When Corruption Was King How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago Then Brought the Outfit Down

When Corruption Was King How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago Then Brought the Outfit Down[Reading] ➽ When Corruption Was King How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago Then Brought the Outfit Down By Robert Cooley – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Bob Cooley was the Chicago Mafia's fixer of court cases During the 1970s and ‘80s Cooley bribed judges juries and cops to keep his Mob clients out of jail Paid handsomely for his services he lived f Bob Cooley was the Was King Epub Ú Chicago Mafia's fixer of court cases During the s and ‘s Cooley bribed judges juries and cops to keep his Mob When Corruption PDF \ clients out of jail Paid handsomely for his services he lived fast and enjoyed the protection of the men he served Yet by the end of Corruption Was King PDF Ì the ‘s without a pending conviction he became the star witness in nine federal trials that took down the most powerful Mafia family in the history Corruption Was King How I PDF \ of organized crime When Corruption Was King is the story of a Mob lawyer turned mole with a million dollar contract on his head who went back and forth between sin and sainthood—a turbulent youth a stint on Chicago's police force law school and then the inner sanctum of Chicago's wiseguys He dined with Mob bosses and shared last suppers with friends before their gangland executions In a startling act of conscience Cooley walked into Corruption Was King How I PDF \ the office of the US Organized Crime Strike Force and agreed to wear a wire on the very same Mafia overlords who had made him a player This book including eight pages of memorable photographs reveals the personal story behind the federal government's most successful Mafia investigation. I'm a criminal defense attorney in Cook County which is where this book is set and it was recommended to me by another defense attorney as we sat in the courthouse at 26 Cal waiting for the judge to come out I tried so hard to get into this book but 50 pages in I could no longer handle this author's voice If I wanted to watch a man stroke himself for a few hours how long it would've taken me to actually finish this book i would've just gone to PornHub Very interesting book I have only been to Chicago once and that was in the 80's I wasn't sure if I would even like this story but it pulled me in and kept my attention It was a great audiobook A surprising read one I did not expect to be that good Maybe not for everyone but I really entered the life of this Bob Cooley If you have no interest in Chicago you may not like the book as much I loved all of the connections to Chicago the places the people the events I learned a lot There is so me language and very disturbing ethical behavior You won't always know who to root for and that is ok I think A fascinating look at corruption in the Chicago legal system in the 70's 80's as told by ex Mob lawyer Robert Cooley He was the key wire wearing witness in Operation Gambat an FBI sting that ultimately sent several mobsters politicians cops and judges to jail in addition to causing some political and judicial reforms in Chicago Cooley's motives for writing the book are pretty self serving but that's partly what makes the book so great he is as modest as the subtitle of the book suggests You don't get to be a lawyer for the Mob by being an angel but he seems as proud of his abilities to know howwhenwho to bribe as a lawyer get guilty people off maximize his profits gambling with bookies and using his fists as he is of his decision to go to the Feds and start wearing a wire on his former colleagues He also refers to himself as yours truly in the book's photo captions Cooley's cooperation with the Feds helped expose and dismantle Chicago's First Ward for years the main intersection between city government and Mob interests in Chicago At the time the First Ward centered on the Loop the city's epicenter of courts government and business I checked a recent Ward map and the First Ward has migrated north west over time and now encompasses Logan's Suare Interesting story and especially for me being from Chicago but he took a long time to get to the informant part and the trials I found the beginning a bit tedious to get through as he spent half the book just talking about his early life and then his flashy life and escapades with the Mob Also it would probably be a better read vs listen like I did via Audible because there are a lot of names to keep straight But I must say the process of him getting the recordings and the trial portions were really fascinating I am always fascinated by mob stories and thought this would be interesting It was to a point but there were so many names being thrown about that it was very hard to keep track I felt it could have been streamlined to make it less confusing I think a movie would actually be better than a book for this particular story And I never say that When Corruption Was King How I Help the Mob Rule Chicago Then Brought the Outfit Down was a book I read by Robert Cooley This nonfiction is about the evil that swallowed Chicago during the twenties to the nineties But still to this day corruption plagues Chicago and every country in the world Our main character Bobby Cooley a fantastic lawyer who fixed court cases for the Chicago mob Later turns to the good side and took the mafia out When Corruption Was King was written to inform the reader I think that because this story is based on truth alone All the events in this autobiography happen in real life And the definition of autobiography is an account of a person’s life written by the person Just by the first few sentences its very clear that this book is planned to inform us When I read this novel I found it hard to locate the theme But as I thought on after I completed the book What I assume the author wants us to get out of this hardcover is fighting the wicked is hard and the right way might be a bump narrow less traveled path That must be taken Why I think this is because Cooley was a crooked lawyer who got paid enormously by the mafia But hated the things he saw Like in this uote “I also heard Marcy’s voice Over and over again I heard him say “Nobody would dare f with us” Then I started thinking “Maybe after I was almost killed so many times this is the reason I was left alive to f with Marcy and the First Ward” 178 This uote really brings in the theme He knows if the mafia finds out he’s working with the FBI They will certainly torture and kill him But despite all of that He takes his chances because he knows it's the right thing to do He knows many other stool pigeons have been assassinated But he still becomes an informants Robert Cooley’s style is narrative This story follows Bobby Cooley a mafia lawyer turned FBI informant To show an example of this here’s a uote “For a long time after my beef with Marco I became unbelievably cautious I always carried at least one gun on me even when I went to court I kept another pistol in the glove compartment of my car” 145 This is a great example of how serious this book can get How nervous and fearful Mr Cooley is of the mafia He’s scared of being tortured by the mob like Butch Petrocelli At this point in Cooley’s life it is horrible Now at a time in Cooley’s life where he experienced great wealth and happiness “My legal career was off and running The count sent me great business celebrity types who got in trouble with a gun or stash of marijuana or something like that” 65 Like I said before at this time Mr Cooley had vast sets of income betting and gambling With that happiness came to his life In my opinion When Corruption Was King was shocking and astonishing From start to finish it was very well written and breathtaking I liked how it was absolutely captivating But I disliked how chapter two Cop Killer wasn’t the first chapter Other than that I really enjoyed this book Imagine my surprise when I read in the Chicago Tribune on December 13th that Governor Rob Blagojavich had just consulted with attorney Ed Genson I had only finished this book about Chicago corruption by government informer Robert Cooley about a week before this story brokeIn Cooley's book a mafia hitman named Sammy Anarino was ordered by his crew boss to retain Genson In addition Cooley claimed that Genson reported directly to mob boss Marco D'Amico that he thought Frank Renella had turned government informant Let's also not forget that Genson was the lawyer who served as the mouthpiece for Pat Marcy aka Pasualino Marchone the notorious Chicago fixer who led in bribing judges ordering hits and paving the way to illegally gain government favors and favorable legislation not to mention serving as mouthpiece for crooked judges caught in Operation Greylord and GambitI thought I was reading about modern history I didn't realize how topical it was until the recent scandal broke On December 14th I was dining at a Chicago restaurant called Portillo's Not only do they have the best Italian Beef Sandwiches in the world I'm not biased grin but they have lots of historical photographs of old Chicago on display I was with a friend from out of town and actually took the time to read some of the captions One of the Prohibition Era photos had a picture of a man named Joey Aiuppa in a police line up Cooley had also mentioned him Even in the '80s if the Chicago wiseguys had any disputes Cooley claimed that an old guy named Joey Aiuppa would fly in from his retirement home in Palm Springs and settle things The book itself is the memoir of a sleazebag a modern era Harry Flashman with a license to practice law IF you can claim that bribing judges to fix cases and running up illegal gambling debts all over Chicago is practicing law He runs through girls like he runs through clothes and he runs through money like water used to run through the Buckingham Fountain downtown He has a strange code of honor in the sense of honor among thieves not authentic honor in that he represents hit men dope pushers and crooked officials but turns evidence on them after they are no longer his clients this was true of the On Leong social organization that I once joked with my wife was the local tong and it turns out to have been an influential gang in the '80s and early '90sIt is a fascinating look at the corrupt inner circle of a corrupt city in a corrupt state that I call home This was page turning reading for me much stimulating than any gangster bio or memoir I've read since the purported last testament of Lucky Luciano OK So this is obviously just one side of the story and you get the impression has an agenda Yet I enjoyed the read I don't doubt most of this is true just as I don't doubt the author omitted plenty which would really put him in a bad light Even if a uarter of this was true he had some balls Robert Cooley was once a hotshot Chicago attorney who specialized in fixing court cases for the Outfit as the Mob is called in Chicago Reading When Corruption Was King will give one a pretty good idea of the type of guy Cooley is He gambled fought ran with the key players in Chicago's notoriously corrupt 1st Ward along with a various assortment of dangerous characters and loved every minute of it until he'd had enough Then he went to government and offered to help bring it all down It seems to me that a big reason that Cooley wrote this book is to clean up his own reputation Cooley talks a lot about how the media and defense attornies portrayed him as a gambling addict who ran to the government when he could no longer cover his gambling debts but he wants the reader to know that this is not true He'd had enough of the Outfit and the major player behind the 1st Ward Pat Marcy not to mention the arrogant judges and attornies that Cooley had dirt on The one judge that Cooley does seem to feel sorry for is Frank Wilson who took a bribe to fix the murder trial of Harry Aleman a notorious mob enforcer One might doubt Cooley's motives for helping the government but there's not really many reasons to doubt his tales about what his did for the Outfit and how things worked behind the scenes and that alone makes his book worth reading

When Corruption Was King How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago
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  • When Corruption Was King How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago Then Brought the Outfit Down
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