Game Set The Administration #31

Game Set The Administration #31➹ Game Set The Administration #31 Free ➯ Author Manna Francis – Another not so short story in The Administration series Toreth gets saddled with a Socioanalyst who just so happenes to know Warrick from long back The Administration PDF/EPUB Â Another not so short story in The Administration series Toreth gets saddled with a Socioanalyst who just so happenes to know Warrick from long back. 45 stars Carnac you condescending conniving manipulating bastardthis gif is for youLoved itToreth is in a very bad mood because a certain socioanalyst with a certain assignment is in the building and Tillotson chose Toreth as Carnac’s ‘personal liaison’ Hmmit seemed to me that my poor Toreth was sulking around pets mwah Feeling better yet hon? smirk  “What isn’t wrong? I’ve been—“ And he stopped lost for words which was something worth seeing “I’ve been given to this fuxxing spook as some kind of bloody errand boy Like aapet His own personalit’s outrageous I’m a bloody senior Tillotson stood there and as good as told me that if I don’t give the smarmy fuker—“ “Should I come back later?” asked a velvet smooth voice from behind her  Yes please Or better yetdon’t you ever come backyou asshatI have another one for Carnacgags There had to be some kind of plea in mitigation that would allow him to get away  with throttling Carnac Self defence of his sanity perhaps It was technically sexual harassment and he was almost tempted to make a complaint if he could have stomached the utter humiliation But Carnac got whatever he wanted from management and since the fuking was the most bearable part of the whole experience he probably ought not to tempt fate  At least the man had been uiet now for what?—he managed to check his watch discreetly—for ten blessed minutes “The actual fuking isn’t bad It’s just the rest of the time that I want to kill him” “You were too busy gazing into his bright fuck me eyes weren’t you? Well you’re wasting your time Unless you’re planning on having the operation you don’t have a prayer”  Yeah Sara when I saw how you reacted to Carnac’s presence I just thoughtwell do you really want to know what I thought? Sarahyou blabbermouth get a grip already and stop drooling over this moron It’s annoying sigh I was so pleased though when you saw beyond his blue fuck me eyes Thanks for small favors Ugh Why what a surprise Carnac actually knew that he wasn’t naturally likable I couldn’t agree you condescending manipulating smartass You give bad blowjobs and you have to analyze everything Awful And I don’t like your mind games Monsieur Not at all You simply should fuck off it would be good for my peace of mind Besides I would like to award you a very special place on my Lenore please give me your gun shelf You have every right to be proud of you coz not many characters make it on that specific shelf after all  Yup I heard you but you can shut it now otherwise I will have to throttle you to preserve my sanityperhaps Last but not least I need to get it off my chest Toreth you are such a slut You are calling Carnac a fuking nuisance you even hate his guts yet you’re so ready to jump his bones I mean WTF? Even though the end justifies the means it’s kinda disgusting isn’t it? shakes head Fuk that Warrick was his and no one else’s ‘This SimTech director belongs to’ him view spoilernot Carnac Definitely not Carnac That was never going to happen hide spoiler This one confused me uite a bitWhat a psychological mind fuckI don't understand Toreth general behavior here The whole story doesn't fit well for me although I did enjoy it it's just strange This story hurts I understand an open relationship but not the lying I don't understand that part of Toreth and I don't get why Warrick tolerates it The final sex scene between Warrick and Toreth was pretty hot I must say I think I need to sleep this one down I'm exhausted and I can feel an impending headache coming I'll pick up the next one tomorrowMy reviews of The Administration series’ booksBook 1 Mind Fuck 3 StarsBook 2 uid Pro uoBook 21 Unlucky Break 2 StarsBook 22 Friday 3 StarsBook 23 Pancakes 5 StarsBook 24 Surprises 4 StarsBook 25 Family 4 StarsBook 26 Mirror Mirror 4 StarsBook 3 Games Players 5 StarsBook 31 Game Set 4 StarsBook 32 As Long As It Lasted 3 StarsBook 33Fuck of the Day 3 StarsBook 34 Wine Women and Cushions 2 StarsBook 35 Playing with Fire 5 StarsBook 36 All Work and no Play 3 StarsBook 37 Gee 2 StarsBook 38Shopping Fucking 5 StarsBook 39 Pool School 3 StarsBook 395 Without the Game 4 StarsBook 4 Control 4 StarsBook 42 Wait For It 4 StarsBook 43 Caged 5 StarsBook 44 Unaccustomed as I Am 3 StarsBook 45 Helen 4 StarsBook 46 Shopping No Fucking 4 StarsBook 47 Losing It 4 StarsBook 48 Coming from AmericaBook 5 uis Custodiet 35 StarsBook 52 Gratuitous Kink 4 StarsBook 53 Then and Now 4 StarsBook 54 Friends in the Right Places 2 StarsBook 55 Smoke Cameras 4 StarsBook 56 Sunday 3 StarsBook 6 First Against the Wall 4 StarsBook 7 For Certain ValuesBook 71 Family ValuesBook 72 Boy's Toys 3 StarsBook 73 Make it a SurpriseBook 74 ProdigalBook 8 Blood CircusesBook 9 Corpora Delicti Gratuitous Epilogue PER FUCKING FECTIONOne of the BEST pieces of writing I’ve read Twisted and SMARTso so smart Layers and layers of the human psyche and condition and behavior being peeled awayridiculously BRILLIANT Don’t shoot me I am OBSESSED with Carnac I kid you nothe’s one of my FAVORITE characters EVER He is so head and shoulders beyond anyone else in this series to datejust mutherf’ing SO GOOD He’s a lunatic in the most eerie calculating way I was so drawn into him that he’s the one character I actually felt like I could TRUST He makes sense to me Ha I savored every thought of his His plan was genius And I would have liked to see it play out to success But alas he accepts the failure understands how it happened and walked away without a scratchIt was a little sad to see how everyone in Toreth’s life understands him better than he does himself I think it would drive him crazy knowing they all see the sociopath in himand how that actually makes him so easy to be played Again I love Warrick in this I would have been angry that he took Toreth back so easily but his behavior was spurred both by his feelings towards Toreth as well as his understanding of him Position of strength“Game Set” alone has just shot the series up to the top of my list Game Set and Match motherfuckerManna Francis is a flipping genius There are very few authors who have such a massive epic impact on my personal psyche She blows my ever loving mind and evokes my deepest fears and darkest hatred then soothes and strokes me with words and actions that leave me breathless and overjoyed simultaneously suffocating me with crazy angst The plot is so damn clever and I am constantly tripping over myself trying to keep up Her characters are riveting and twisted and just addictive; effortlessly they creep under my skin and monopolise my thoughts driving me nuts; they are a masochistic attraction I cannot turn away from no matter how much pain they cause me Personally I despise infidelity; I know the feeling of betrayal too well and it makes me feel physically sick I know this isn't what's happening here not really but it just freaks me out and when I am so attached and invested in these characters it hurts like a mother fluffer; so forgive my dramatics please At 25 % I wanted to break scream and wail and then heave with sickness no lies that's how much it hurts me The fact the I persevered is testament to the authors ability to hook hold and reel a reader in Carnac I have no words for this vile and twisted God King of mind fuckery The minute he walked into the room I just knew I knew he was the spawn of Lucifer and Toreth was his mission^^ it's time to see what evil dick tastes like^^^What a double edge sword this turns out to be and in the end I never thought I would be so grateful to the devil himselfSara She is the freaking BOMB I want to snog the hell out of her for what she does I LOVE HERToreth I understand you better now therefore you are on probation and not on my shit listfor nowWarrick Perfectly imperfect My favorite favoriteThis was a happy for now ending but I think I might just accept that and give my heart and mind a rest I need some sugar right now so I'll catch these guys up later More or less brilliantI find myself vaguely disturbed by the intensity of my delight in reading about some truly appalling people doing appalling things to one another appallinglyWickedly funny coolly malevolent and incredibly enjoyableI need a shower Let me clarify something firstI'm not the kind of person who gives five stars to books that made them scream and rage and gasp for breath Strong emotional impact is not enough for me to love a book; if I really don't like what's happening I'm most probably not going to like the book very muchThis is a hell of a different situationI actually wanted to break things – it's not a figure of speechBad things were done bad reactions were had bad people were met and good people were wronged Carnac is an impossibly clever and disgustingly slimy bastard Toreth is a stupid fuckhead and the good people suffer Sara tries to help – and because she's a tough bitch she manages – and Warrick can only stay strong and hope for the best But good god if I'd been him I would have screamed Toreth's brains out of his ears Or to use Krissie's wonderful idea hung him by his balls and spun him around Until he vomited his guts outYet as much as I hated this story – so much so that it made me slightly sick – I also loved it because Manna Francis uses black magic is a damn fine writerThis is first class mindfuckery and it's not hard at all to believe this is what these characters would do if they actually existed and it's not hard to understand why as much as it pains me to say soI might be disappointed in how things went down but I'm not disappointed with the storyAnd even the way things went down didn't hurt all that much in the end because through Carnac's eyes I managed to see the hows and whys and know with complete certainty that nothing was ruined and Toreth is even vulnerable than I thought Manna Francis can break me apart and then fix me with a sentenceIt's smart it's brilliantly written it's painful and exhilarating and fucking idioticHaving exhausted what little coherence there was in my brain after it was fucked hard and fast I'm going to stop here and get to reading the next story – after what I just read Toreth and Sara fucking seems like a divine balm on my wounded heartEDIT 5 minutes latersnort Fuck me I can't read anything else right nowWhat I do feel like doing is cry a little and then eat ice creamIsn't that what people with a broken heart do? Pure torture I'm not even sure how I made it through this one Whatever novelty I found in Toreth's personality is fading with each story probably in direct relation to the increasing development of Warrick's feelings for him This one started and ended feeling imbalanced between the MC's which I've not felt before now I could have forgiven it all if maybe they sorted their differences with one damn conversation instead of sex this time Why four stars then you ask? Because the writing is phenomenal and if an author can make me hate a character stupid fucking Carnac as much as I hate Jean she deserves her dues I'm going to keep trudging on but this one drained some enthusiasm from me Toreth you're such a moron 3 12 Stars pretty weird and I almost wished that T would fall into the trap This is not actually a review but of a current status update on my thoughts and feelings so far about this series Game set is the first free short story 31 in book #3 and I have an uneasy feeling in my mind after reading itSometimes I am struck by how cold and sick this can be Both of these two men are sometimes so far from what we call common sense morals and feelings both for our fellow human beings and them we have truly intimate relationships with Toreth is pretty much almost completely emotionless cold selfish and actually inhuman in many parts He is still very far from his own inner feelings and when he knows them he can not handle them He just takes what he wants and can not see anything wrong in it No matter what he does He makes me so angry I must say that emotionally he is still a selfish child who is just looking for his own needs desires and benefits He's lying being dishonest and plays all the time a game with other people I almost wished he would fall in the trap and be a bit hurt this time Toreth really need a proper sharp nose burn One that hurts a lot Warrick and his actions however surprised me even I think he should say no be a lot tougher and put up some rules against Toreth Cheeting is never okay As it is now it feels like he is willing to do and tolerate almost anything in to keep a tiny bit of Torethand of cource their hot encounters It's a bit sick and it's almost makes me even angrier It hurts and I'm feel so sad for him Unless the balance is maintained between these two guys this will be a horrible and humiliating story in the end Let it be worthy of love instead They can play tough but not at the expense of a broken heart and a shattered and ruined self esteem Right now I can not help but wonder if I can really handle this I hate it when it starts to feel as if one of the two characters exploits and demeans the other character I'll read a few shorties and see if it feels better then I LIKE good and interesting but so cold and unpleasant also Checkmate Take that CarnacBefore starting reading this I totally put my armor suit because I know this would set my alarm bells to hide and duck But I can't do that I have and want to read this So armor suit it is Surprise Surprise I like this one This gives view on the characters especially on Warrick's part That's probably one good deed Carnac did here in this book Unravel the MC's perception towards their regular fuck label When I think of it I didn't hate him THAT much He can be just be so annoying But I'm sensing a retaliation in the near future so my opinion of him probably will changeThen there's Toreth I still can't understand him He is so possessive of Warrick getting jealous when he thinks Warrick is fucking someone but he is fucking his way through the city Nameless and Faceless as it is it still bothered me And Warrick strengthen your resolve for pete's sake I know Toreth can be irresistible but come one