Verdant Skies

Verdant Skies[Reading] ➮ Verdant Skies ➶ Steven Lyle Jordan – A catastrophic eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera threatens the entire world's biosystem and drives Earth's desperate residents to seek refuge in any of the four satellite cities in Earth orbit The s A catastrophic eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera threatens the entire world's biosystem and drives Earth's desperate residents to seek refuge in any of the four satellite cities in Earth orbit The satellite Verdant immediately finds itself under pressure to accept a forced occupation by a population it cannot hold and certain doom of its own survivability But a secret group on Verdant has a plan of its own. Space the final frontier It's 2229 and humans have recklessly used up many of Earth's precious resources They have been forced to think of other options to relieve the negative impacts of overcrowding and limited resources Many people now live aboard four different space satellites Each satellite has its own leader and population tourism is alive and well and life goes on The satellite Verdant is a sovereign nation yet it is dependent on Earth for necessary resources and as an outlet for waste products It's not Earth but for most people it's a comfortable life They have recreated some of the amenities of Earth and daily life goes along much the same as it always has on Earth with some minor adjustments Verdant is a great place to visit and a comfortable place to live Until Yellowstone explodes Suddenly the satellites are inundated with immigration reuests from Earth The satellites are already filled to capacity but the humans on Earth are not willing to accept that fact and will go to great lengths to get where they think they'll be safe Suddenly the satellites become the most attractive options and each has its share of tragedy as they struggle to remain sustainable amidst an attempted influx of people The citizens of Verdant are unwittingly thrown into turmoil as Verdant becomes a pawn in the plans of several factions including that of the US President As the desperation of the residents of Earth grows people are forced to make some very difficult decisions that test the relationships in their lives as well as challenge their sense of right and wrong These decisions may change the way humans think about Earth space and what is truly needed to sustain life Steven Lyle Jordan has written a page turning adventure that unfortunately doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility His characters are pretty well defined and the science is thought provoking For readers who are interested in the basis of the science included in the book there is a nice explanation at the end of the book It was a difficult book to put down As I read I found myself thinking about how easily this truly could be our reality in 2229 or even sooner I think that connection to what is going on in our world right now is what makes this book so fascinating It's the kind of science fiction that could truly become our reality down the road The people are recognizable even if the situation seems a few years out Although the storyline seems to lead you to an inevitable ending you realize that even amongst the despair hope is born The story points to the resourcefulness of mankind and the strength and integrity that is needed for humanity to move forward in difficult times Some characters are referred to by their last names in the narration while most are referred to by their first names The inconsistency seemed a bit unusual to me but not a problem Perhaps it helps denote those characters with which we form stronger attachments in the story; the characters we connect with most are called by first names At one point however during a scene between the President and his girlfriend she calls him by his first name as does all the corresponding narration This is the only place in the book where the narration uses his first name I had to really think about who was in that scene as I had long since forgotten his whole name since he was always referred to by his last name It was a very minor inconsistency that didn't detract from the story overall but left me momentarily confused This is a great read The story is captivating and you find yourself thinking what if? What if satellites are the frontier of the future? What if Yellowstone erupts and forces humans to look into other options? What if desperate times result in eually desperate measures? As I turned the last page I was left to wonder what happens next for the Earth and for Verdant I think the riveting storyline and the fascinating physics push this story into a 5 star read Strongly recommended Verdant Skies is a story about huge habitat satellites than a century in the future that are considered almost sovereign countries yet are totally dependent on supplies from earth The eruption of the Yellowstone mega volcano chokes the skies of the world with ash and sets the stage for conflict People on earth desperately want to emigrate to the satellites but they're already at maximum capacityA sci fi novel absolutely must deliver surprise to be a really good and yet the surprise can't be absurd That's a difficult balance but this novel delivers It must also fully develop its characters without becoming a soap opera which is another balancing act accomplishedI impose an additional reuirement on a really good sci fi novel It must expand well beyond known science in a somewhat plausible way This reuirement is satisfied as wellIn addition I appreciated the descriptions of how such a satellite would physically work spinning at different rates to create artificial gravity and yet providing synchronization for docking ships I would have appreciated even such detailOn the down side I disliked the references to global warming and sea level rise and a reference to twentieth century conspicuous consumption that sounded mildly Marxist But these were not significant to the story The main threat was the Yellowstone mega volcano eruption which is uite plausibleAlso I'm not sure what to think about the several references to storage chips that I assume were something like present day SDHC cards In a hundred years won't everything be networked not reuiring physical media?And also on the character development front there were absolutely no references to religion or spirituality That gives an implausible tintAs for format I bought the EPUB version and was very pleased to not have to tolerate DRM This will be a consideration in all future books I buyAll in all I found it an exciting novel Cross posted from Papyrus Independent Author Reviews Far in the future when mankind is struggling to reverse the damage he has done to the planet the planet itself eventually retaliates in a decisive manner a cataclysmic eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera which fills the earth's atmosphere with volcanic ash The focus of earth becomes the 4 habitable satellites orbiting the planet So begins the drama that is Verdant SkiesI can probably sum up this novel thusly potential script for pilottwo part movie introducing a new sci fi television series part Babylon 5 and part Star Trek Really There are a cast of characters all developed in an introductory way as if we're going to be joining them for a whole season and a two part action thriller that serves as a precursor for the actual series which would probably be named Verdant Pioneers also the title of the seuelAll the characters are represented The fearless leader of the Verdant satellite with a proud career and a sad past the sassy and perceptive second in command the slightly less impressive chief of operations who has an inferiority complex the smooth science consultant and the straight talking head of the science department the president of the United States and a sultry diplomat who can mine information as well as she can turn heads Throw in a couple of daughters wives a couple of combat pilots and sundries and you have every space opera television series ever made But that's not to say that all I could murmur was derivative as I read Not at all To me this was a refinement in ways on what already works well in this arena and it really was a very enjoyable and exciting read overallThe science used in this novel is interesting in that the author manages to present it in a pretty plausible way I won't go into details as it would spoil the plot but I was impressed at the effort made to show us something that feels believable somehow even though it remains uite fantastic I felt myself imagining possibilities and this is a very good sign in a science fiction novelMeanwhile the plot is an exciting one with tension built up over two main crises Once the tension escalated to a certain level I found that pages almost turned by themselves and small chunks of time escaped me completely I love being lost in a book this way so I'm pleased to have had this experience with Verdant Skies Unfortunately though I was sometimes taken away from this vivid experience by the aspects of the story that frustrated me the relationshipsOK so sexual tension between various characters in a television series is not uncommon but I found this aspect of the novel a bit off putting During the first half of the book there seemed to be an excessive focus on how people looked During an unprecedented crisis as tension is mounting I felt like I was surrounded by characters that only wanted to have sex watch derrieres and ogle boobies Relationship status seemed to be annoyingly present as well We get to hear about how this one hasn't had much success with women and how the other one doesn't seem to want women because of the tragic loss of his wife Let's not forget this one who could have been with that one were it not for meeting his wife and how do you think that will turn out? And although there wasn't a huge amount of sex the scenes seemed to range from suggestive to bodice ripping intense to borderline erotica To me it was all a bit much and tended to get in the way of a great storyOtherwise the writing itself was pretty good and in general the sentences flowed smoothly However there was at least one paragraph highly annoying due to its almost verbatim repetition in several placeshe became aware of a high pitched tone coming from seemingly everywhere around himit rose in freuency until it was beyond his hearing but not uite beyond his ability sense its presence And then that sense too went awayA small variation on these words appears no less than 6 times in the narrative I'm not sure what the reasoning for the repetition was but the only effect it had on me was one of frustrationTo summarise some aspects of this story did impact my overall enjoyment However I can't possibly give Verdant Skies less than 35 stars for the simple reason that I've already mentally placed the seuel Verdant Pioneers on my to be read list I want to know what our fearless crew is going to encounter in the next episode So how could I possibly finish by saying that this novel is anything but a success? You know that big super volcano under Yellowstone Park? The one overdue for eruption? The one scientists say could cause a second ice age when it does? Well Verdant Skies set in the near future when man made satellite space stations are in Earth orbit and when Yellowstone does exactly that This sets the stage for a host of developments with a surprising twist in the relationship between Earth and the Verdant stationThe sci fi is set in the near future and kept pretty realistic or at least within the edges of currently scientific theory for the most part This I like I was one of those who started watching Babylon 5 for its mostly realistic sci fiThe characters are well developed and the plot good enough to keep you reading Read it o I was a little lost by the narration and the way names were used in this novel but all in all it was a great read I found myself asking a lot of what if uestions throughout the entire story I feel this is a well thought out story with a few minor tweaks to the narration needed The first or last name decisions should have been clear but it does not detract from the story too much Very good book I hoped to read There weren't many plot twists and the characters were pretty straightforward but I liked the story and I thought the future world was uite plausible and well constructed and I chuckled at the US VP