It's In His Kiss

It's In His Kiss[Ebook] ➨ It's In His Kiss By Julia Quinn – Sudah tiga tahun Hyacinth Bridgerton memasuki Pasar Perjodohan namun belum ada seorang pria pun yang mampu memikat hatinya Sampai pada suatu hari ia bertemu dengan Gareth St Clair dalam acara pertunju Sudah tiga tahun Hyacinth Bridgerton memasuki Pasar Perjodohan namun belum ada seorang pria pun yang mampu memikat hatinya Sampai pada suatu hari ia bertemu dengan Gareth St Clair dalam acara pertunjukan musik Smythe Smith Meskipun sudah mendengar reputasi Mr St Clair It's In PDF or yang agak kurang baik Hyacinth melihat sisi lain pria itu yang mulai membuatnya penasaranGareth St Clair memang terkenal menyukai wanita tapi tidak pernah merayu gadis baik baik Pria itu juga terkenal liar namun amat menyayangi neneknya seperti yang sudah Hyacinth saksikan sendiri Kekontrasan itulah yang membuat Hyacinth mengajukan diri untuk menerjemahkan buku harian nenek Gareth yang ditulis dalam bahasa Italia demi mengenal pria itu lebih jauhDalam waktu singkat hubungan mereka pun semakin dekat terutama ketika mereka mencari harta karun yang diindikasikan dalam buku harian itu Namun ketika Gareth menciumnya Hyacinth tertegun Sesuatu dalam ciuman pria itu membuat Hyacinth tak mampu melupakannya. Gareth yes SeriesYes one and I'm done in Bridgertonville Sniff Sexy times Couple of tame moments No one is getting their freak on but there is plenty of of Gareth Plan on reading by the author Yup got to finish the series don't I?Synopsis This is Hyacinth's tale oh she of the talented tongue which wields wordplay sharper than any sword And because it's H's tale it's filled with witty witty banter Now H is fast approaching the shelf because she can outsmart nearly any idiot of the ton and just runs those silly boys off Enter Gareth who comes from the supposed loins of an arsehole of a father who is basically beggaring the barony omg alliteration G gets a hint of secret jewels from his grandmother and he and H are off and running Cue Lady Danbury sp? and lord knows we all have lots of love for that woman and her cane Wield it woman wield it Wield apparently being my word of the night Add in a side of Gregory that makes me uake in anticipation of the next book and folks we have an adventure and a love story so let's get it on Heroine Hyacinth The brilliant The beautiful The wielder of sarcasm The uick of wit The brave The adorable The loving Hero Oh Gareth yes Yes Yes Eually brilliant Eually witty Eually wielding the sword of sarcasm High sterical This is my kind of hero Why it did or didn't work for me So you get that this worked right? I mean what was there not to work? It's a book filled with wonderful sarcasm funny lines uotes abound and a love story this is absolute perfection Be still my heart Gareth is my new Keating Becca if you read this review you know who I meanSigned I'm sure I don't know 45Amazing news everyone I am finally out of my 2 week slump All thanks to this book I just sat yesterday binging the last 250 pages in one sitting that I didn't realize I was up late at night for it Did I care? No The book was wonderful and it got me out of my slump which was literally putting me in hell okay Time to celebrate I'm a huge fan of Julia uinn's Bridgerton series I have been slowly reading through those books for 5 years Yes you read that right I was taking my time with them And now that I only have one book left out of this series it actually makes me want to cry because I'm pretty attached to this family and the characters I'm so in love with it and I'm 0% ready to let it go Hyacinth Bridgerton was a fantastic heroine She was adorable out spoken and so lovely I loved her relationship development with Gareth who by the way is gorgeous and so swoon worthy They're adorable together So much banter and so much cuteness Whenever I'm in a need of a good dose of romance I always go for historical romance The romance here was just what I needed “I am asking you to marry me because I love you” he said “because I cannot imagine living my life without you I want to see your face in the morning and then at night and a hundred times in between I want to grow old with you I want to laugh with you and I want to sigh to my friends about how managing you are all the while secretly knowing I am the luckiest man in town”“What?” she demandedHe shrugged “A man’s got to keep up appearances I’ll be universally detested if everyone realizes how perfect you are” What's so amazing about this series is how funny it is I found myself laughing out loud yesterday at how hilarious it was I especially love the scenes that involve the family or the siblings getting together and Hyacinth and her brother Gregory's friendship was super funny and I can't wait to read Gregory's story ie the last book cue my tears I just love how tight this family is It warms my heartI highly recommend this series if you are a fan of historical romance Thank heavens for Spring CleaningA year or so ago I began reading Julia uinn’s Bridgerton series and after devouring the first six books back to back I set them aside and moved on to something else Well here I am a year later and in the spirit of “Spring Cleaning” I decided I’d catch up on those books that were just sitting on my shelves collecting dust and that included the final two Bridgerton booksGareth St Clair is in a bind – that’s what the cover blurb tells us Though I must admit the first time I read that I was sure it said ‘Gareth St Clair is blind’ so imagine my confusion when his eyesight seemed perfectly fine to me It’s not that I was wishing him any harm or ill will but I was all ready to embrace him as a vulnerable hero who needed someone to shine brightly in his lonely dark world Well clearly it’s my eyesight that is lacking Where was I? Oh yes Gareth St Clair is in a bind and they aren’t kidding His mother brother and paternal grandmother are all long since deceased and his father hates him He has only one person who loves him and who he loves in return – his grandmother the one and only Lady Danbury – who really did steal the show Despite Gareth’s perfect eyesight I really did adore him and he truly was vulnerable but in ways that aren’t uite so apparentHyacinth Bridgerton is such a funny young woman Sweet smart outspoken I really loved her character And there was something else about her that just seemed so honest and so real I loved how she accepted her imperfect self and in fact embraced it It’s In His Kiss was such a wonderful story The glaring contrast between Hyacinth Bridgerton’s life and family and that of Gareth St Clair made this at times heartwarming as well as heartbreaking but leave it to the Bridgertons to look beyond titles and peerage to see the worth of the person within and embrace him This was one of those books that’s the perfect combination of lighthearted and serious and was an absolute delight to read You do have to love the Bridgertons In book seven it is Hyacinth's turn to find romance in the person of Gareth StClair long term rake second son and at odds with his father He does not sound like the best proposition on the town but Hyacinth does not have a preference for any of the men she has met so farThis is really a fun series It always revolves around the same family and the reader gets to know everyone well Although this is Hyacinth's book her mother plays a big role a couple of her brothers get delightful cameos and even one of her sisters pops in for a visit Gareth turned out to be a very likeable and worthy future husband and the whole thing was very entertainingI think the next book must be the last since we only have one Bridgerton to marry off I will be sad when it is all over 45 delighted stars ❤️Eu daria tudo para ter mais uma pessoa por uem pudesse dar a minha vida“I would give the world to have one person for whom I would lay down my life” Gareth StClair Hyacinth percebeu ue algumas coisas realmente surgiam como um relâmpago Havia coisas ue uma pessoa simplesmente sabia sem ser capaz de as explicar Porue nauele momento soube ue se ia casar com auele homemNinguém mais valeria a pena Hyacinth realized that some things did come in a flash And there were some things one simply knew without possessing the ability to explain themBecause in that moment she knew that she was going to marry this manNo one else would do”Hyacinth Bridgerton uero ue saibas ue se eu pudesse dar te ia o mundo“I did want you to know that if I could I would give you the world” Gareth StClair Sometimes it's hard for an author to maintain the momentum with a series of books Thus far the books have been all five star reads for me and before starting this one I sort of wondered would it make the five star mark Not even sure why I thought that as I did adore Hyacinth in the previous books I adore ALL the Bridgertons no exceptions GARETH HYACINTH She was sometimes vexing occasionally infuriating but always entertaining and Lady Danbury has a starring role in this book I adore her too Something important is always about to happen my dear girl Lady Danbury said And if not you'd do well to act as if it were You'll enjoy life better that way “He didn’t know where the thought had come from or what strange corner of his brain had come to that conclusion because he was uite certain it would be nearly impossible to live with her but somehow he knew that it wouldn’t be at all difficult to love her” I end up swooning at the words that Julia uinn puts forth in these books delicious morsels that make me so happy Yes the characters might have their ups and downs but one knows that at the end of the day there will be perfection It's a lovely language so melodious and smooth It is a lovely language Everything sounds better in Italian even my name Maura so boring when everyone else says it but as soon as an Italian colleague says it it becomes something completely different He pronounces it Mowrrrra rolls the r and one feels like the heroine in a romantic novel LOL yes losing the plot a bit here Of course we all know this series is coming on Netflix in the near future I am a little bit wary it is hard to transfer a favourite book to screen one such example Matthew MacFayden as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice I will take Colin Firth no problem but whoever cast that dweeb McF needs to be fired A little bit of mystery and adventure added to the story and that Epilogue every book should have an Epilogue “‘If you want to know if a gentleman loves you’ her mother said ‘there is only one true way to be sure’”Lady Danbury leaned forward Even Hyacinth leaned forward and she was holding the book“‘It’s in his kiss’ her mother whispered ‘It’s all there in his kiss’” As the youngest of the very lively Bridgerton clan Hyacinth has had to stand out and make herself heard Coming across a overly outspoken and willing to outwit anyone Hyacinth is starting to see there may be to her mundane life and herself when in walks someone who not only can outwit her but can render her speechless Gareth StClair and his father have been at odds for many years after he became the heir after his brother’s sudden death Knowing out of sheer spite his father would ruin his inheritancethen he’s given an old diary that holds many secrets in its pages but it’s written in Italian which he doesn’t speak When Gareth finds himself thrown together with Hyacinth who happens to speak Italian they find the answers they seek don’t lie with in the diary but with each other their love A simple and fun read Hyacinth being the youngest really needed to stand out from the others of her family She could be very charming and down right funny but often then not become annoying She did show a great amount of maturity toward the end but I also felt her always needing to be right or have the last word kinda rubbed me the wrong way Gareth was a good lead trying to be the spiteful son after his father’s harsh treatment of him He was the one whom I felt grew up in the book Finally coming to terms with himself and his past The book breezed on by both leads were good but they weren’t memorable they didn’t really pull me into their story They were a cute couple with a good steam level but nothing that really sparked my interest in either The story was fun and had it’s witty moments and if someone wanted a uick read this would be your book The book is very predicable from start to finish with no real surprises in between The one happy surprise I did find was a guest appearance of the infamous book Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron which made another bigger appearance in another of J’s books That book is still so bad it’s down right funnyOverall a uick read and something to pass the time with Nothing heavy or memorable but simple and fun Δεύτερη ανάγνωση και το λάτρεψα ξανάΗ παρακάτω κριτική είναι από την πρώτη φορά που το διάβασα και δεν την αλλάζω “Gareth yes? Or Gareth no?”“Gareth ” I LOVED this book Hyacinth is definitely a uniue young woman and this story was exactly what I was expecting to readLet’s be honest Every man is scared of Hyacinth She’s too honest for her own good and even stubborn She doesn’t settle on the second best choice and she prefers to be friends with the most terrifying woman in London who is like a grandmother to her I liked the way she was acting because she’s genuine She knows that she has her faults and she accepts the reality That’s why I believe that she’s one of the most interesting characters in this seriesGareth What can I say about him? I adore him He’s a notorious rake and a perfect match for Hyacinth Everyone thinks that he just wants to have fun and seduce young women but that’s not true It’s obvious that he’s sad because with the exception of his grandmother he hasn’t anyone else to care about or care for him He’s really smart and I was glad to see that at the end he realized what was truly important for himA great story in an amazing series I bounced on this for idiosyncratic reasons I was mildly enjoying it for uite a bit Hyacinth is a delight She's smart and brave and willing to take chances though she's a bit of a runner on the emotional front I liked that she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take active steps to get it and her relationship with Gareth's grandmother is outstandingI admit that I've struggled with Gareth though I like every interaction with Hyacinth I like that he appreciates and matches and encourages her He's had a bad misstep but he didn't know and couldn't have known how his post first kiss comment would have been taken And he has recovered since then though I'd have liked an actual resolution to that one I'm happy how it shook out But Gareth continually gives his evil father power over him He's weak and ineffectual with the domineering jerk and I swear he loses a decade of maturity every time they interact Yeah some men hold onto pain like that but those are not admirable or healthy for that matter menI cut out at about 60% when view spoilerGareth decides to use sex as a weapon to ensure Hyacinth is committed to him—to compromise her so that she cannot back out of marrying him This is the basest of unilateral decision making and that it's motivated by his immaturity regarding his father makes it weak as well as evil It's a betrayal of her agency and a cheapening of their connection hide spoiler Another favorite from the Bridgertons series Just like An Offer From a Gentleman and To Sir Phillip With Love it is a sweet light romance with lots of humorI loved both Gareth and Hyacinth All of their dialogues and scenes especially the erotic ones were fascinating Even the Smythe Smith performances were delightful with them The appearances of Lady Danbury Lady Bridgerton and Gregory make the novel even enjoyable It’s In His Kiss is a perfect Julia uinnMy favorite uotes

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