The Artist and the Millionaire

The Artist and the Millionaire[Read] ➫ The Artist and the Millionaire ➳ Julia James – Alexa Harcourt only ever spends one night perhaps two with Guy de Rochemont—never On her arrival at his Italian villa or his Monaco mansion designer dresses and diamonds await her But Alexa knows sh Alexa Harcourt only ever and the PDF/EPUB ê spends one night perhaps two with Guy de Rochemont—never On her arrival at his Italian villa or his Monaco mansion designer dresses and diamonds await her But Alexa knows she can never be anything than the de Rochemont MistressGuy's name is a byword for wealth and The Artist eBook Ï power—and now his duty is to wed Virgin heiresses covet pride of place in his marital bed But Alexa—the one woman Guy wants—is also the one woman whose reputation forbids him to take her as his wife. Only two things stand out about this I'm marrying someone else for business story One the hero is Pan European LOL Meaning he's related to every banking family in Europe He speaks a multitude of languages which means nothing since he never talks to the heroine His eyes are green like cash or jealousy or fungusTwo the hero's mother loves the Roccoco aesthetic It's a good thing because she is trapped in a book with embellished prose on every page Btw there's no need for dialogue when we can have thinky thoughts while gazing into eyes or across distant landscapesSo what's this about? Heroine is an artist who met the hero when was she was commissioned to paint his portrait They begin an affair with the hero calling all the shots The heroine high on paint fumes responds whenever he calls and then drifts away when he is done with her She isn't allowed to call him etc The story opens with the hero telling her he's marrying and it's overThen we have a looong flashbackThen we find the hero is marrying a 19 year old because her dad messed up his bank? That was never clearview spoiler There's a scene where the heroine meets the 19 year old in the ladies room but there is no drama sighHero then tracks her down for a booty call The next morning he tells her he wants her back he says his fiance will understand Heroine hates him for wanting an adulterous affair She disappears for awhile She paints a hate portrait and a love portrait The hero's mother gets the love portrait When the hero finds her again the heroine shows him the hate portrait and hero knows he's killed her loveHeroine goes to the desert to sketch for a few months Hero's mother begs her to see the hero so she can understand what's really going on Hero finally explains it was all a ruse he was never going to marry the 19 year old Right I guess that got lost in the Pan European translation Oh and the 19 year old married a prince from a made up country hide spoiler The story and the ‘love’ in the story were as awkward as the titleI know it’s a Julia James and I shouldn’t expect too much dialog or conversations between the mcs as she uses non communication as a major tool for creating angst But still The hH have an affair sex really for weeks at end and they don’t have a single meaningful conversation? I am surprised they even knew each other’s names The h goes about in a daze for most of the book so much so she ends up in his bed without making an actual decision about itThe only private convo we are privy to was when he wakes up one fine day post a booty call refuses coffee and walks out after telling her that he’s getting married to a third party of course and she all but congratulates him Talk about a pair of cold fish The author hints winks at roiling subterranean emotions but what the heckShe has conversations with her friend than with the guy she’s flying all over Europe to meet for sex The author hints once that she’s a virgin but then it’s never actually confirmed as we are not privy to their ‘intimate’ momentsAnd then in the later half she gives him and us reams and reams of rant Floodgates and all I suppose eyerollBut seriously the bottom line being that I didn't discern any realhonest emotion forget love AN And I know I’m a non artsy person but still how can one tell by seeing a portrait that the painter loves the painted? Unless the painted person is making goo goo eyes in the portrait? Well this Julia James HP had less points in it However it was uite a boring read I found the heroine to be kind of cold and unfeeling Honestly it just seemed like she had very few emotions Perhaps it was the way the story was written but I didn't feel any connection to her or even to the hero Both didn't seem to show much emotion The back of the book implies that Guy couldn't marry her because of her reputation yet she didn't have one There was no gold digger or whore references He was being forced to marry for financial reasons It was a bit misleadingThis story really lacked the drama and angst of other HP's I think it was supposed to but because I couldn't connect with the heroine I really didn't feel that bad for her Honestly if the man I loved said he couldn't be with me any because he was getting married to someone else I would probably cry and then scream at him Although Alexa always knew their relationship wouldn't last but still a bit of emotion after six months with a man isn't too much to ask forAnother issue I had with the story was Alexa's friend Imogen All I can say is I am glad she's not my friend Really the only likeable person in this story is Guy's mother and possibly his fiancee LouisaLastly the steaminess of this book is very low The love scenes are brief even for an HP Julia James is one of Mills Boon authors I enjoy and have read a few of her booksI first read this book last year and I couldn't decide if I like it or not Last night I decided to read it again The story of an artist who has an affair with a billionaire who go through an emotional ride before realizing that they love each other Their story is uite intense and I could believe that the head of a dynastic family would be pressured to marry someone of their sort So many marriages between two wealthy families to hold and increase their wealth I liked the heroineat first I thought she was cold and reserved but we discover that this is just a maskshe feels deeply shows strength and determination Guy is an interesting character strong but vulnerable deep sense of responsibility to his family trying to understand his feelings for the heroine I would have like to have seen them together often emotion dialogue action A bit too much inner conflictI did like the way his mother got them to finally get together and live happily ever after Two stars because it didn't suck but I still didn't like it much It started off okay then it had a big flashback I don't like that set up Especially as the flashback was so long In that case just start the story there or don't include a flashback Include the information somehow in the present story in conversation or something The story was mostly thoughts and flowery angsty feelings They hero and heroine spent very little time together There were only 3 or 4 scenes together especially in the present The characters were pretty static and didn't grow much or learn anything My advice is give it a miss I actually finished reading the entire thing in 90 minutes I'm uite proud of myself for that accomplishment D This started off great Just the kind of thing I enjoy in Harluin presents the h getting dumped for another woman and the H being a total Bd I couldnt wait to read how it all manages to right itself for the obligatory HEA Unfortunately this lost its way very uickly and I am ashamed to say I had to skim read through parts to finish it DNF's make me feel like I failed so in this case I cheated This only managed to get the 2nd star becuase of the potential of the story line not the actual realisation Wonderful emotionally intense storyliked Alexa Guy both were strong and loved each other but did not realise itwhen they came to see it it was a little lateAlexa is a wonderful characterliked her a lot she was strong and gave it back to Guy for the way he treated herdid not give in his deal of becoming his mistressliked the tensions and inner turmoils that passed between the charactersreally enjoyed this this different twist on a HEAOverall a very good readRecommend it 45 starsI loved the story the flow and the writing but my favourite thing about this story was Alexa Harcourt Alexa Harcourt never realised how and when she fell in bed with Guy de Rochemont and then in love with him Then one day everything collapsed Guy told her that whatever they had is over he will never be seeing her again According to him he had to marry someone of his own status and he had already decided who she would beImogen her best friend forced her to come out of her Lala land where Guy was a good man At first she refused but she knew that she had to live and continue with her life So she went out with Richard a friend of Imogen Guy and his fiance Loiusa were also at the same gala When Guy saw Alexa in the arms of another he went cold Nothing seemed important than getting Alexa out of here with him alone Imogen had warned Alexa about Guy Alexa never thought Guy would still want her as a mistress even after her engagement to Loiusa so when he tells her about his plan to stay with her but discreetly she loses itShe leaves everything behind and goes to another place where Guy can never come But well Guy is Guy he buys the company she is working under and finds her Last minute thoughts This was a story which you can not leave in midst I read it last night and I couldn't sleep all night I slept today early in the morning Just awful and not in a so bad it's good way The writing in this book is horrible There was no character development Everything was told by the author and you hardly got to experience a conversation between the leads One of the worst written books I've read this year

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