Death in the Dark Continent

Death in the Dark Continent➺ [Download] ➶ Death in the Dark Continent By Peter Hathaway Capstick ➻ – Critically acclaimed as a master of adventure writing for Death in the Long Grass and Death in the Silent Places former professional hunter Peter Capstick takes us back to Africa to encounter the worl Critically acclaimed as a master the Dark Epub ß of adventure writing for Death in the Long Grass and Death in the Silent Places former professional hunter Peter Capstick takes us back to Africa to encounter the world's most dangerous big game animals After consulting African game experts and recalling his own experiences and those of his colleagues Capstick has written chilling authoritative accounts of hunting the five most dangerous killers on the African continent lion leopard elephant Cape buffalo and rhinocerosThe classic big game animals are unmatched as a test of a hunter's skill and courage With a command of Death in PDF \ exciting prose Capstick brings us along on the chase The warning snarl of a crouching lion the swish of grass that reveals a leopard the enraged scream of a wounded elephant the cloud of dust that marks a herd of Cape buffalo the earthshaking charge of a rhino are recreated in heart stopping nerve racking detail In Death in the Dark Continent Capstick brings to life all the suspense fear and exhilaration of stalking ferocious killers under primitive savage conditions with the ever present threat of death. What most people don't understand about big game hunting in Africa is that the animals have a much better chance against the hunter than one might expect The late Peter Hathaway Capstick was born in New Jersey but realized his boyhood dream of becoming a big game hunter and safari guide in Africa DEATH IN THE DARK CONTINENT explains why each big game animal is dangerous and then goes on to recount stories about contests that the animals won or lost Once you've read any of Capstick's books you will want to read the others Nobody has written as colorfully or gut wrenchingly as Capstick about stalking and being stalked by African big game animals My favorite Capstickism The things you see when you don't have a rifle Recommended for open minded adults and college and secondary school students who are willing to uestion the Disney view of animals in the wild Peter Capstick once again gives his readers what they want This book is full of hair raising stories of hunters and the huntedRead how Capstick's tracker is nearly gored by a rhino actually holding onto the horn to save himselfSee how a cape buffalo in a bad mood can turn a man into something even a big city coroner will never forgetDiscover why smoking may be good for your health if you track wounded leopards into the long grass at nightThe BIG 5 are considered the most dangerous animals on the continent of Africa for good reason Capstick will be than happy to fill you in on the reasons and leave no doubt that they are all dangerous and deadly More of the same classic wit and nerves of steel This time against animals you would never consider to be a serious threat Capstick leaves you in no doubt that almost all animals in the bush are than a match for a normal person His stories are utterly amazing fascinating and excitingHe left behind a white collar job to become a big game hunter game warden and a world renown gun and hunting expertSome of his stories will make your hair stand on end I read this years ago when I was stationed in Germany and it was just as compelling now as then Death In The Dark ContinentPeter Hathaway CapstickNonfictionAuthor Analysis There is no main character so I will do an author analysis The author in the book is a static person in the way he writes He has strong beliefs on the way animals should be hunted and he rarely strays from those beliefs As the story progresses he does not change his viewpoint on certain subjects Capstick is also very articulate in his word choices He uses many complex words Capstick also uses many words from languages that people speak from where he hunted Plot Critiue I liked the overall plot in the book The setup was clever Capstick wrote it to describe the deadliest five animals in Africa Each animal took up a fifth of the book The animals did not overlap much in the next chapters Overview Capstick wrote the book in a way that I had never seen before He wrote about encounters with the Big Five or most deadly African animals The big five are buffalo rhinoceros lion elephant and leopard The encounters are not only personal experiences but other professionals experiences and stories that he has heard of from other colleagues Most of the stories are very gruesome and not for the feint of heart I rated the book a 4 because although I liked it the format seemed too repetitive He did not give very much information on the animals Capstick generally just wrote of deadly encounters with the animalsI would recommend this book to people that like nature and hunting It is a classic hunting book that has a lot of close encounters with animals in it Peter Capstick is a great writer and better yet he is writing from his own experience of hunting on the african continentIn this book he details the dangers of hunting the five big game elephants lions rhinos leopards and cape buffalo There are some absolutely fascinating tales in this book very engrossing All of Capstick's books are a thrill and even if you aren't a hunter you'll gain lots of insight into deadly animals the lands they are from and the people in and around their habitats The hunting is the way he chooses to convey the storyvery thrilling stuff I love this guys books His writing style and detailed description of the experience that only a hunter will now is great Fills me with an even greater respect for the animals that roam our great continent Another great book by Capstick although not as good as Death in the Long Grass and Death in Silent Places Capstick not only tells a great story but his prose ain't bad either

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  • 02 January 2016
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