Prelude to a Kiss (Drama, Plume)

Prelude to a Kiss (Drama, Plume)❮Download❯ ➸ Prelude to a Kiss (Drama, Plume) Author Craig Lucas – After a whirlwind courtship Rita and Peter marry Following their storybook wedding an elderly man congratulates Rita with a kiss But it is no ordinary kiss By a uirky twist of fate the kiss effects a After a whirlwind courtship Rita and Peter marry Following their storybook wedding an elderly man congratulates Rita with a kiss But it is no ordinary kiss By a uirky twist of fate the kiss effects a soul switch Rita finds herself living Prelude to PDF \ in the old man's body and the old man in hers The honeymoon is anything but To complicate matters the old man is dying Peter must think fast to reverse the spell In a poignant turn the old man decides to comply and with another magical kiss Peter and Rita are reunited. Meh I read this because I am considering auditioning for it I knew the premise and the play itself was rather un original Maybe I am not interested in it simply because I grew up in the 1980s and there were like 4 movies that came out about switching souls and bodies between young and old people and so the concept seems blase The text itself reads well although I think the many different settings are unnecessary It is rather fast paced and I think would be interesting to watch but overall was nothing really special I loved the repartee in this book it had such a rapid pace to it that I can picture the main characters Peter and Rita as kind of an homage to a Tracy Hepburn like team up The story was pretty straight forward and simple but still fairly interesting I liked that the author chose not to bog the events with unnecessary explanations about how the events might have occurred but rather concentrated on the reactions of the characters I also liked the lack of villains in this play; no one is to blame there was no real malice just an unfortunate coincidence The conclusion much like the entire play was just as simple but a very satisfying end The play kind of sweet in a way and it really makes you think of some of the what ifs about marriage getting older and life in general Similar to Six Degrees of Separation they were nominated for a Pulitzer the same year I’m conflicted about Prelude to a Kiss finding the idea fabulous and uniue but the execution lackingIn the long history of theatre Prelude to a Kiss is a new kid on the block But in the nearly three decades since its premiere society has changed – not always in good ways and perhaps not fast enough in some cases – and the play already feels dated The play deals with a newlywed couple and the discovery that on their wedding day a good luck kiss from an old man switched the souls of the old man and bride between their bodies It’s a fabulous concept but the play is from the perspective of the husband and in some ways he’s the least interesting and least involved of the three characters Prelude to a Kiss is pretty much a play about a dude that has stuff happen to him – unfortunate stuff to be sure – but he’s an indirect victim To me the stories of the old man and the bride were interesting It doesn’t help that the bride comes across as the 1990s version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl She seems concept than person and the play wasted too much time setting up the couple’s meet cute and not enough time on the interesting stuffIf I had read this play for Mr Lucas and he asked me to provide feedback it would be this open on the wedding Have the couple recite their vows laughing about their uirks etc Make the story less of a third person limited point of view – it’s a play for goodness’s sake – and try to understand sooner rather than later that keeping the audience in suspense isn’t viable This is especially so when the conflict is clearly laid out in the play’s brief synopsis Get to the interesting stuff get to the conflict of life versus death have higher stakes in the ending And most of all keep the focus on the victims Let this be their story uasi recommended I have to say I enjoy watching this than I did reading it It is one of those plays that makes you think about the legacy you leave and your own mortality The fact that the writer was thinking of those suffering from AIDS when he wrote it makes it all the poignant Still I prefer the film or the play to simply reading the material I uite liked this play not least of all because of the staging and seamless scene changes What happens when the souls of an old man and a young bride get switched? Does love for better or worse survive? Cute storyline half way through it sounded familiar then realized it was made into a film in 1992 A charming little play with a Twilight Zone esue premise A strange charming old man shows up at a wedding and asks to kiss the bride When he does the bride and the old man switch minds unbeknownst to the groom who must gradually figure out what has happenedThe play has a lot to say about living life fearlessly Enjoying your youth while you've got it And it's a nice little love story It starts out with some nice funny early love banter between the young couple and by the end of the play reuires the audience to think about the way they're living their lives A couple meet They hook up Two months later they get married And then the trouble starts On the honeymoon the groom is wondering why his new wife can't remember things from last week She changes And then he realizes that the old man who crashed their wedding is actually his wife They had switched bodies Exactly the kind of play I love Great characters uick clever dialogue and a story that has a satisfying ending If I directed adult theater rather than high school I would direct this play in a minute Sweet charming but still bitterly realistic look at modern relationship dilemmas One of the few plays turned into films of the '90s that I think actually worked as such

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