The Lawman's Christmas Wish

The Lawman's Christmas Wish[BOOKS] ✮ The Lawman's Christmas Wish ✰ Linda Goodnight – Widow Amy James can't get through grocery shopping in Treasure Creek Alaska without a marriage proposal And she's hardly flattered Most of her suitors are after the treasure her great grandfather had Widow Amy James can't get through grocery shopping in Treasure Creek Alaska without a marriage proposal And she's hardly flattered Most of her suitors are after the treasure her great grandfather had buried on her property But only one man promised her late husband he'd take care of her and the boys police chief Reed Truscott True Reed is handsome and honest and makes her feel safe But his honorable marriage The Lawman's PDF/EPUB ² proposal is about obligation not love Unless he can convince her that his Christmas wish is to join her family forever. Love the hero who finds it hard to open up about his past and the heroine who is afraid to love again Highly recommended A very fitting end to this series Amy and Reed had been minor ish characters throughout the series and to see them get their own story was very nice I especially enjoyed the fact that Dexter and Sammy played such a big part in the story as well And Granny Crisp? Such a hootI also liked that some of the unresolved things from earlier in the series Delilah Joleen the treasure were given fitting 'ends' And the faith thread? While it was subtle it was definitely there and I may have inwardly cheered when one of the characters chose to give their life to Christ Reviewed on Clean Adult Fiction This was such a fun read to snuggle up with during a cold night It doesn't have to be Christmas to read itAmy and Reed were great characters I loved Amy's independence and love for her two boys Reed was a hard worker and true friend When Amy's husband died Reed had promised he would take care of Amy His first proposals didn't go so well since Amy had no desire to marry someone out of obligation or because she couldn't live alone They struggled to understand each otherA great addition to the story was the suspense Pretty uickly Amy's life and family are in danger because of her great grandfather's treasure Of course Reed wants to protect her but Amy's proud and a fighterI enjoyed The Lawman's Christmas full of developing romance suspense and Christmas joyContent Ratingssexual very mildlanguage noneviolence mild What a great ending to an excellent series D I've enjoyed getting to know all the residents of Treasure Creek and Amy and Reed were among my favorites and Amy's little boys were so adorable Who can resist smiling when young Sammy calls Reed Chief Weed? lol The character development throughout the whole series was great and by the time the treasure was revealed I was sad because I knew the story was almost over But thank goodness for the 3 book historical series I am sad this series is over but I enjoyed it a lot All the other books hinted and built up to this final book and it was a good one Amy and Reed find true love after Amy and her boys are threated Both Amy and Reed have to work through feeling of guilt and grief but soon realize they are meant to be together I strongly recommend this series This finale to the Alaskan Bride Rush series had lots of action that kept you turning pages to find out what happened The romance was there of course but it also seemed like a suspense thriller in some sections All of the previous loose ends are tied up and the ending was satisfying to me There were almost too many new marriages in this one This was a charming little read worth your timeAs I have said beforewhen it comes to reading things from Harleuin it's a hit or miss Sometimes I like it and sometimes I want to chuck it out the window This book falls into the first categoryAmy James doesn't want a marriage of convenience She fell in love and got marriedOnce And she doesn't want to do it again She just wants to protect her family Reed Truscott made a promise to Ben to protect his wife and kids when he died If only Amy would just accept his proposalit is his duty after all right?This book is recommended for ages 13 and up for kidnapping scenes A good end to this series Amy James is a widow trying to keep her business going and raise two boys alone She is also looking for a supposed treasure her ancestor left buried somewhere Reed Truscott is the local chief of police and former best friend of Amy's deceased husband He feels it is his responsibility to look after Amy her sons since his best friend was killed in an accident Will he ever come to realize that he loves Amy her boys? Will he be able to protect them from whoever is trying to get to the treasure thru her? Sixth in the Alaskan Bride Seri I’m glad I read these in order I don’t think I would have not been able to see the other characters like they were family if I didn’t It’s a stand alone but if you have the opportunity to read them in order I think it would be enjoyable Pleasant Christian inspirational romance novel of friends to forever love Can be read as a stand alone

The Lawman's Christmas Wish PDF/EPUB ä The Lawman's
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  • The Lawman's Christmas Wish
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  • 25 July 2016
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