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Blog Post Review Updated in honor of one day freebie give this book three out of five stars but in a split manner If I were to rate the book solely upon my enjoyment and escape into it's historical aspects it would be two stars; yet if I were to rate this book on the detail and descriptions of this historical journey at hand it would four stars Thus I settle at three Starting out reading this book I was uite distraught and not at all drawn in The cover is gorgeous and the summary sounds interesting but in the reading I was just not there I searched the internet for some reviews to find what others might have thought and was shocked to find all but poor reviews minus one that only praised the author and said nothing about the book It is my understanding that this is the first historical from this author and although I hear her chick lit is to die for her historical is lacking That is not all together necessarily a full fact The entire novel is full to the brim of historical details and facts that are painted in an array of images that could show any reader what the years of the mid sixteenth century would appear to be The descriptions of the clothes the places the people all are fascinating and plenty enough true to fact I would highly suggest this book as a supplemental reading to be added to someone studying the Elizabethan age and wanting to find a further glance in the era Where I do not find my joy is in the personalities and partially the writing The story is two from two different characters' POV and switches back and forth uite drastically without any warning and sometimes it is difficult to interpret who speaks Other than that it is the personalities of the characters that are uite drab I kept thinking to myself of the grey skies of London and that is uite how I felt about this story The idea is good and could be a fabulous book if made longer with depth to the persons involved But reading this story was uite painful There was no joy only sadness and I felt it with every turn of the page I could not interpret or assume how things would turn out and in that way they were uite a mystery Yet in the context of day by day happens I felt uite like screaming at the insolence and blindness by how these characters lived Some have said that this was a very thinly veiled attempt at criticizing and lecturing people of today's society with beauty attempts and although I can see that opinion in a manner I would not call this a poor attempt The story can relate and does bring to light some great value on the harsh truths that are known of women living in such a stage devoted to such a cause that is beyond their owns well being Yet it does it in an elegant and educational manner With all that said I would not suggest this book as a light heart ed Christian Historical Fiction to escape into the lives of those in a courtier of Elizabeth I It is just not uite in that category By most standards it is not a Christian Fiction as God is not mentioned in much reverence or detail nor is his role at all hinted to than any secular novel However as a book for historical and educational value I could easily suggest and see this being read and used for vast discussions and open minds and curiosity to know about British history So as confusing as this must sound it solely depends upon why you wish to read this story as to whether or not you would enjoy it That is up to you For once I wish I'd paid heed to the reviewers who clearly pointed out that this book is great if you're looking for a historical account of court life in the Elizabethan era but pretty much sucks if you're looking for a good romance full of court intrigue and mysteries Because here's the thing; I am one of those crazy historical freaks who enjoys reading textbooks for fun and who isn't bothered by lavish period details and endless descriptions of the ways and manners of the time But when I'm expecting a romance I'm hoping for all that historicalness to be woven through the story and complement the plot not the other way around Hence why I wish I'd taken some of the reviews I read prior to starting seriously and not expect much of a plot let alone a good romance But the marriage of convenience plot is one of my favourite tropes in historical romance so I was excited to see how it would all turn out nonetheless and I must give credit where it's due and say honestly that the first half of this book was simply excellent It was engrossing detailed fascinating and kept me turning the pages until late into the night The romance was actually very good at first and I was really enjoying following its progress And it could have gone on being amazing had the author not chosen to solve the romance half way through only to leave the rest to repetitive descriptions of court life and court duties I got sick and tired of hearing about the ueen the ueen the ueen The characters' every thought was centered on the ueen The husband must please the ueen in any way he can in order to gain favour and the wife must also please the ueen in order to help her husband being noticed In short all their actions and thoughts should have the ueen as their uniue center Now I recognize that A Constant Heart is a good portrait of court life and although I haven't read that much about that era it is evident that is was well researched and probably entirely accurate My problem was not exactly about how the characters acted and chose to live their lives although mind you it is certainly not the kind of lifestyle I'd wish to live myself as I actually found it fascinating to read all about that aspect of ueen Elizabeth I's court but it was the insane amount of court life repetitions and redundant routine which constituted all the plot that became tiring It would have been better had this book actually been a textbook and not a novel We would have learned the same things but in a concise much less repetitive manner without having to look for a non existent plot And if it had been a textbook we'd have had tons of gorgeous photos Thank goodness ruffs are out of style Could you imagine going about your daily life with that thing? What did I just hit? Was that a pole or a human? Can't see my ruff is blocking the viewAh anyways A very good book if you're looking to read about the life of courtiers in the 16th century but mind the beginning may be very good and exciting but don't get your hopes up A Constant Heart is definitely a history book not a romance novel And don't be alarmed by the Christian label it barely classifies as Inspirational fiction at all for all the two or three mentions of God there were Buddy read with Maria I love a pure and endearing love story And call me strange but I love a love story where two people are thrust into a marriage they don’t want and falling in love despite that factI was skeptical about A Constant Heart when I started it I wasn’t sure if the premise could hold up a 380 page book Love and beauty being a curse? Would it drag? I am so thrilled to say I was blown away This novel evoked so many different emotions in me Fear love anger sympathy I learned so much about 16th century English royalty and the dynamics that played so strongly in those people’s lives none of them good Love was a forbidden emotion one that could mean the difference between keeping and losing one’s head About half way through the book I wasn’t sure what the ending was going to bring and it took all my strength not to peek What was going to happen to the characters and would the ending be satisfactory? It made for a past paced high emotional impact storyWhile certainly not a story filled with action and mystery it is a sweet love story that must conuer impossible odds I think that is why I loved this novel so much Two people that must decide between pleasing everyone around them or finding the love they long for in each other A beautiful story that intrigued me from beginning to end Siri Mitchell has found a new fan This book went around in circles Lytham and Marget blamed each other for their own issues then reassured each other of their love then acted out in jealous anger then reassured each other of their love then didn't listen to each other's opinions about the ueen then reassured each other of their loveand on and on I was very frustrated with the two main characters throughout the majority of the book It was only made worse by the constant switching between point of view after every paragraph or two and this also made it fairly confusingHowever I loved the historical detail and it was interesting to read about life as a courtier in the Elizabethan era In addition I found that the theme of not conforming to society's standards was emphasized on in a pretty powerful way through the painting of noblewomen's faces In order to be accepted in court they had to paint their faces to be as pale as possible like the ueen but their beauty methods only led to severe health problems and ironically aging and greying of the skin This is not a light read I actually felt pretty sad after reading this because it was just one heartbreak after the other for Marget and Lytham and I had to push through to finish this The historical detail was the best part for me This is a mini ‘Books For Christian Girls’ review It is not a full content review and will not receive one These mini reviews are years old and just for clarity on the rating the book received on Goodreads 682015 “Stopped at page 90 sigh I loved “Like a Flower in Bloom” but I can’t say I’ve enjoyed all the books by this author I knew their would be some Sexual content due to the time period however this was than I was expecting due to it being an arranged marriage and it’s being marked DNF for me” Lord Lytham has no wish to marry again Because of his first wife’s behaviour he does not trust women any But he needs a wife Or better he needs a wife’s dowry to regain his family’s home and a wife’s help to win the ueen’s favour So when a merchant offers him his daughter Marget the Earl thinks he can easily achieve his purposes by marrying the girl But he has not considered Marget’s beautyHow would you describe a book that you loved in the beginning and almost hated in the end? I was not able to find a specific word or definition to describe this book I only know that I liked a lot the first half I found that it was extremely engaging and could not put it down and that I disliked the second half it was boring uneventful and I thought than once that probably it was not worth finishing At first I was sure I had found a great book one of those that you keep in your heart forever It had all the elements I love about books Suspense mystery a marriage of convenience that slowly turns into a marriage of love interesting characters and a stunning setting ueen Elizabeth I era in this case I did not like the hero in the first chapters because he acted like a silly man despising the heroine because she reminded him of his first wife But I was starting to understand his behaviour and actually I was about to really like him when all of a sudden the story changed for the worse Meaning that it started to be repetitive and uite boring Lytham was literally obsessed with the ueen and he basically mentioned her every single page I cannot believe how Marget put up with him I appreciated all the details that the author added to the story because it gave me the chance to learn many things I did not know about the life at court in the late 1500s And I liked to see what was like to be a courtier during that time period though there were some things I really could not stand Like the fact that a courtier could not show his love for his wife at court because he had to love Her Majesty only But even that part became uite annoying and tedious in the second part of the book It was always the ueen the ueen and the ueen How to please her how to gain her favour And I hated that Lytham often forgot that he had a wife Sometimes he left her alone for months Even when she most needed himThe love between Lytham and Marget had all the traits of a great one if one does not think about all the misunderstandings and bad decisions they both makes throughout the whole book But there were some parts that made me wonder if that was the right term to define their relationship Is it true love when your husband prefers to spend his nights at court while you are all alone in a cold house somewhere in England? Is it true love when a wife has to sacrifice herself for her husband’s success? I know that things worked differently in the sixteenth century but there were too many aspects of that kind of life that bothered me Especially because the protagonists did not do anything to change some things or at least to prove each other their love They only did it after a hundred of misunderstandings and after a while I was tired of reading about thatDespite my negative comments I do not think it would be fair to give this book a very low rating because as I said the first half was great and there were some moments I truly liked But at the same time I cannot give it a high rating because I was very disappointed with the rest of the story And the ending did not add anything special to make me change my mind sadlyI would recommend it to Historical Fiction readers especially those who like reading about ueen Elizabeth I’s reign Buddy read with Anne Marget is prettyLytham wasn't prepared for that He married her for her dowry to save the estate in which he was born But she wasn't supposed to be pretty For Lytham pretty means inconstant and untrustworthy Like his previous wife who forced him into an annulmentMarget enters marriage with an open heart prepared to be a good courtier's wife But the demands of a courtier turn out to be everything that Marget is not Beauty constancy love they are all shunned at courtFor success she learns that she must cover her face in ceruse paint and dye her hair until it begins to fall out And if she truly wants to help her husband succeed she must give the impression she will betray himBut deep down Marget knows she is a failure She suffers from a constant heart A Constant Heart is an intriguing look at the life of a courtier I have read a lot of books about the reign of ueen Elizabeth; but this one and Marget I think will stick with me Rich in historical detail well written and a very different slant on court life The greater message is reminiscent of the very first Siri Mitchell book I ever read She Walks in Beauty yet in a completely different era A Constant Heart allows you to see the world from a rare cultural viewpoint through Marget's eyes Well done AAAAAAH MY FEELINGS ARE SO MIXED UP HOW CAN I EVER DECIDE ON THE RATING OR WHAT TO WRITE IN THIS REVIEW OR ANYTHING???I guess I'll just go with 4 stars I mean in some ways it's a five star book but in others it's a three so there you goOkay let's see rushed ending No epilogue what the what? How do I know if? and if? etc The rest of the story was pretty goodThe content is probably not best for younger teens In fact I'd maybe say PG 13 would be a good rating for this book because of sexual content However it wasn't the kind of sexual content that bugs me a lot I know that sounds weird but what I mean is they didn't describe kisses or anything else in detail In fact they didn't really describe it at all But guys it's the Elizabethan era If you've studied it it's just so immoral So yeah I was prepared for that though and wasn't too surprised I think it was handle relatively tastefully while still staying true to the eraAnyway the historical research seemed pretty impeccable to me I really got immersed in the era I just finished studying it for school actually So Loved the characters Although they were so stubborn Usually their back and forth ness didn't last too long thoughI'll probably write a review that makes sense sooner or later but not now I'm still too emotionally involved should have listened to Lady d'Winter XDRead my full review hereKellyn Roth Reveries Reviews The beginning of this story was intriguing It had the Other Boleyn Girl mixed with Pride and Prejudice versus Anna Karenina thing going on then all of the sudden just started really being depressing Her losing so many babies the flood the ueen the effects of the painting with mercury lead and of course the diseases and epidemic breakouts I uestioned why Marget was doing all of this for Lytham and not even asking him about if what she was doing would help or hinder his career as a courtier One would have thought that might have been the first thing to do I like Mitchells writing style it was the content that I had issues with She seems to be consistent and knowledgeable about this time period and that I appreciate to the point that you really felt like you were there She did her homework But I have never heard of people only allowed to be in love with the ueen and cannot have an actual relationship other than child producing for a marriage What a sad world to be a part of None of them had jobs they sat around knitting gossiping eating drinking dancing and the like God was not a part of these peoples worlds He was mentioned in a passing sort of way Not having a personal relationship with Him He was treated as a genie or Santa Clause type The details about Lytham’s child with Elnior was also not finished Was this the heir that was to be? Or were Marget and Lytham going to have their own child? As I didn’t feel that we ever really knew if this was a child produced by the affairs that de Winter “made” Elinor have Like I said the beginning was so good I just really wanted this to get better and it just keeps getting worse I don’t think I would recommend this to anyone unless you need some misery in your life I read to get away from my life not read about it The only thing I would like to do is have someone just read it me not tainting their view and corrupting their feelings Really glad I got from the library and not wasted my money on purchasing As I don’t think I would ever read it again it was just that miserable I desperately wanted to read this book I love the setting Elizabethan England and what I read it was described very wellHowever I couldn't connect with the characters It's done from two POVs but each POV is done in first person and it often got confusing who was talking I thought after each chapter or chapter break it would be the next person talking and would often assume suchand then I'd get a paragraph in and find out it was the other I didn't think that the characters were fleshed out enough for me to distinguish between the voices The constant confusion eventually drew me away from the book after about 100 pagesPerhaps had I continued it would have gotten betterIt's too bad though because the story would have promise had I been able to distinguish who was speaking without having to think too long about it

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