Secrets Unraveled

Secrets Unraveled[PDF] ✍ Secrets Unraveled By J.J. Michael – Since childhood Margaret Johnson Pierce has always heard voices in her head Trapped in a world of delusions and fears she refused to belief either of her psychiatrists' diagnoses one being schizophren Since childhood Margaret Johnson Pierce has always heard voices in her head Trapped in a world of delusions and fears she refused to belief either of her psychiatrists' diagnoses one being schizophrenia and the other psychic Once the most powerful first lady of the renowned Mt Olive Baptist church of Washington DC she now spends her days sitting in her rocking chair in her bedroom planning her climb back to the top But one person stands in her way Pastor Alan Pierce her husband who threatens to have her committed to a mental institution Nevertheless Margaret knows his deep dark secret but who will listen to her She has no one until the unforeseen happens. DESCENT INTO MADNESS OR SOMETHING MORE SINISTER?Secrets Unravelled by JJ Michel is an unusual book in that while it appears to look into the heart and soul of a small Afro American community the issue of colour is almost virtually non existent There are one or two hints here and there that might reflect the pain of racism but the writer deals with this in a most restrained mannerThe book tells the story of a small community living out is mundane seemingly humdrum existence but simmering just below the surface are the great sins of humanity Jealousy adultery hypocrisy greed anger revengethey are all there in this social microcosm and give what might have been a dull story the edge it needs to make it absorbingFrom the uiet and private problems of the main protagonist Margaret whose mind seem to be slipping into madness the action escalates into a tense and bitter rivalry between two psychologists who disagree radically from different motivations about the nature of their patient’s illness and how it should be treated Woven into this situation is an eual escalation into the supernatural with different generations of the same family exhibiting psychic and otherworldly traits The story concludes in a courtroom at a tense and suspense filled hearing the outcome of which is by no means certain At this point the reader’s attention is fully engaged and breath is held until the judge’s decision becomes knownThe focus on religion is strong and deeply embedded into the plot as it is into the very DNA of the characters It is in the life they live the air they breathe Therefore to fully enjoy this book and to empathise with the dilemmas of Margaret the reader will need to have some understanding of religion faith spirituality and the issues that surround themThe very critical might comment on the occasional formatting problems or the rare typographical or spelling errors but these are not prevalent enough to damage the mood or detract from what is a very good story I enjoyed this book and for readers who appreciate stories in this niche I can heartily recommend it Secrets Unraveled is an interesting psychological journey in the life of the main character Margaret The reader is left guessing whether she is schizophrenic psychic or otherwise Her struggle to maintain a position of authority in the Mt Olive Baptist church against a string of gossiping betraying figures adds to the tension JJ Michael creates a believable conflicted protagonist in Margaret Margaret’s internal battle carries the story forward as she hears voices and wonders whether to obey their demands Some of the secrets of her past add a uniue element to the narrative and the story centers around spiritual themes Besides a few formatting issues and spelling errors I found the story to be a solid read with an intriguing premise Been a long time since I read a book I couldn't put down I was so taken that I even wrote a review on 1st ever The content character development plots subplots all on point After searching for books by the author I realized that this book is part of a trilogy this being the last in the series maybe; it certainly ends in a way that begs a seuel like really I was all OH NO at the end I'm on the second one now and since the first isn't available in e format I read this book on the Kindle app on my NookTablet; it was only 99 so I REALLY didn't expect much at all OR at my local BarnesNoble I ordered it online and I'm going to try this one slowly until the first one gets here It's that good Read this This book was very different than the books I normally read so it took a while for me to get into it Once I did I couldn't put it down It was very interesting to me And the endingmakes you wonder what happens next if anything Very well Great read Different AmazingGod's word in this is strong Maggie was gifted as well as her daughter that brought her to the light using the 3 eye

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  • Secrets Unraveled
  • J.J. Michael
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  • 03 January 2014
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