Burned[EPUB] ✹ Burned Author Carol Higgins Clark – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Regan Reilly and her best friend Kit are on vacation in Honolulu intent on having a Hawaiian adventure They won't be disappointed When we last saw private detective Regan Reilly she'd recently become Regan Reilly and her best friend Kit are on vacation in Honolulu intent on having a Hawaiian adventure They won't be disappointed When we last saw private detective Regan Reilly she'd recently become engaged On the opening pages of Burned Regan's friend Kit urges her to come to Hawaii for one last girls' weekend before she ties the knot The snowstorm of the century is blanketing the East Coast Regan can't get to New York to visit her fiance Jack no relation Reilly and Kit can't get home to Connecticut So Regan packs a bag and is on her wayAt the Waikiki Waters Playground and Resort where Kit is staying the body of Dorinda Dawes who wrote the hotel newsletter washes ashore Around her neck is an exuisite and valuable shell lei that once belonged to a Hawaiian princess a lei that had been stolen from a museum in Honolulu thirty years beforeWill Brown the manager of the resort doesn't believe that it's an accidental drowning In the three months Dorinda had worked in Hawaii she had become a controversial character who had a reputation for pointing out the very worst in people Will is afraid that she was murdered and that the murderer might still be in their midstBesides Dorinda's death strange things have been happening at Waikiki Waters Will is desperately afraid that whoever is behind all the hotel's problems will strike againLucky for Will he meets Regan Reilly and convinces her to get on the case Once she starts digging she comes across all sorts of suspicious characters And the closer she gets to the truth the danger she's inCan Regan find out what really happened to Dorinda before it's too late for someone else Beforeit's too late for herRegan's investigation takes the reader on a fast paced ride from Waikiki to the Big Island of Hawaii and back againClark's trademark humor and uirky characters make Burned a wonderfully unpredictable mystery complete with a thoroughly satisfying denouement. Wowthat was published? I listened to the abridged version on CD and would never have made it through the whole book otherwise The writing was unsophisticated the characters were predictable and it was really cheesy If this author has writing skills they were not represented in this story A huge publishing mistake besides paying for this story was to let the author narrate it Next time they should hire a professional someone who knows how to do a Hawaiian accent NY accent etc and stay consistent with the characters It might have masked the story flaws better This goes to show that good writing skills are not genetic and I'm usually so nice One huge complaint the cute packaged ending complete with bow not the first I've seen for this series was utterly ridiculous and unsatisfying Join the real world Carol Higgins Clark Your mother's books have twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat Your books follow such a formula that even lovers of a mindless read will be annoyed Forget Regan Reilly My time is precious and I'll find a new author i like this book a lot because of the ending was not what i thought would happen in the booki can't wait to read the next book in the series i love the storyline of this and all detail to the storyline and it makes the book hard to put down i had to knew how the mystery would be solved and how kit would be saved from new boyfriend i thought the twin sister would have been caught a long time ago in the book but that was the only thing that i did not like about the book this book makes a nice summer read that you do not have to spent to much thinking about it This was an interesting book set in Hawaii One thing I enjoyed is that many of the places mentioned in the novel were sites I had visited on a trip there several years ago The mystery was appealing and there were a number of uirky characters as is usual in Carol Higgins Clark's books This involved a hotel a special event which involved an auction of 2 historical leis one of which had been stolen 30 years ago a murder a kidnapping and suspected misuse of funds by twin leaders of a group visiting Hawaii Regan visits her friend Kit in Hawaii and gets hired by the hotel manager to investigate the murder and a series of bizarre events which had been occurring at the hotel No dull moments in this book A nice good old fashioned cosy mystery I really enjoyed the laid back who dunnit aspect and the characters in the book is easy to relate toIf you are in the mood not to burn brain cells this is most definitely the book for youWaAR Well it is definitely not literary gold It is a fun fast paced enjoyable read This is great to read by the pool on a lazy afternoon I enjoy the Reagan Reilly series because it is carefree entertainment You know when you start any of the books from the series that the ending will be satisfying and complete Bored before I was 100 pages I struggled to make it that far and just gave up Glad I started this series An opportunity hard to resist a weekend in Hawaii seemed ideal for PI Regan Reilly in the murder mystery “Burned” The fatality appeared early in the sixty two short chapters but the mystery surrounding it lingered much longer Characterization was key the perfect vehicle deterred a uick reveal of the culprit by smoke screen tactics I liked the laid back personable approach of the investigator; intent listener uick thinker and a risk taker when warranted Personal behaviours and gossip attributed to timely misdirection I always smile when a character trigger an awareness that their attributes were similar to someone I know or knew in my lifetime The sisterly tour guides did just that for me – a connection of sorts As expected some of the characters added substance while others were fluff Details were adeuate it was an easy to read light mystery Absolutely awful book I read this in hopes to find another great author; her mother is fantastic The book moved so slowly considering the plot covered not even a week's time Realistically too much was thrown into the book that didn't fit into the timeline of the story The characters were described so poorly and we did not find out much about any of them until the end of the book when all these weird plot decisions popped up The ending felt incredibly rushed and thrown together at the last minute There was not a lot of thought or care put into this book and it was very sad

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  • Hardcover
  • Burned
  • Carol Higgins Clark
  • English
  • 07 February 2016
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