The Spy Who Loved Her (Once Upon an Accident, #3)

The Spy Who Loved Her (Once Upon an Accident, #3)[Download] ➵ The Spy Who Loved Her (Once Upon an Accident, #3) By Melissa Schroeder – To keep her safe he will not only have to risk his life but also his heartLady Anna was once considered the catch of the season Now three years after she fell for a man who tried to murder her cousin To keep her safe he will not only Who Loved Epub â have to risk his life but also his heartLady Anna was once considered the catch of the season Now three years after she fell for a man who tried to murder her cousin she eases her guilt with charity work at an orphanage Until her mother insists she do her dutyAttending her cousin’s ball is irritating enough It’s her one dance with The Spy ePUB ✓ Daniel the unscrupulous Earl of Bridgerton that rubs her nerves raw And oddly leaves her senses on the edge of arousalThe ton sees Daniel as a scoundrel In truth like centuries of Bridgertons before him he leads a vast network of spies protecting England from her worst enemies His resolve never to marry means the one woman he’s always wanted—Lady Anna—is off limits Especially now that his father’s murderer is coming Spy Who Loved PDF ✓ after him as wellAt first Anna wonders if Daniel was put on this earth just to annoy her It’s only when she finds him injured that his mask begins to fall away—and so do the barriers between them But their flaring passion puts her right where Daniel didn’t want her Next on a killer’s list Warning This book contains spies musicales men who think they know everything women who know they do not naughty liaisons matchmaking mamas and a seduction that will curl your toes. Favorite uote There was something sowrong discussing your love life with your mother – especially while nakedLady Anna has lived in relative seclusion the past three years after the man she thought she was in love with tried to murder her cousin Feeling guilt for being involved with such a man she has shunned society and taken refuge in working for an orphanage something very important to her But her mother and brother Sebastian are now insisting she make appearance at balls and Anna living with them really has no choiceDaniel the Earl of Bridgerton has known Anna for most of his life Being childhood playmates they have grown apart in recent years Now they just get on the other’s nerves and fight constantly Being a good friend of Sebastian’s Daniel dances with Anna as a favor to him They both have been attracted to the other for uite some time However Daniel is too afraid to make a move because he is best friends with her brother and Anna is still too shamed over past events with her cousinA secret from most everyone Daniel is a spy and he soon discovers the person that murdered his father is back and threatening Daniel himself When Anna is seen out with Daniel she becomes a target as wellI very much enjoyed The Spy Who Loved Her Although book three this is the first I have read There were a few times things were mentioned that I am sure relate to a previous book but overall it ready pretty well as a stand alone This is a story of two people who excel at tormenting the other but deep down that torment is the result of affection and love They are both just too hard headed to let that side show Daniel is very over protective of Anna He likes to try to tell her how to behave – don’t wear this dress Don’t go to this part of town Don’t flirt with this person This could have become annoying but what really makes Daniel work in this story is Anna He tries to steer her life and she puts him in his place – repeatedly Yay Anna She doesn’t take any of his crap and I loved it Melissa Schroeder does such a nice job building these characters and describing their actions I could almost see Anna’s horrified reaction when Daniel acts like a worrywartNot to put Daniel down because he really is a sexy hero“Say it” His tone dripped with desireShe shifted on his lap as her most secret of places dampened throbbed“Say what?”My name say it again Just like you did”She drew in a deep breath “Danny”His eyes grew intense the rigid lines in his face distinct He practically growled as heAs he what? Oh don’t worry – it gets very good at that part Actually there is a scene right after the above moment that made me have a little sniffle There really are some wonderful moments between Daniel and Anna in this bookDaniel is a spy – although honestly I never knew exactly what that means Or what is job really is? His father was a spy so it passed to him – but other than that I think that is the weakest part of the story I adored Daniel’s relationship to his mother and other friends His married friends just shook their heads as they watched him try his best at wooing and his mother constantly played matchmaker This is the first historical I have read by Melissa Schroeder I’ve read her other series which is BDSM contemporary which I really like This was a lovely change of pace and I definitely will be reading from this seriesRating B 45 stars I was so happy to finally read Anna and Daniel's story It was a long damn wait Anna has done a lot of growing up since book 2 and has resigned herself that she won't ever marry She is working and supporting an orphanage much to the chagrin of her brother hero of book 1 He has resigned himself to it and instead of forbidding it assigns servants to watch over her So Anna has become uite independent although it all stems from guilt over her part in her cousin Cecily's attack a few years backDaniel was an interesting character to me His family is a group of spies including his mother and aunt So these women are uite independent and self sufficient Yet he becomes very chauvinistic when it comes to allowing Anna to do her charitable work in the orphanage saying basically that women shouldn't be doing that sort of work and that she should be dancing in a ballroom and looking pretty with no worries paraphrasing but that's the gist of it So I thought that was an interesting dichotomyWatching Daniel try to manage Anna was hilarious He just couldn't fathom why she would want to go out and work in the orphanage rather than simply donate her money She in turn insisted on maintaining her independence He had to slowly come around while at the same time trying to solve the mystery of who killed his father and was now threatening him I loved watching Daniel and Anna try to deny their feelings while at the same time acknowledging the crazy feelings swirling insideI did guess the whodunnit very early on but it didn't impede my enjoyment of the journey at all I loved reading about Daniel's spy family and revisiting the couples from the previous 2 booksI'm hopeful that Joanna Daniel's widowed aunt will get her own story next FANTASTIC WONDERFUL I WANT MOREI loved SPY It was great to get back into the Once Upon an Accident series Things have changed since we last saw Anna and Daniel Anna wasn't left unscathed by the events in LESSONS IN SEDUCTION She's grown up and become a womanDaniel is still as hot and secretive as before He's got a lot on his plate and thinks he can't have the woman he desiresI really enjoyed the way Anna and Daniel's story was told The suspense was also good The clues spread out and back story filled in I even yelled at Daniel yes the character in the book when I thought I figured out who it was Hubby just looked at me funny but that's nothing new lolEnough info is given so you can read SPY on its own but I recommend you read the first 2 in the series for better enjoyment The third book in Melissa Schroeder's Once Upon an Accident Lady Anna is still feeling guilty over something that happened three years ago and has thrown herself into working with orphans Her mother is bugging her to attend social functions and to get married But Anna doesn't trust her feelings and has vowed not to marry Douglas the Earl of Bridgerton is a great friend of Anna's brother and is also being nagged to marry When it appears that Anna may be in danger he steps up to the plate to watch over and protect herA nice continuation of the series Wonderful cast of characters including the mothers I'm looking forward to the next addition to the series okay so I waited for this bookhoping to end a trilogynow I do not want it to endloved the book Anna was a favorite since she appeared on Colleens doorstep looking for her brotherand I knew Daniel would be great for herloved ittried to put it down to cook and decided to finish it insteadhad to know what happenedso dinner was late and I ended up going through a drive thrubut at least Daniel and Anna got their story told Would love and need from this Once Upon An Accident Series Lady Anna still lives with the guilt that she was partially responsible for her cousin almost being killed three years ago She fell in love with the man responsible for her cousin’s pain and can’t forgive herself She’s resigned to the fact that she’ll most likely never get married and has hidden her emotions and outspoken nature deep inside Anna’s family is worried about her mental state and her mother feels she is wasting away Anna can barely be around those she loves and prefers her solitudeDaniel the Earl of Bridgerton is a close friend of Sebastian Anna’s older brother Anna has always adored Daniel But she has always hid her true feelings for him Daniel cares for Anna and misses their friendship but has pressing matters to deal with such as finding the villain who murdered his father Daniel keeps his spying a secret from the world as did his uncle who was most likely killed by the same man who murdered his father He’ll stop at nothing until he brings this fiend to justice although his mother and aunt feel he should move on and begin searching for a wifeWhen Daniel dances with Anna at a ball he can’t stop the pangs of desire running through his body has he holds her close He senses Anna has deeper feelings for him other than polite regard and he wants to break through the wall she has placed around herself Soon Daniel is telling Anna what to do and how better to spend her time Anna won’t stand for Daniel’s high handed nature toward hers She finds his concern annoying at times but can’t keep her emotions in check around him When he goes too far with his kisses and touching she’s even confused especially since there are rumors about Daniel and his aunt being lovers Daniel is certain those he loves may be targets from the enemy he searches for With that in mind he’ll keep a much closer eye on Anna which leads him to not only wanting her safe in his arms but in his bedMelissa Schroeder has written a wonderful and romantic historical romance with The Spy Who Lover Her Anna is tortured emotionally from events in her past she can’t get over She beats herself up because she fell in love with the wrong man who used her feelings to almost destroy her family Because she cares too deeply she tries her best to cut off all emotion But with Daniel she can’t because he won’t allow her to He sees how much Anna is hurting and wants to help her healDaniel is the type of hero I adore He’s heroic loyal and wants to make the wrong things right He’s a bit too dedicated to his job as a spy which I thought I wouldn’t be into because I’m not all that fond of lords who are part time spies But the way Melissa has written Daniel’s spy role I found myself very interested in how he’s able to handle his dangerous responsibility I liked how this part of the plot took a backseat when Daniel begins to court Anna Daniel treats Anna wonderfully and my favorite scenes are when they banter back and forth not to mention when Daniel shows Anna that he wants than friendship from herI also enjoyed Daniel’s relationship with is Aunt Jo who is a few years younger than him but did love his uncle who was forty years her senior Jo is one I’d love to see get her own story and perhaps find love again with another There isn’t a great deal of suspense but overall I thought the mystery was well done The Spy Who Loved Her hits many high marks with the romance dialogue and steamy love scenes This is one of the better recent historical romances I’ve read and one I recommend you try This is a uickie review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicOkay first off is that not an absolutely gorgeous cover? The painter in me is completely in love with itI had previously read the first two books in the series The Accidental Countess and Lessons in Seduction respectively both of which got a 455 Star rating from me here on Goodreads It has been over a year however since I’d read either of them so while I was vaguely familiar with the characters I was a bit fuzzy on the back story for this novel As such I am reviewing this as though I were reading it as a standalone rather than the final installment of a trilogyI was happy to find that there was just enough detail to not only move the story forward but to whet the reader’s appetite for the previous novels had they not already read them Because of this I would say that it worked well as a standalone novel though it will be obvious to new readers that it is part of a previously established series Regardless of its workability as a standalone I would definitely recommend reading the rest of the series simply because I enjoyed the other books so muchThis novel was very consistent with Melissa Schroeder’s previous books in the series and as such earns the same rating 455 Stars The Spy who Loved Her is a historical I loved all the character immediatelyI like when that happens although sometimes you just have to warm up to someone right? lol Anna was in a previous book involved in a scandal and did not think herself worthy of love and family for herself She blamed herself for everything that happened and was hell bent on punishing herself for it Now you have Daniel He was best friends with Anna's brother and grew up around Anna and thought of her as a friend That all changed with her coming out and she changed from a girl into a woman Since then he's wanted her Little did he know the feeling was mutual There is alot of misunderstanding and suspense in this book Daniel you see is a spy and someone who killed his father years ago appears to now be after him as well His interest in Anna puts her in harms way as well now Can he figure out who the bad guy is before it's to late? Here's what i like Love the historical setting the characters are strong and i like the mix of suspense and romance Romantic suspense is one of my favorite genre's along with historicals so it's a great mix for me What i didn't like as much as the story needed filling This was a short story at 162 pages so that's understandable but I'd LOVE to see it fleshed out with details I just wanted I plan to read the first two in this series and see what else else is available out there by Ms Schroeder Lady Anna was really hurt by the events surrounding Lady Cecily's abduction She feels that she has a lot to be guilty over Her flirtation opened the door for Dewhurst to hurt one of her best friends To appease her guilt she has poured her all into an orphanage in the wrong side of townLord Daniel is a spy the latest in a family of spies He is determined not to marry and expose another woman to the pain his mother felt when his father was killed in the line of dutyAnna is in danger and only Daniel can protect her Being so close to her allows their passion to spin out of controlThis is a finely tuned finale to the trilogy When I finished Lessons in Seduction I couldn't wait for Anna and Daniel's HEA and this story totally delivered The mystery was not obvious the tension was exuisite and the dialogue was snappy and fun This will be going into my reread pile for sure Love this seriesI'd love to see other books in it come out but it seems there really isn't any other chat to connect I'll look at some of author's other series to see if there's any other historical romances that interest me