On Call

On Call☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ On Call By P.D. Singer ✩ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Dr Keith Hoyer has lost patients before but never like this not at sixteen and not by intent Certain that he could have prevented the tragedy with some word or deed that he left unsaid or undone Keith Dr Keith Hoyer has lost patients before but never like this not at sixteen and not by intent Certain that he could have prevented the tragedy with some word or deed that he left unsaid or undone Keith is desperate for a way to redeem his failure If he's going to practice medicine in a Third World country Keith's lover veterinarian Dante James says he needs time to sell the practice and brush up on diseases of goats Whither thou goest I go Dante tells Keith but where will those words take them. Kalyko’s ReviewIn On Call Crossroads PD Singer had me aching from the beginning Keith’s grief over the death of the sixteen year old was definitely something that I could understand and as we learned just why it hit him so hard my heart broke It’s an extremely emotional issue that was handled beautifully and yet portrayed realistically This death is one that left people totally undone and it’s one that shouldAs sad and heartbreaking the underlying story is the relationship between Keith and his partner Dante is a bright light Dante’s love and total acceptance of what his lover is going through is a beacon bringing hope to a man distraught over a senseless deathI adore Dante; he’s the kind of love that everyone wants He gives his whole heart his entire self over to the man he loves and it’s his patience love unconditional support that gives Keith something to hang ontoAnd Keith is a man who feels deeply and his reaction goes a long way to show how wonderful a doctor he is He truly caresThere is a lot that happens in this story but the end well suffice it to say that I still get a little teary eyedbut all in a good—very very good—wayI loved Singer’s story about Dante and Keith so much I immediately headed out and bought the two other short stories featuring the doc and the vet and I’m eagerly awaiting the opportunity to read themWonderful characters and a special story have made new to me PD Singer someone whose books I intend to spend a great deal of time withRated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by Kalyko As much as I love Singer's work this is my absolute favorite of her short stories and delves further into the relationship Dante and Keith have formed I cried then smiled through my tears with this one at the tender Awww moments As the proceeds from the sale go to support a worthy cause I got to read a great story and do a good thing all in one shot Dante and Keith are definitely committed to one another now They haven't moved in together just yet but things are moving in that direction After a patient of Keith's dies through no fault of Keith's he still feels like he could have done Dante is there to help him through that And the ending was so sweet This is the continuing story of Dante and Keith and very timely in light of what's happened in the last few weeks with the rash of young men committing suicide Keith is devastated that he couldn't help a young man who died and he suspects killed himself for being gay He feels maybe he should be doing something useful like going abroad to help and Dante informs him that he'd go with him which sets off another chain of events when the two men take their relationship to the next level of commitment This was very touching and as I said I'm sure when the author wrote this she couldn't have known that these last few weeks would have the issue so in the news and in everyone's consciousness Very touching Copy from author during 2013 HAHAT eventI hadnt realised this was book 3? in a series but this did not detract from this book i still got a good feel for Keith and Dante in this short story how they were together their personalities and a bit of history No doubt all would be better having read the other stories leading up to here but definitely doable as a short coffee break readA lot of story in a small package Aww this was so good and so sad a heart breaker handled with care and understanding Keith and Dante are so sweet and Dante is awesome supporting Keith through the emotional upheaval he's Keith's rock to hang on to It shows off the best of both men and how wonderfully caring they both are its a lovely story Very good short mm romance continuing the story of veterinarian Dante and doctor Keith as Keith tries to come to grips with losing a patient Patching some holes full review is at my blog Loved it Poor Keith Go Dante This is such a poignant short storyI really like Keith and Dante and have put the other 2 shorts with them on my list of books I need to go get Huge improvement the cats are not part of the story hallelujahVery nice seuel for sure