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Sharkey – Tired of the same old fitness advice You know the drill Eat less exercise and life will be grand Sounds easy enough so why don’t the results follow And most of all what can you do to achieve your fi Tired of the same old fitness advice You know the drill Eat less exercise and life will be grand Sounds easy enough so why don’t the results follow And most of all what can you do to achieve your fitness goals Fitness Illustrated allows you to see exercise and activity from a whole new perspective In this one of a kind guide author Brian Sharkey takes you inside each type of activity to show you what works what doesn’t and why You’ll go beyond the basics to see how your body changes with increased activity From how muscles gain size and strength to the effect of aerobic activity on heart and lung function this is fitness as you have never seen it before Straightforward explanations expert advice and hundreds of full color illustrations and photographs make Fitness Illustrated your guide to these matters • Improving aerobic fitness strength muscular endurance and flexibility • Shaping and toning your body including your core • Coping with various health issues such as arthritis and preventing heart disease • Managing weight with nutrition and activity • Preventing and treating injuries muscle cramps and joint pain You’ll also learn to separate fitness fact from fiction design fitness programs around the activities that you enjoy and reduce stress and add life to your years Whether you want to complete a K run manage your weight or improve muscle tone and definition Fitness Illustrated is your personalized map for reaching your fitness goals. Received this one today; won it in the LibraryThing Early Reviewers October 2010 lotteryReview cross posted from Library ThingSharkey Brian 2010 Fitness illustrated Champaign IL Human Kinetics c2011  Disclaimer I received a copy of this book free via the Library Thing Early Reviewers programSummary This book belongs in public libraries and in the general collection of colleges and universities It is a great primer and introduction to fitness and its concepts In other words it is a great introduction to the subject for general use but of little use to students of kinesiology recreation and associated disciplines except as a resource for them to share with those newer to the subject It could also serve as a textbook for a general fitness education classIndividuals should get the book from their local library; use interlibrary loan if you need to I say this as I do not believe it will serve one well over the long term That is if you actually make use of the ideas in the book you will uickly move on to reuiring in depth resourcesContentsActivity and fitness Why Get Fit?Understanding aerobic fitness O2 and YouAerobic fitness training A Gentle PastimeAerobic programs Have It Your WayUnderstanding muscular fitness Strength and EnduranceMuscular fitness training Shape YourselfMuscular programs Designed for YouNutrition and weight control Eat to LiveHealth issues and exercise tips Overcoming HurdlesFitness facts and fallacies What's the Truth?Vitality and longevity Add Life to Your YearsThis book serves as a good primer to the basics of fitness including nutrition and weight control It does a good job of providing information for people of all ages as well as for people with minimal or less knowledge of fitness conceptsAnother group of readers that would benefit would be those with better knowledge of fitness but from several years ago If your primary basis of fitness knowledge is greater than ten years old as was mine then you may well benefit from this book It is a uick and easy read and is well and generously illustrated In fact when I first received it and flipped through it I knew that one of my gripes if I had others would be all of the pictures Over 90% of the pages has a picture on it To me it seems designed for those who cannot be bothered to read something with than a few dozen words on a page those who need images to keep their attention those who are easily distracted and so on But now that I have read it I will say that they do serve a function My personal preference is still for less pictures and for words and content that I can actually make use of All that said though it is my preference and the book works as it isAgain I recommend this book for all public libraries and general collections of college and universities It is up to date written by a leading researcher in the field and provides a great jumping off point for those new or returning to fitness no matter their age or ability I picked this up because of the runningtraining injuries Dan and I have had; I want to learn how to treat my body the best way I can This book was definitely helpful and easy to read but I only gave it three stars because it wasn't really pertinent to my specific needs general needs as stated in the first sentence of this review yes which of course was due to my inexperience in choosing appropriate books in this genre It did give me an great overview that led me to understand what my specific needs are and where I need to go for that Hmm You know on reflection that merits an extra star So Four starsSeriously though My second nonfiction cover to cover read in less than two weeks Check me out Continuing with my fitness reading I rated this book 3 12 stars It reads like a long magazine; lots of pictures fun facts exercise plans profiles of individuals at different ages and stages and motivational uotes This book provides a basic overview of fitness nutrition and lifestyle changes; all the things we know we should do but choose not to If you are true fitness buff you are probably already well versed on the content of this book and may not enjoy it However if you are starting on or not too far into your fitness journey I believe you will gain some knowledge This would have been a uick read if I had had the time to sit down and read it in one sitting; but alas there are too many books and so little time Book covers a lot a health basics Looks a bit like a magazine Would be a great book to give someone starting out in fitness Covers an area that discusses how to go from sedentary to physically active to training Had some nice walking programs for beginners If you are a fitness pro you'll have covered much of this already Human Kinetics consistently impresses me by taking the latest research and simplifying it into concepts I understand and can use This book continues in that tradition offering a general guide to lifetime fitness A sample insight I gained is that card exercise isn't about the heart itself as much as increasing the ability of the muscles to take in and use oxygen This book often has information so basic that it is the kind you could find on a cereal box Other times it explains things like for early teenagers level It includes crap like however if you cut a major nutrient source from your diet like meat problems can arise Say that to professional Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier or ultramarathoner Scott Jurek great basic book on what it means to be fitand what steps to take to get there We all know it's about making smart choices and staying active and this book shows you how to do just that I would not recommend this book for anybody but the beginner

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