimonies show you God's grace and how He can overcome anything Each section of this book is weighty but digs into the details of how to handle sexual sin and temptation in very practical ways I would recommend this book to any woman who is struggling with a sexual sin or knows someone who is or perhaps doesn't know if she is or not After reading this book you might just realize that you've been struggling with a sin pattern in your own life For those who are married I would suggest reading it as a couple so the husband understands the issues as well This review copy was provided courtesy of Moody Publishers but the opinion expressed is my own As part of my job as an editor I read a heart breaking personal statement from a Christian woman that was struggling with a pornography addiction For a variety of reasons I have become and aware of how pervasive porn addictions are among women and among several of my friends I was looking for a book that would give me a better understanding of this addiction and this book came highly recommendedRest assured God is much concerned about where you've headed than where you've beenAs soon as I read that line in the book I realized how much of God's heart for us is expressed in this book I struggled with an 11 year addiction to pornography During this time there was NO one speaking out about this issue with women So I felt alone and kept silent Now 11 years later there is virtually nothing published that deals specifically with women's addiction to pornography yet a uick search of statistics will show you that this is definitely an issue not only in Christian circles but in regular societyI was able to get an advanced copy of this book and after reading it I was able to find hope Crystal speaks in a way that probably every woman with this struggle can relate to as well as giving simple practical steps to start you on your journey of healing and recovery Also included in the book are stories of other women who also have struggled with the same issue proving once again that you are not aloneIt's a great book to reference and refer to again and againCrystal's ministry Dirty Girls Ministries also provides added support after reading the book so you can find even MORE help and community with other women like you I can't say enough good about this book and its author ARC book from Netgalley Pornography isn't just a man's issue it's also a woman's issue Majority of women won't confide in someone about their addictionI enjoyed the book even if it had nothing to do with me I don't have a porn addiction but I've known people who do I learned uite a bit from reading this book I'll be honest I never thought so many women had porn addiction I've only ever related the addiction to men because that's what most books talk about men and their addiction I believe the book is well written and I really enjoy how the author shares her story with porn addiction as well as others This book is a journey to freedom from pornography addictionWell written and gripping it is full of personal stories that shatter the illusion claiming you are the only one who deals with this addictionIn a world where Christian women are made to feel dirty ashamed and alone in their addiction to porn Crystal Renaud has broken the darkness and filled it with the light of the glory of the LordThis book will serve to be an invaluable resource in addiction recovery for individuals as well as in group settings This book needs to be read by women within the church that struggle with sexual temptation and for women to understand that they are not alone with their sin The only thing I didn’t like about the book was that it focused specifically on pornography and barely touched on other topics within sexual temptations These topics need to be brought out of the darkness and discussed between Christian women This book is a great way to do it and to overcome those temptations or addictions This book was a gift to me I knew that I was not the only woman struggling with porn addiction and Dirty Girls Come Clean gave me permission to step out of my shame As my recovery continued it became a great tool to share with others fighting the same battle Whether you are a dirty girl ready to come clean or standing by the pool merely wetting your feet and debating making the dive or a woman seeking understandingof the addiction that no one likes to talk about because you want to be informed soyou can love on and lift up your sisters in Christ who struggle with pornography addictionthis book is for youUniue both in genre and style Dirty Girls Come Clean discusses the one form of sexual addiction no other book has It speaks specifically to the sister who struggles with pornography addiction It reads like a conversation with friends and sisters who have been where you are but is also informative and educational as well as personal growth inspiring In fact this is exactly what the book is Author Crystal Renaud shares her personal story of pornography addiction and how her mess wasturned into a message meant for others to hear It's easy to listen to as it is told in a nonauthoritive tone throughout the book along with the inspiring stories of other women who have and still do struggle with pornography addiction The book also offers opportunities for the pornography addicted reader to be an active participant in her own recovery process offering a personal inventory section to figure out just where you are at so you can get where you want to go and uestions to reflect upon following each chapter Navigating the high and low tides of recovery with the use of an acronym known as SCARS Surrenderconfessionresponsibility and sharing Dirty Girls Come Clean takes the willing reader by the hand and leads her through the steps to redemptionThe stories of real Christian women's struggles with pornography let the reader know that she is NOT alone the biblical references and scriptures shared throughout the pages of the book serve as a reminder of Christ's love and plans for us and the lies society would have women believe about being sexually liberated are challenged by God's truth which offers true freedom from the bondage only a slave to sexual addiction of any kind could know The resources provided at the book's end offer essential tools for the beginning of a road to recovery for the addict dedicated to finding her freedom including internet filtering options community options to connect with others and most importantly the chance to connect with Christ for those who have not met Him yet So if you are ready and even if you feel you are not but you're feeling that nudge from God and it's about knocking you over by now allow light to be shed on the darkness in your life allow the doors you've been hiding behind to be opened allow your chains to be broken and allow your dirt to be washed away through the reading of this book and God's grace Dirty Girls Come Clean is part testimonial part resource and part informational It is also 100% needed It is the story of Crystal Renaud's personal journey through addiction to pornography and her recovery process In fact this book came about as a result of her search for resources to assist in the recovery journey and not finding any that adeuately addressed the specific issues and needs of women facing this particular addictionPart of the book adapts a techniue used in many sexual addiction recovery programs called SCARS Surrender Confession Accountability Responsibility Sharing A chapter is devoted to each category with explanations and testimonials from women at various stages of recovery included which are detailed but never graphic Practical action stepsuestions are included at the end of each chapter as well as additional available resources making it useful for independent use as well as group settingsThis book was very well written and is so inspirational It approaches porn addiction and its potentially associated behaviors such as masturbation sexting sexual activity as symptoms of a core unhealed woundedness The bottom line is that God never wastes an experience even maybe especially the painful ones Instead of hiding behind her shame and guilt Renaud is using her experiences for God's glory and wants this book as well as Dirty Girls Ministries to be a tool of liberation from bondage Her style is very conversational and user friendly making a taboo subject less threateningDirty Girls Come Clean is a book of inspiration and hope While I think it is destined to become 'the' go to resources for women dealing with porn addiction I also believe it is a must have resource for anyone who works with girlswomen in any capacity You just never know what that person is or will be going through particularly in this sex saturated culture It is unapologetically Christ centered but would also be a useful resource for anyone struggling with this issue regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereofI can't recommend this book enough I have been blessed to know Crystal for several years I stumbled upon her blog and then followed her on twitter way back in the day and was blessed enough to be in a lifegroup online LGO with her and several other amazing people We started sharing our testimony's and Crystal's was beautiful Even was that her heart was to help other women who were bound by pornography It has been a privilege to watch God work in amazing ways and for this book to become a realityCrystal has a passion for helping other women where she was Dirty Girls Come Clean is a powerful tool Using the acryomn SCARS Crystal shares how God can work in our lives to heal this addiction Not only is Crystal's information spot on as a counselor I found it very useful to make me think and dig deeper with my clients At the end of each chapter Crystal offers a Becoming Clean section where steps are introduced to help you on your journey That is what this book is A journey toward healingIn Dirty Girls Come Clean we not only get a very informative book we also get the added bonus of beautiful stories of redemption through the testimonies sharedMost importantly this book is not just for those women who struggle It is a fantastic tool for any women This is happening much than we think and I know we all have friends who may be secretly struggling It is good information for all of us to know This book is hopefully the first step of many unveiling secrets we keep as Christiansespecially those of us who are women We are all sinners in need of Graceand we need to stop hiding behind our lies we are okay and life is perfect Crystal takes a giant step here and we all should followDirty Girls Come Clean is an inspirational book that reminds us our God is still a Healer and He still works in amazing ways if we just let Him I highly recommend every single person in the church read it and have their eyes opened

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