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Psychedelic Healing❮KINDLE❯ ❆ Psychedelic Healing Author Neal M. Goldsmith – Psychedelics as therapeutic catalysts for emotional and spiritual transformation • Explores the latest medical research on the healing powers of entheogens • Reveals the crucial role of tribal and Psychedelics as therapeutic catalysts for emotional and spiritual transformation • Explores the latest medical research on the healing powers of entheogens • Reveals the crucial role of tribal and shamanic wisdom in psychedelic medicine • Provides guidelines for working with psychedelics including the author’s personal healing and recommendations for creating change on the spiritual and societal levels Banned after promising research in the s ’s and ’s the use of psychedelics as therapeutic catalysts is now being rediscovered at prestigious medical schools such as Harvard Johns Hopkins NYU and UCLA Through clinical trials to assess their use entheogens have been found to ease anxiety in the dying interrupt the hold of addictive drugs cure post traumatic stress disorder and treat other deep seated emotional disturbances To date results have been positive and the idea of psychedelics as powerful psychiatric and spiritual medicines is now beginning to be accepted by the medical community Exploring the latest cutting edge research on psychedelics along with their use in indigenous cultures throughout history for rites of passage and shamanic rituals Neal Goldsmith reveals that the curative effect of entheogens comes not from a chemical effect on the body but rather by triggering a peak or spiritual experience He provides guidelines for working with entheogens groundbreaking analyses of the concept and the process of change in psychotherapy and ultimately his own story of Psychedelic Healing Examining the tribal roots of this knowledge Goldsmith shows that by combining ancient wisdom and modern research we can unlock the emotional mental and spiritual healing powers of these uniue and powerful tools providing an integral medicine for postmodern society. The author explores in an inwardly unfolding manner the psychological and spiritual aspects as well the growth and the immaturity of the current policy regarding the psychedelic substances When a person has worked with themselves psychologically andor spiritually then the psychedelic substances may prove to be great tools for one's inner growth and development The psychedelic substances will not lead to the final frontier of consciousness but will greatly aid to the opening of new inner horizons and the fall of many of the psychological sociological patterns leading in this way in a coherent spiritual perception of the world as it feels like and not as it looks like From personal experiences I can confirm these to be able to bring about profound inner new ways of a pluralistic understanding of the surrounding worldJust by reading this book is a healing loving embrace If you enjoy reading about psychology you will love this book And at this point a reminder to myself to attend the Burning Man event as soon as possibleI have the feeling that after a year or so I'll come back I will seek to read again this book and I am sensing that I will discover new aspects This book touches every little crevice regarding the psycho spirituality and the right we have to self determination and freedom Not a single paragraph feels like a chatter so perfectly and coherently written A fantastic read This dude makes major points as to why government shouldn't keep us from experiencing what plants have to teach A timely book with especially good coverage of uestions such as Is fundamental personality change possible? and Can psychedelics provide lasting change? Four stars however for the lack of any mention of Salvia Divinorum A great foundation for anyone looking to do some reading on psychedelics and how they can help A fine book but there are many that are very similar and much better I’d go for Acid Test or How to Change Your Mind One of my favorites in this category There is something very approachable about how Neal presents psychedelic therapy I think it is likely because he became a therapist after a long successful stint in the business world This seems to add a level of groundedness that can be lacking in parts of the psychedelic community He grew up a bit of a hippie and had always dreamed of working with psychedelics but decided to go into business He did a lot of pretty interesting work in AI and moved up the corporate ladder uickly Then decades later he decided to drop acid in his apartment which would change the trajectory of his career His first returning acid trip was pretty interesting He had a vision of how at his core he was completely pure and surrounding that was his sort of learned neurons When he attempted to changed the neurons they recoiled and pulled back Instead he gently massaged them and the molded toward the love I found this to be pretty compelling imagery of how forced change rarely works and it definitely left a lasting impression on the authorHe goes on to tell of some engaging harm reduction work that he did at Burning Man working the Sanctuary tent But the most enlightening was his own trip at the festival with an experienced guide There are some guidestherapistsshamans that will work to optimize one's trip toward healing Neal located one of these and decided to give it a try One of his contentions throughout the book was that people often seem to make a lot of progress in psychedelic therapy only to see it wash away months later This guide assured him that wouldn't be the case He proceeds to take a heavy dose of LSD and then the guide asks him what his deepest ailment is Being a therapist Neal is already keenly aware of what his early trauma is caused by Once he enters a deep trip the guide tells him to go there He is initially repulsed by the idea but the guide demands it Neal proceeds to completely re experience his early trauma in vivid detail for the next while After he comes out of it he is somewhat confused as to why the guide would make him live it all over again to which he responds that he survived and is now stronger for it Neal describes this experience as having the most lasting effect he has ever seen He claims it completely rid him of his pain to this dayWhile I feel that these could be potentially dangerous methods the result seems somewhat undeniable in his case Definitely echo's that of a kind of exposure therapy but perhaps the LSD provides the plasticity to really effect change Either way it is a largely unexplored topic that seems to hold a lot of possibilities Neal wraps up the book discussing the state of legality of psychedelics and how the government should allow studies to be conducted on them This seems like a no brainer almost all of the studies that have been conducted show positive results so I don't see any reason to not allow it But a lot of people still view them as dangerous so I suppose we have a ways to go in the education departmentIf your looking for a grounded reflection on psychedelic therapy check this one out I first learned of Neal Goldsmith while attending this year's Horizons Perspectives on Psychedelics conference in New York City He did an excellent job as speaker curator and emcee at the event cultivating an impressive collection of psychedelic speakers and helping the group to stay focused during the A sessions I decided to purchase his book Psychedelic Healing The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development during the last day of the conference I am very glad that I did because it turns out that it is one of the best books I have read all yearThe book's introduction includes a set of inuiries that led to the writing of the book These uestions include Can psychedelic therapy trigger immediate transformative change in novel areas? How should psychedelics be rescheduled? and Can psychedelics provide lasting change? Each uestion is addressed later on in the book in an objective and honest manner Following the introduction Goldsmith gives a detailed and respectable personal history including an entertaining story about a later in life LSD tripGoldsmith explores the plausibility of fundamental personality change gives a detailed history of psychedelic research provides ten lessons of psychedelic therapy and discusses implications for the future He puts forth suggestions about how we can work to change drug laws offers personal stories of difficult experiences at Burning Man and provides guidelines for safe and effective psychedelic journeys Goldsmith includes an amazing recommended reading list at the end of the bookThis book is well written and was a joy for me to read I would rate it right up there with James Fadiman's Psychedelic Explorer's Guide There is a bit of overlap with Fadiman's book in regard to the advice given for trippers and sitters or voyagers and guides However each book has its own set of investigated topics and uniue personality I really appreciate the explanation of what psychedelic and psycholytic therapies are and these are the primary focuses in Psychedelic Healing The one criticism I would have is that some concepts are repeated a bit too much for my taste but I bet those are the concepts that I will remember best so perhaps that is an intentional effect I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in psychedelics or healing Much better than expected the author gives valid points and presents them in honest and convincing ways He simply presents alot of the uestions that those against the legalization of certain psychedelics have and answers them in a easy to understand fashion He isn't saying they are perfect and have no side effects but that rather they can be used for good and for growth and there just needs to be research available on the subject Worth sharing with parents and friends A great overview of the field with important insights worth integrating into ones life about personality formation and forgiveness Great Book Had a very influential role on the development of my research into consciousness and psychedelics

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