Sex Killers

Sex Killers❮EPUB❯ ✻ Sex Killers ✶ Author Richard Glynn Jones – Horrifying true stories of the world's most depraved and deviant murderers Many of the most appalling murders have been provoked in one way or another by sexual desire this book examines twenty of the Horrifying true stories of the world's most depraved and deviant murderers Many of the most appalling murders have been provoked in one way or another by sexual desire this book examines twenty of the most notorious cases of sex killings Covering a wide range of cases from jealousy and sexual assault to Satanism and snuff movies this is a fascinating and shocking exploration of the relationship between sex and murder. This book catalogs some of the most infamous sex related serial killings in the world Chapters are broken into categories ranging from thrill killers to snuff movies and details the predator's method of entrapment down to the discovery of the victims by citizens andor law enforcement You will get a fair share of gritty description regarding the state the victims were found in names and ages of predators and victims You won't get an in depth analysis connecting sex violence or a whole lot of motive As a matter of fact as the book progresses you get less analysis and statement of fact victims' names ages dates gone missing and dates reported missing etc The book gets 3 stars as it is a fairly decent starting point for inuiry into the sex crime genre Might have gotten 4 stars were there fewer typographical errors Compared to other true crime compilation type books Sex Killers is pretty mediocre Chapters are very loosely organized by type of sex crime and lump together high level overviews of cases paragraph after paragraph sometimes making it difficult to know where one case ends and another begins More frustrating is that several cases that sound interesting only have a few sentences dedicated to them where another case will get several pages The book is also plagued with typographical errors and in some places reads like it was edited using autocorrect feet instead of feel etcI can't speak to the veracity of every case in the book but I did notice that several of the facts included in the section on Jack the Ripper are wholly incorrect and as best as I can tell have been considered as such since long before the book was published Mary Jane Kelly was NOT pregnant at the time of her murder and the Martha Tabram and Emma Smith cases are presented as definite Ripper slayings without making it clear that these have always been considered tentatively linked at bestEven considering Sex Killers to be an introductory volume for true crime fans I think you'd probably be better off going through Wikipedia and tracking down better researched and written titles about cases that look particularly interesting unless you find it on sale for really really cheap Overall this book was good There was a lot of interesting cases that I had never heard of most of which took place in London and the UK I found myself googling and doing some research on the cases I didn't know about and wanted to read up on Many of the cases that were portrayed in this book were very brutal and it really makes a reader realize how sick and twisted the human mind can be There were two things that made me not give this book 4 stars Although the cases were extremely captivating I did not like the writing style Sometimes the cases described were run on There was no gap between different cases and as I read I thought I was still reading on a case only to soon realize the author was already discussing a different case He should have titled each case seperatelty and made it 1 big run on chapter I also would have liked it if there were pictures in the book Most true crime books have that and this book had none There were many cases in the book that I am sure the author could have pulled pictures in for I will continue to read by this author and give him another shot Hopefully the run on chapters don't continue though Publisher should have caught that really Mediocre at best but acceptable for someone who doesn't know much about serial killers Useless for serious academic research Good conversation piece if placed on a coffee table thoughEach chapter references well known information and details about sexually motivated serial killers Cawthorne used information from news articles court reports and transcripts that can easily be found by searching online However some of the information presented as factual in Cawthorne's book is partially inaccurate and should have been corrected before publishing A romp through the annals of sexual homicide This time after a very brief introduction that sheds no light at all on the author's point in compiling this book Jones just gallops through all manner of crime cases with only a paragraph break between one case and the next No conclusions either He just ends one case and the book stops Boink Neverthless hard to put down There was a blockbuster reveleation in there about UofM grad Hawley Harvey Crippen too Granted these types of books that one would find on a clearance rack can be interesting or a complete waste of time In this book's case it starts off fairly decent but strays from the actual topic of sex killers It was rather disappointing especially when halfway through the book informal language is suddenly introduced I really enjoyed this book it did babble in some areas when you get 3 pages of hookers name and death dates but over all a good book