The Complete Idiot's Guide to eBay (Complete Idiot's Guide to...(Computer))

The Complete Idiot's Guide to eBay (Complete Idiot's Guide to...(Computer))[Download] ➸ The Complete Idiot's Guide to eBay (Complete Idiot's Guide to...(Computer)) ➽ Lissa McGrath – Invaluable advice for new users and professional buyers and sellers Millions of itemsfrom homes to books to carsare sold to millions of buyers on eBay® This high profile growing company continues to Invaluable advice for new Idiot's Guide Epub ß users and professional buyers and sellers Millions of itemsfrom homes to books to carsare sold to millions of buyers on eBay® This high profile growing company continues to attract new users daily and you need a comprehensive introduction to the site to explain how to set up an account; buy sell and bid; protect transactions; find the best deals; make a profit; utilize search results; and. So mainly I got this to see if I could learn a few things about eBay Seeing as I'm considering starting to sell things on there to make money The only problem is though I don't know if PayPal will deposit the money that you make on something into your bank account or if it just stays in your PayPal account Sadly however I did not find the answer to that one uestion in this book Plus I wanted to know a little bit about the fees I did learn that however And it has me uestioning rather or not to use eBay or find a different site to sell on Over all for some things it really was uit useful in others area's not so much for what I was hoping for Good thing I just borrowed it from the library How to sell things over the internet27 October 2012 Okay I assume that everybody who is reading this on Goodreads probably has heard of and knows what Ebay is and if you don't well here is the link Anyway this book tells you how to use Ebay both as a buyer and a seller however don't expect to become an overnight millionaire unless of course you find something incredibly valuable in your cellar and then sell it or you manage to list something that people will pay top dollar for from reading this book In fact surprise inheritances and discoveries of pirate treasure aside people generally do not become overnight millionaires oh and also being born into a wealthy family Usually they are either well connected incredibly skilled or simply fortunate yes I should also throw lotto and gambling wins as well but please don't take your life savings down to Las Vegas and expect to win a fortune Ebay is pretty much an online marketplace and it is also pretty much a monopoly It is a company like any other company that provides a service and the service is to link buyers and sellers While there are other online marketplaces around Ebay tends to be the dominant player and is always a step ahead of the rest It is similar to Facebook and Google in that everybody goes there so all of the advertisers flock there so as to reach the biggest audience Basically if you want to be a successful businessman you need to go to the people or find a way of bringing the people to you There are some uite useful tips in this book which I never really used in my previous experiences on Ebay and have found could be uite useful One of them is to actually check misspellings because if you are looking for an item cheap and the seller pretty much can't spell then he will get nowhere near as much traffic as would a seller who can but don't tell them though because those deals might suddenly vanish The second much much useful tip was to look at completed listings As a buyer that is uite helpful because you can tell what people have paid for an item and thus you are able to compare what you want to buy with what other people have paid As a seller it is also helpful because it can give you an idea of what people will pay for your item It is no good listing something at 70000 and get no bids because that simply means that you are giving Ebay money for nothing and I suspect they get a lot of that anyway – though as it turns out Ebay generally doesn't charge you for unsold listings unless that listing includes a heap of bells and whistles The other trick is that if you want to be a successful seller on Ebay then look for a niche market namely a market where there is a lot of interest from buyers but not much product coming from sellers I have sold things using Ebay before and they have always been in a niche area trading card games Mind you I have also bought from that niche as well so I can't actually say that I have made any money However after reading this book it gave me the idea of looking at how much the cards that I do have can go for and then to decide whether I want to convert them from cards into cash and for anybody who has a number of Mazes of Ith lying about you can get a pretty decent price for them These days I am interested in books particularly older books but I am of a buyer rather than a seller Obviously one of the things to do if you want to sell some of the stuff that you have collecting dust just not CRT TVs then it is wise to do your research before actually listing the item You may wish to sell your CRT TV but it is highly unlikely that you will get any buyers and in the end you will just end up giving Ebay money for nothing Oh and if you don't know what a CRT TV is this is what one looks like You may be wondering which book is better this one or the one from the For Dummies series In my opinion this one is better because it flows better and crams in a bit advanced information than the other one does But the other series has 3 suceeding books on the topic to this series' one so it kind of had to throw out as a result So much info Seems daunting to deal with selling things Hopefully I'll get into it October 2010 Mary Cheney Library Manchester CT Very Interesting book about E Bay A very basic introduction to eBay; mostly useful only for those who are completely unfamiliar with eBay

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