Hunters Moon Magic

Hunters Moon Magic➥ [Epub] ➟ Hunters Moon Magic By Sandra Sookoo ➯ – Judith Goode wrongly accused of witchcraft during the trials in 1600 Massachusetts casts a spell on the black velvet dress she intended to wear for her lover’s return If she can’t realize true lov Judith Goode wrongly accused of witchcraft during the trials in Massachusetts casts a spell on the black velvet dress she intended to wear for her lover’s return If she can’t realize true love then she wants to ensure that any woman who wears the dress will but fate has other plansEven though Judith is now in ghost form her uest to unite her soul with Hunters Moon MOBI :¼ her lover’s burns strong The enchanted dress has survived for two hundred years and is now in the hands of Carolina Cox who wears it to a masuerade where she meets Paul Brown Love blooms and is realized yet life’s problems prevent a perfect matchDisheartened through the years Judith gives the attempt one last time in modern day Indianapolis by putting the dress in the hands of Jacob Howson one of her last living ancestors He’s a computer programmer looking for love and finds it by literally running into Lexy Brown at a dry cleaner Sometimes the love worth waiting for can be found under the light of a Hunter’s Moon. Title Hunter’s Moon MagicAuthor Sandra SookooPublisher Liuid Silver BooksPublication Date 2010ISBN 978 1 59578 744 6Genre paranormalLength 53 pagesBuy Link Author Website Author EmailRating 4 Diamonds Heat Level spicyReviewer GabrielleDate 41211 Hunter’s Moon Magic is a sweet story about love and how strong it can be Many years in the past Judith was branded a witch Before she died she made and blessed a beautiful dress This dress always seems to make its way to her descendants yet not all their story’s end in happiness but for Jacob the dress my just bring him his true love After a chance meeting at a dry cleaners Jacob asks Lexy to a Halloween party On a whim she says yes and they end up having a wonderful time The two make a wonderful couple that seem to be made for one another Not only do we get Lexy and Jacob’s story but we also get Caroline and Paul’s As we watch each couple fall in love we also learn about Judith and her fate Watching Judith trying to help those descended from her even after death was an interesting read I enjoyed the way the author interspersed parts of Judith’s story while giving us the other couples Right from the start I was pulled into these characters lives and hoping for their happy ever afters Sandra Sookoo does a wonderful job of keeping the readers attention all the way through to the end I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to read from this author Dodie’s Review Judith Goode finishes sewing an enchanted dress immediately before the witch – craziness sweeping through Massachusetts in the 1600 thwarts her plans for happiness Two hundred years later Carolina Cox discovers the enchanted dress and wears it to a masuerade While she finds her true love they aren't allowed to find true happiness together A hundred years or so later Jacob Howson ends up with the dress and tries to use it to find his true happiness This book is the classic example of where another few paragraphs would really make a big difference in the flow of the story How does Judith's ghost get involved with the dress and overseeing the results it brings How does the dress survive for hundreds of years Why wasn't Paul willing to risk to stay with Caroline The description of Judith's story and creation of the dress was wonderful This plus the blurb really had me hoping for a wonderful uick read However these unanswered uestions really ruined the story for me The transition from descendent to descendent was rough enough that it was difficult to really sink into the story Don't get me wrong the scenes between Caroline and Paul and Lexi and Jacob are hot and steamy and definitely held my interest But the magic of the dress should have been better explained3 Tea Cups