Lipman Pike

Lipman Pike❰Ebook❯ ➣ Lipman Pike Author Richard Michelson – In the mid 1800s the sport of baseball was working its way across the United States Amateur teams were springing up and in 1858 the National Association of Base Ball Players was formed Young men were In the mid s the sport of baseball was working its way across the United States Amateur teams were springing up and in the National Association of Base Ball Players was formed Young men were eager to show their prowess on the field and in the batter's box Lipman Pike's father a Dutch immigrant runs a small haberdashery in Brooklyn New York though Lip is interested in watching the ball players than working behind the counter His mother doesn't approve Jewish boys should be paying attention to sensible matters But when Lip is barely a teenager he's invited to join the Nationals Junior Club and play first base When he hits his first pitch over the right fielder's head Lip knows baseball is the sport for him. I'm giving this book 5 stars just for the simple fact that someone wrote a children's book about baseball player Lip Pike Lip Pike was a star in the 1860s and '70s but 150 years later he's an obscure player even to many baseball historians No one else has ever written a book devoted exclusively to the life and career of Pike It took Michelson a children's author to do soI'm not a big fan of big head illustrations but that's just personal taste I won't let Pullen's artwork get in the way of my judgement The book simply works The story spends a good deal of time chronicling Pike's growth from a young boy working at his father's haberdashery to his development as a professional baseball player Family and family background play a big role in this book a perfect approach for a children's story Pike's parents were Dutch immigrants and his family was Jewish How immigrants and other Americans handled such things in 19th century America is addressed in the story but in a way that avoids heavy handedness and blunt stereotypes In this way the Pike family never appears to be outsiders to readers and children And then there is plenty of baseball enough to keep kids satisfied and interested in the action There is an afterword separate from the story that gets into the historical details of early baseball and Jewish immigrants during the 19th century For baseball fans non fiction biography fans here is the tale of Lipman Pike one of the earliest paid professional baseball players Lipman Pike was from an immigrant Jewish family which adds an extra layer of interest in this storyIt is on the longer side text wise so I would recommend for older preschoolers and elementary school students who can sit through longer stories By accepting twenty dollars a week to play third base for the Philadelphia Athletics in 1866 Lip Pike became baseball’s first professional playerBut before that Lip was just a boy who liked to run He was the son of Dutch Jewish immigrants whose father worked in a habadashery and whose mother wasn’t sure playing ball is for her nice Jewish boy The book takes the reader through Lip’s early obstacles all the way to his professional success when he become America’s first home run kingInterwoven subtly through the story are the themes of assimilation Lip’s dad is OK with baseball becusase they live in America now as well as the challenges of anti semitism that Lip encounters from his fellow baseball players Some great historical details are inlcuded like a cameo from Boss Tweed of Tamany hall and the fact that the game Lip played is called ‘base’ since it wasn’t yet named baseballThe illustrations are beautifully painted in rich warm tones and in a style that feels very appropriate to the period yet still contemporary in some of it’s stylizations The time and research the illustrator put in shows every detail from the look of the haberdashery shop the women’s parasols and the stadium all feel very true and accurate My one critiue of the illustrations is that there are a couple of images that don’t seem to match the text on the page For example when the text reads that ‘five thousand fans show up and thousands crowd the fence’ the illustrator shows the fencebut only about six people are standing by it watching the gameI personally loved the story and history of the beginnings of baseball but I am not sure all young children would The nature of the book feels historical important and mature not necessarily ‘fun’ It is certainly for the thoughtful child who can appreciate the beauty of the images the history and the themes It seemed like everyone in Brooklyn was playing Base a wonderful ball game The Pike family wanted their son Lipman to succeed in school and so succeed in life Lip liked playing Base He tried to go along with his parents’ wishes but finally he moved to another city to play ball His parents were astonished to learn that Lip would be making money playing ball; this seemed preposterous to them Lip became the first home run kingBig illustrations that give each character an oversized head and increase the sense of silliness in the story just a bit“’You traveled halfway around the world to follow your dreams’ Lip reminded him ‘There is nothing I love than Base’ Then Lip waved his parents closer and whispered ‘The Athletics’ captain offered me 20 each week to play for his club’Mrs Pike shook her head in disbelief ‘Who ever heard of anyone being paid to chase a ball?’ she asked” This was an interesting guy Certainly it gives a new look to the old game of baseball or base as it was being called at that time The prejudice that Lipman endured thanks to being a Jewish man from New York was certainly presented clearly here It also interestingly brings up the idea of professional athletes who are paid for playing the game and how it initially was met with resistance Not that I'm a big fan of where professional athletes' pay scale has gotten to now but it was interesting to see how it came about This children's book about early baseball covers some fascinating parts of the game in its formative days Lipman Pike was one of the first baseball players to get paid for playing even though that was against the rules at the time He was fast strong and an entertaining player to watchThis short book is filled with things that can lead kids to other aspects of sports history if they get interested It's a perfect book to showcase in the spring along with other baseball books because so little is written about these early players Lipman Pike's love of base ball in its earliest days in America fired his heart from the time he was a young boy in his father's shop His story is intertwined with that of baseball's early years immigration bigotry and political corruption not to mention the development of Atlantic coast cities at the turn of the 19th20th century The author notes extend and clarify details and make an amazing story even impressive Profile of an unsung early baseball hero Never knew An interesting piece of baseball history that I didn't know

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