The Walk

The Walk❰KINDLE❯ ❄ The Walk Author Lee Goldberg – It's one minute after the Big One Marty Slack a TV network executive crawls out from under his Mercedes parked outside what once was a downtown Los Angeles warehouse the location for a new TV show Dow It's one minute after the Big One Marty Slack a TV network executive crawls out from under his Mercedes parked outside what once was a downtown Los Angeles warehouse the location for a new TV show Downtown LA is in ruins The sky is thick with black smoke His cell phone is dead The freeways are rubble The airport is demolished Buildings lay across streets like fallen trees It will be days before help can arriveMarty has been expecting this day all his life He's prepared In his car are a pair of sturdy walking shoes and a backpack of food water and supplies He knows there is only one thing he can do that he must do get home to his wife Beth go back to their gated community on the far edge of the San Fernando ValleyAll he has to do is walk But he will uickly learn that it's not that easy His dangerous unpredictable journey home will take him through the different worlds of what was once Los Angeles Wildfires rage out of control Flood waters burst through collapsed dams Natural gas explosions consume neighborhoods Sinkholes swallow entire buildings After shocks rip apart the ground Looters rampage through the streets There's no power No running water No orderMarty Slack thinks he's prepared He's wrong Nothing can prepare him for this ordeal a uest for his family and for his soul a journey that will test the limits of his endurance and his humanity a trek from the man he was to the man he can be if he can survive The Walk. Marty Slack is a failed writer turned television executive His job description is a bit elusive but seems mainly to involve convincing other people that he's somehow essential to the process He drives the reuisite Mercedes; he lives in a gated community with an attractive wife who's a former actress and he scores good tables at all the important restaurants He's very solicitous of those people who can advance his career not so much so of those who can't Despite his apparent success Marty is nagged by self doubt; his marriage is in trouble and then one morning his problems really begin in earnest He's just leaving the dilapidated warehouse in a run down section of LA where his network is filming the pilot of a new show Go to Heller when the BIG ONE hits southern CaliforniaFollowing the uake Marty comes to lying under the wreckage of his Mercedes and all around him the city lies in ruins Buildings have toppled; freeways have buckled; fires are raging out of control and the bodies are scattered everywhere Like many LA residents Marty has prepared for this day and he has stowed some water and other basic survival gear in his trunk Otherwise he's up that well known tributary absent a paddleOverwhelmed with thoughts of his wife Beth Marty knows that his only choice is to begin the long and very dangerous walk from the shattered downtown to his home As is inevitable in a book like this his walk will be a journey of self discovery and will allow Marty ample opportunity to examine his life the choices he has made and perhaps to become a better person in the endWalking along with him is enormously entertaining Goldberg who in addition to writing novels has himself had a long and very successful career in television has created in Marty a complex character who turns out to be a very appealing companion for a journey of this magnitude The other characters are also very well drawn and their collective story provides moments of great terror humor and grace under fire All in all this is a book that should appeal to large numbers of readers Full review on my blog disasters are the things that every PA fan’s dreams are made of They’re realistic and possible and we’ve all imagined how we would survive ‘The Big One’ in whatever shape or form And we’ve all seen The Day After Tomorrow 2012 and Independence Day at least onceThe Walk is the story of a normal average guy trying to make it home to his wife after his The Big One hits – an earthuake in LA Marty thinks he’s got it all planned out he’s not going to be distracted from his game plan of making it home safe and sound to his wife on the other side of LA No Matter WhatBut after a chance encounter with a rough tough bounty hunter at a still functioning burrito stand things are about to change in wimpy Marty’s world Suddenly he’s no longer the hapless network executive just trying to make it back to his wife; he’s being dragged into every survival scenario imaginable and then someHonestly Marty is a bit of a twat – he’s selfish unwilling to get involved in helping others and thinks he is far above his current situation But Marty is also a reflection of how the majority of us would react in a similar situation scared and terrified of pooping his pants you have to read The Walk to understand this reference As the story progressed I felt a lot sympathy towards Marty – I wouldn’t be the ultimate action hero either and his drive to make it home is truly admirableThe Walk is written in a way that drags the reader into the ruptured disrupted and disaster struck LA with terrifyingly real situations that you can completely imagine yourself encountering on such a journey In closing I really enjoyed The Walk – there is a twist that I guessed a fair way before it was revealed but for me that actually added to the experience in waiting to see when the twist would be revealed At the beginning of this novel I pretty much hated the protagonist Marty Slack He was timid shallow and self involved and pretty much a stereotype of everything annoying about Corporate America types As time went on he began to grow on me as he wandered around the city By the time Marty's plot twist revelation was revealed I had already figured it out but it still worked in context of the storyThe book itself was an interesting snapshot of the aftermath of a major disaster and how people react Some of the images were pretty disturbing but nothing rang all that false or contrived Although flooding Hollywood was a little reminiscent of the dam burst in the movie 'Earthuake' but still pretty cool As with any disaster moviestory Marty should have died numerous times but it's not unexpected to have the hero survive where normal people would be long goneOverall I enjoyed the book It was fun but nothing unexpected occurred It is pretty much a standard disaster story That's not necessarily a bad thing when you're in the mood for some entertaining brain candy In retrospect this is a beach book The plot is oh so simple and the writing moves you along like those people movers at the airport I got very caught up in the story when I wasn't reading it I caught myself worrying about the characters and wondering how they were doing And I was disappointed when I got to the end that it was over I'm not sure you can ask much than that out of a novel The readers will feel as if they too are walking through the devastated landscape that used to be Los Angeles The descriptions of the earthuakes and those aftershocks the before and after descriptions of the city the streets and buildings crushed cars and bodies are heart stoppingly real What would you do? What should Marty Slack do? I can understand why he focuses on the goal of walking home to Beth his wife The background of his world TV production is entertaining and enlightening The reader will get glimpses of that along with flashbacks to his home life so that we see that he needs help in his life not just along the way The journey home is littered with piles of debris from collapsing buildings overpasses and cars of course blood and guts as the destruction continues His path includes a woman begging for help how can you tell her that there's no help for her detours fire a flood as large and deadly as a tsunami from a broken dam and unexpected dangers But Marty does find help from a man named Buck whom he tries to lose along the way but who keeps turning up to help and annoy him So much to this story You'll learn a lot as does Marty Satisfying ending An interesting story Very good characters and an excellent plot Actually I read the ePub edition from Kobobooks but I assume it's the same text The Walk chronicles Marty Slack's journey through a hellish land of earthuakes explosions floods earthuakes and various other disasters It's a fast paced episodic read often profane and violent and funny The pacing and the spare prose remind me of a TV movie which suits the story perfectlyMartin Slack is a television executive so right away if you have any experience with television executives you're on the side of the earthuake and any heavy object that is heading his way As his outer journey home progresses so does his inner journey and your sympathies reverse The character of Buck his foul mouthed self centered abusive bounty hunter sidekick is a real gem The Walk is professionally written and bargain priced and should provide an entertaining read for anyone not sensitive to foul language which I will admonish readers is profuse Sooooo predictable I really read this a thousand times before Disappoinment The Walk is the story of a TV executive's travel through LA wrecked by the Big One the big earthuake not the big nuclear war Written by someone who spent much of his life in the TV industry it's not surprising a lot of the book contains commentary on the TV industry and profound statements on the effects of TV on society The book is also written with an intimate familiarity with LA and never skips a mention of a street or building passed by an unnecessary high level of detail that is really of limited interest unless you're from LA yourself People who are really into the TV industry or really into LA will like this book but what about those of us who are not me included?The Walk is an apocalyptic tale in effect it takes place in a short timespan which means it has the typical apocalyptic markers of dangerous collapses explosions and floods caused by the Big Ones and the main character Marty Slack running into a variety of colorful characters working to survive first and foremost his colorful counterpart BuckLike the best of apocalyptic tales the disaster is a framing device for exploring human nature The book's observations on mankind are cynical but not particularly insightful but what it does do well is show the development of Marty during his travails crossing the city as he reassesses his life personality and marriage Marty's personal story is the core and strength of this book Lee Goldberg does a good job getting you invested in the character and slowly growing to like himThe book features a kind of Hollywood plot twist at the end which would have been mind bending a decade or two ago but has been kind of played out by this point I figured it out by about the 23rd mark of the book but it was still an enjoyable if predictable twist and fits the general theme of the storyOverall a competent apocalyptic story with a good personal story set within it but nothing truly special Holy crap this book was awful I kept reading it expecting to to live up to some of the great reviews it was given but it never happened The whole thing read like some sort of eighth grader's creative writing final paper It had one dimensional characters an all too obvious plot twist and far too many instances of the writer simply telling the reader something ie the damage was catastrophic rather than showing the reader something Toss in a number of typos and grammatical errors and it was a total dud