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Someday the Rabbi Will Leave✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Someday the Rabbi Will Leave By Harry Kemelman ⚣ – Rabbi Small faces political corruption definitely non kosher brewed with a dash of dirty campaign tricks blackmail and a possible murder And if that's not bad enough the newly appointed president of t Rabbi Will eBook ☆ Rabbi Small faces political corruption definitely non kosher brewed with a dash of dirty Someday the MOBI :¼ campaign tricks blackmail and a possible murder And if that's not bad enough the newly the Rabbi Will Epub Ý appointed president of the temple has decided to replace the rabbi before his daughter's wedding. Back in the day I read the entire week’s worth of novels featuring Rabbi David Small the sole Jewish leader in the small town of Barnard’s Crossing Massachusetts Usually the mysteries were cleverly crafted sometimes less so I began with the first the Edgar Award winning Friday the Rabbi Slept Late and finished with the last novel 1978’s Thursday the Rabbi Walked Out Or so I thoughtAuthor Harry Kemelman took a break but then resumed writing novels I thought the mystery in Someday the Rabbi Will Leave first released in 1985 ingenious and I had forgotten what an instinct Kemelman a college professor rather than a rabbi had for human nature both good although mostly bad But I had forgotten what an annoying prig Rabbi Small is But don’t take it from me Listen of one of Small’s temple membersHe acts so damn superior According to my old man in the old days the rabbi was the big noise in the community He was the one educated man and everyone used to defer to him on that account And Rabbi Small goes on like that like we’re back in the nineteenth century and he’s the only one who knows anythingWell maybe not the only one who knows anything but certainly Rabbi Small thinks himself the only one with a reliable moral compass It’s definitely his way or the highway The synagogue is supposed to be an amalgam of Orthodox Conservative and Reform Jewry there not being enough Jews to support than one temple but in truth the religion is Smallism with ideas that were falling out of favor with Conservative Judaism even in the late 1970s when I went to a mostly Jewish high school in Miami It would spoil the novel for you if I told you the particular instance but trust me on this oneThat said the mystery the philosophicalreligious discussion and the insight into human nature in Someday the Rabbi Will Leave were so excellent that this ninth book and eighth mystery in the Rabbi Small series remains a five star read I read it in just a few hours And there’s no greater recommendation than that Great insight into Jewish ethics and good mystery Another book in the series where it's pretty obvious that the point to the books is not the mysteries but the opportunity to explain contemporary Judaism It's good but there are better in this series Like your mysteries with lots of bodies and mysteries to solve? You are really out of luck This book is about politics in a synagogue and then politics in Massachusetts and also a bit of religion and philosophy Well since this is supposed to be a mystery series there is a hit and run and therefore a corpse and a bit of casual injustice But since the mystery isn’t really the point there is also some philosophical chit chat about how a woman might break into politics and what happens when a gazillionaire takes over as President of a synagogue and then doesn’t get his wayUltimately good things happen to good people because they are lucky when you are a writer you can make that happen and make handy philosophical observations about it The mystery gets solved in a rush in the last couple of chapters All of this is a breezy cozy read which helps all the philosophical stuff go down easily but the end result is no great shakes I do admire the integrity and insight of Rabbi David Small who somehow is still in his position as rabbi in the Conservative compromise Temple in the small town of Barnard's Crossing near Boston Mass I'm also thankful to the Almighty that he is Jewish and thus never had any influence on the CDF modern Catholic euivalent of the InuisitionHarry Kemelman managed to integrate much Jewish thought and almost Jesuit casuistry not a Catholic monopoly or innovation apparently into classic detective stories This is New England before everyone owned guns stated firmly in previous book largely unaware of the world outside even of most of the USA let alone the rest of that continentBarnard's Crossing is however exceptional in that it is possible for Catholics and Jews to be accepted as almost human you have to be born there or you're a migrant No chance of election to the euivalent of the burgh council unless you're at least third generation native This would be no place for the Scottish diaspora the local non Catholic Christians are decidedly Episcopalian with all the condescension of the ruling Anglo Saxon hegemonyThe Rabbi has always been clear Judaism does not mean faith it does not reuire and would even deny the existence of the Almighty being Jewish is an ethnicity like I'm Scottish Judaism is only a system of behaviour but only for some descendants of Abraham poor old Ishmael nothing and it is not even necessary or even desirable to adhere to those norms Seems weird to me being Catholic something that influences me 247 Usually his opponents are infinitely less likeable totally stereotypical Americans money mad crafty greedy intolerant egotistical but maybe he needs to get out except he can't there are few houses he can accept food in not kosher but still he picks and chooses which laws to obey I always read these for the interesting insights into contemporary Judaism but the mysteries are usually good too How far does the rabbi control what happens at the synagogue? Can he say for whom he will or will not perform the ceremonies? Yes he can because that is the central part of his job If he won't perform an inter religious wedding then it won't happen His son Jonathan asks to be allowed to help the Republican committee in the primary that is coming up I'm surprised at David's hesitancy in giving permission but he is a very unpolitical person so I suppose it's normal This involves David briefly with one of the candidates who drives Jonathan home one night There is a political science post grad who is managing this candidate's campaign Her father is a millionaire who has just been elected president of the congregation The story involves influence and what a person can expect in return for money or business or other benefit David says there is no uid pro uo in his business which is all about standards You can give him whatever and he will be grateful but don't expect him to change his standards for you I was a little disappointed about the ending of this one and as usual I would like to have a conversation with Rabbi Small I enjoyed the mystery and the political campaign parts of the plot but the rabbi continuing to hold on to his job by the skin of his teeth is getting kind of old Too bad Laura probably won't be an important character in future books in the series It seems like her input at the synagogue could be entertaining I agree with others not my fav but since I am reading all in series I went ahead anyway Now need to check if I have missed any Seven years after Harry Kemelman wrote the last of the days of the week Rabbi Small books he returned to the series with Someday The Rabbi Will Leave The hiatus clearly did nothing to lessen his writing skills as this book is a real page turner I read it all in one dayThe Rabbi Small books are in the murder mystery genre However the actual murder is often as in the case of this book of a background issue than the focus of the book The Rabbi books focused and on Rabbi Small’s negotiating the difficult path of being a Jew devoted to the strict letter of the Judaic law while leading a small not very observant congregation in a New England townThe underlying plot of each book is the Rabbi’s battle with his Temple’s board of directors his interactions with the Catholic Chief of Police his dedication to studying the Torah and the Talmud and some social issue pertaining to the time in which Kemelman wrote the book Lastly it is about him helping to solve a murderThe initial focus of this book is on politics both in the town and in the temple Into this mix in Someday The Rabbi Will Leave Kemelman returns to the issue of mixed marriages when a Jew elects to marry a non Jew While he has touched on this issue in other books Kemelman returns once again to the issue in this one Clearly this was an important issue for KemelmanLike all of the other Rabbi books this one is well written engaging educational and absorbing You do not have to read the other books in the series before this one but I think reading at least the first few will increase your understanding and appreciation of Someday The Rabbi Will Leave I had almost forgotten about this series when I was looking for some fiction to read that was light hearted In this story Rabbi Small has to stand firm when a wealthy businessman becomes the president of the temple and tries to influence him A very weak lawyer is convinced to run for political office and is literally pushed there by the daughter of the temple president He becomes the candidate for his party and agrees to marry the daughter who has managed his campaign The only problem is that she is a Jew and he is not and she had promised to be married by a rabbi When her father tries to convince Rabbi Small to perform the ceremony he is upset when the rabbi says no There then ensues a behind the scenes move to get rid of the rabbi and to bring in another oneHowever it is discovered that the lawyer was paying money to a disreputable character who had some dirty news about one of his opponents and that might have been why he won On his way to meet with this character to pay him off the lawyer runs him down and then tries to frame a young man who lived nearby After many legal manoeuvres the lawyer is found guilty and the innocent young man is freed The president of the temple sends his daughter to Europe to get away from the scandal and Rabbi Small is not replaced This is a great read as it exposes the underbelly of politics and shows just how corrupt some candidates are Through it all Rabbi Small remains calm and unwavering from what is right for his congregation

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