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When He was Wicked➽ [Reading] ➿ When He was Wicked By Julia Quinn ➲ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Dua tahun lamanya Michael Stirling memendam cinta terhadap Francesca Bridgerton Stirling istri John sepupunya Ia berusaha keras menutupi rasa cintanya terhadap Francesca Jatuh cinta pada istri sepupum Dua tahun lamanya Michael Stirling memendam cinta terhadap Francesca Bridgerton Stirling istri John sepupunya Ia berusaha keras menutupi rasa cintanya terhadap Francesca Jatuh cinta pada istri sepupumu sendiri Tidakkah itu menjijikkanLalu John meninggalFrancesca marah atas kematian suaminya Dan terutama ia marah karena Michael pria yang dianggapnya sahabat terdekatnya malah ikut meninggalkannya pada saat duka seperti iniKemudian mereka bertemu kembali Kali ini Francesca mendapati When He PDF/EPUB or dirinya memandang Michael sebagai laki laki Ia panik Menyukai pria selain John bisa dianggap pengkhianatan Tapi menyukai Michael Apa pendapat John Apa pendapat orang orangEmpat tahun tak menghapus cinta Michael pada Francesca Hanya saja kali ini ia yakin John akan merestui Maka ia pun bertekad merayu Francesca habis habisan untuk menjadi istrinya Bagaimanapun juga reputasinya sebagai perayu wanita di kalangan ton bukanlah reputasi kosong. 5 stars – HistoricalRegency RomanceI’ll be honest this is the book that attracted me to Julia uinn’s Bridgertons to begin with and the story that I was most looking forward to reading in the series I mean with a title like “When He Was Wicked”? Well I knew I simply couldn’t pass it up Although I really liked this surprisingly it’s not my favorite of the series That honor is still tied between the breathtaking fairy tale romance An Offer From a Gentleman and the sweet whimsical Romancing Mister Bridgerton both of which I loved immensely The main reason I didn’t enjoy this uite as much as I’d hoped is because I found the heroine Francesca rather frustrating Of course I felt sorry for her being widowed young and for the pain and grief she endured but her wishy washy attitude toward Michael really annoyed me at times It seemed as if she sensed his hidden feelings and deep yearning all along and that she liked having him at her emotional and sensual beck and call I honestly didn’t feel like she gave him much in return with her companionship other than managing his estate until towards the end that is and there were times that I really wondered why the heck he was so completely enad of her But then who can possibly predict what attracts one person to another or claims to know the great elusive mystery that is love anyway? It is certainly not I my friendsMichael is such a loyal caring to die for wickedly sexy dirty talkin’ oh my yes hero and his unreuited love for Francesca broke my heart several times over And the love scenes? WOWZA Let’s just say that the title is absolutely fitting It has an endearingly sweet deeply touching and achingly romantic ending that brought some serious tears to my eyes soothed my irritation with Francesca and improved my overall enjoyment and rating And I highly recommend reading the second epilogue When He Was Wicked The Epilogue II which gives a beautiful glimpse into their future and solidifies that they truly belong together 5 starsOh and one final thought If I had a nickel for every time Francesca uttered the phrase “I don’t know” in this I’d be able to buy a book That drove me crazy This book recounts the age old tale of falling in love with your best friend's girlbut what happens when you get your chance at her hand albeit at the loss of your best friend through his untimely death?This is a beautiful Regency romance on grief loss and moving on I've read and mostly loved all the books featuring the Bridgerton family and this is the book I return to time after time because I think it is the best in the series It is written in your typical inestimable Julia uinn style so expect to burst out in giggles every so often but it is one of her serious and well written novels The topic is not touched on lightly the pain the guilt the resignation and denial are all there; you want stages of grief you got it It's a 5 hanky book Possibly depending on the uality of your handkerchiefs lace won't hold up here The characters are intricate and well described complex in their thoughts and believable in how they mature It's not a perfect book; I had some problems with the characters and plot but overall it is very well written and remains one of my favorites in the Regency genre The writing THE WRITING Did I mention the writing? It flows so naturally so elouently without being flowery and prosaic Julia uinn's earlier works have the ability to make me laugh cry swoon and this ranks among her bestMichael has been in love with Francesca since he saw her which ordinarily wouldn't be a bad thing since he's a very eligible bachelorbut they met at Francesca's engagement party To Michael's cousin and best friend What makes it worse for him is that they are so compatible; unlike his other conuests he truly enjoys her company; Francesca and Michael end up liking each other immensely They wind up becoming good friends after her marriage to his cousin; he hides his pain and feelings for her through his usual light hearted debauchery They laugh together tease each other have fun together all the while with Francesca blissfully happy in her marriage with her Lord John and blithely oblivious at the pain Michael is suffering despite his outwardly vivacious facadeHis love for her is confounding love at first sight as clichéd as it may soundbut unlike the usual story when the heroheroine falls inexplicably in love Julia uinn has a lovely way of putting his abstract and inexplicable attraction to Francesca in wordsIt wasn’t her hair that rich lush wave of chestnut that he was rarely so privileged as to see down And it wasn’t even her eyes so radiantly blue that men had been moved to write poetry—much Michael recalled to John’s everlasting amusement It wasn’t even in the shape of her face or the structure of her bones; if that were the case he’d have been obsessed with the loveliness of all the Bridgerton girls; such peas in a pod they were at least on the outsideIt was something in the way she movedSomething in the way she breathedSomething in the way she merely wasTell me you don't get a lump in your throat after reading thatAnd Michael would never dream of betraying his cousin his best friend He loves John as much as he loves Francesca and betraying either of them would be an unimaginably atrocious act Michael is willing to and is determined to spend his life devoted to maintaining the happiness of the two people he loves most in life So imagine how torn he feels when his chance inevitably come in a way he never would have dreamed of or wished for John dies NOT A SPOILER He now has the chance to make Francesca his? Dare he take it? No He flees all the way to India because he couldn't find a way to deal with his grief much less with Francesca's on top of his conflicting emotions for her and doesn't return until he felt he could be with Francesca in friendship without feeling as if he were a thief plotting to steal what he’d coveted for so long which only took him several years Michael is not a perfect character lest I make him sound like too much of a martyr He's a coward at times running away from his feelings and his responsibilities when he inherits the earldom upon his cousin's death and to be honest I wanted to smack him repeatedly particularly towards the end of the book when he starts acting like a patronizing asshole towards Francesca However his love for Franesca remains constant and I can't find it in my heart to dislike him muchFrancesca is a wonderful character Spirited and bright having grown up in the loud and lively Bridgerton bosom She likes Michael she loves John Lest the reader believes her relationship with John was terrible in a book setting her up to inevitably be with Michael in the end it's not She loves her marriage and her husband He was her kindred spirit so like her in so many ways But it had in a strange sort of fashion been a relief to exit her mother’s home to escape to a serene existence with John whose sense of humor was precisely like hersHe understood her he anticipated herHe completed herObviously she suffers upon her husband's death but it comes as a double loss when she miscarries his child Within a short time she lost her husband her unborn child then her friend Michael through his flight to India but she survives and comes to terms with the loss What is harder for her to come to terms with is her growing feelings for Michael whom she has always seen as akin to a brother Until one day when she in turn looks at himBut suddenly But nowShe’d looked at him and she’d seen something entirely newShe’d seen a manAnd it scared the very devil out of herthen she too runs awayHere are two people trying to move on with their life trying to get past their grief trying to ignore their growing attraction for each other Trying not to fall in love trying not to forget the man they both loved so much the one who will always be a part of them Both of them have so much to deal with in reconciling that their love is not a betrayal of memory or trust or friendship and the book does a tremendous job of portraying thatI also loved the presence of Violet Bridgerton in this novel She is the matriarch of the Bridgerton clan mother to eight young children and it is she in whom Francesca turns to for advice and comfort at her own loss Violet knows only too well what Francesca went through having been widowed herself at a young age Even if she does not get much screen time I so enjoyed seeing her reveal a little bit of herself and her own grief We have only ever seen Violet as the steel cored matriarch who has raised eight young children on her own and given not much thought to what she must have been suffering all these years I loved seeing her through the veneer of perfection giving her own advice to Francesca hereSome latter parts of the book were weak; Michael and Francesca spent as much time fighting with each other as with themselves and I grew frustrated with both However this book remains one of the best Regency romances on my shelf and I highly recommend it My ReviewThis the 6th installment of the Bridgerton series is so different from the rest of the stories that it took me by surprise – a pleasant surprise Having read and found the previous books lighter funnier reads I hadn’t expected to find this one much different If there was ever any uestion as to Ms uinn’s ability to write a intense deeper story When He Was Wicked has answered it with a resounding yes When He Was Wicked is the story of Michael Stirling Rake Extraordinaire who has finally met the one woman who makes him want to give up his wicked ways for a life filled with love and family It’s the story of Francesca Bridgerton beautiful sophisticatedeverything Michael could want except there’s a small problem; she’s in love with and married to Michael’s cousin John and while that keeps Michael from acting on his feelings it doesn’t stop him from wanting her Francesca loves Michael as a cousin dear friend and confidant but nothing And then one tragic night without any warning at all Francesca finds herself widowed and devastated and needing Michael’s friendship than ever but because his feelings run so much deeper and he feels horribly guilty because of it he won’t allow himself to become any vulnerable to her than he already isBut one night when loneliness and desire can no longer be denied they find themselves being swept away by a kiss that holds passion pleasure and fulfillment than anything either of them had ever felt before This one kiss they both knew had changed their lives forever Feeling that she was somehow betraying John’s memory by caring for Michael this way Francesca runs away to Scotland to gather her thoughts Michael is having none of that now that his feelings are finally out in the open and decides to pursue her and win her however it takes He tries reasoning with her wooing her all to no avail So what’s a reformed rake to do? Seduce her of course And seduce her he does Pulling out all the stops he does whatever he has to do to make her give into her feelings and see that what they have is not something to feel guilty or ashamed of rather something to be cherishedWhile I love all of the books in the Bridgerton series When He Was Wicked had something The sexual tension in this book is amazing as are the intimate scenes themselves If you’re looking for a romance novel with depth conflict passion and a happily ever after ending this is the book for you Though it is part of the series this story is separate enough from the rest of the Bridgerton’s lives to easily be read as a stand alone novel I hope to find stories of this caliber amongst Ms uinn’s writings Francesca has been hovering in the background throughout the previous books Did we ever even meet her she married and moved to Scotland but tragic circumstances rendered her free and Michael who has loved her forever is in a position to declare his love Michael who took one look at Francesca Bridgerton and fell so fast and hard into love it was a wonder he managed to remain standing But guilt and society expectations are things that stand in the way of true happiness Michael the Merry Rake who has spent his life flitting from woman to woman and living the life of a happy bachelor Michael gosh I don't think I swooned over a hero uite like this in a long time I don't know what it was about him He just endeared himself to me He would never escape her this woman He would never escape her and he could never have herIt was impossible uite simply wrong There was too much there Too much had happened What Francesca? he asked ruthlessly What do you think of me?I think you are one of the finest men I know she said softlyDamn Trust her to unman him with a single sentence He stared at her just stared at her trying to figure out what the hell she'd meant by that For all his toughness and man about town attitude Michael yearns for Francesca's approval His lips touched hers in the barest softest hint of a caress It was the sort of kiss that seduced with subtlety sent tingles through her body and left her desperate for I can see how Francesca would frustrate some people But I can totally understand her reasons Nowadays people don't really care of other's opinions but back in the 19th century of course one cared what others thought one wrong move and you could be a pariah and banished from society So yes Francesca was sort of coming and going and just couldn't make up her mind but I forgive her for it I am understanding like that you know who you are those of you that she drove batty I shall mention no names LOL And Michael was worth waiting for swoon Because it had never been like thisThat had been his bodyThis was his soul Francesca flees to Scotland to Kilmartin House when things get a little bit too much for her “I think you're going to break hearts this spring than I'll be able to countIt isn't your job to count them he said his voice uiet and hardNo it isn't is it? She looked over at him and smiled wryly But I'm going to end up doing it all the same won't I?And why is that?She didn't seem to have an answer to that and then just when he was sure she would say no she whispered Because I won't be able to stop myself” A wonderful tale Each book has been at least 4 and 5 stars for me I think Ms uinn is a fantastic author The narrator Rosalyn Landor deserves a shout out too she brings the pages to life How she can stay so calm while reading some of the passages is beyond me Ms uinn knows how to write a sensual scene no doubt about thatThere was one letter written by Janet Stirling dowager Countess of Kilmartin to Michael Stirling at the end of the book If that doesn't bring a tear to your eye I don't know what will Thank you Michael A wonderful series Highly recommended 45 STARS In every life there is a turning point A moment so tremendous so sharp and clear that one feels as if one's been hit in the chest all the breath knocked out and one knows absolutely knows without the merest hint of a shadow of a doubt that one's life will never be the same I was all over the place in my mind trying to rate this one I did really enjoy it despite my updates suggesting otherwise The hero Michael Stirling was a fabulous character He totally made up for the foolishness that was Francesca I may have been just a little hard on her and her namby pamby ways She was after all grieving for her dead husband who just happened to be Michael's cousin and best friend But in all honestly I don't think I would have vacillated half as long over the issue It was another great episode in the Bridgerton saga And if you read this don't stop without reading the second epilogue It was literally the cherry on top that sueezed that extra half star out of me Book 6 and it is Francesca's turn But she is already married you say? Yes indeed she is but life has a funny way of turning things upside down when you least expect it This was not my favourite book of the series so far Basically I felt it was too long because the focus couple came together too soon and the rest of the book seemed very forced There were some very long and very steamy sex scenes too which added little to the actual story Colin and Violet were the best characters in my opinion They played small but important parts which were much interesting than the two main players who basically stormed around denying each other and running off to either India or Scotland I have made it sound like a bad book It wasn't It was entertaining and fun just not as good as some of the earlier books This is sixth in a series but the characters in this one are almost determinedly independent and isolated Further this happens pretty much simultaneous with both book 4 and book 5 There's a scene with Colin book 4 in this one that appears in both but that doesn't mean you need to read in any particular orderI really liked the premise of this story And uinn takes a chapter or two to establish the reality of the emotional stakes so we see Michael John and Francesca interacting and can see how close they are in addition to Michael's dilemma knowing that he is in love with his best friend's wife It's touching and was a great setup and I couldn't wait to read this storyAnd then uinn doused everything in gasoline and lit it on fireOkay it wasn't that bad if all you want is a standard romance with characters who are emotional cowards trying to overcome their miluetoast idiocy so they can have a life that doesn't suck But when Michael went all coward on us and fled the freaking country I felt a deep foreboding I really wish I had stopped at that point looking back I had hope that uinn would pull out of emotional weakness as the center point of the story arc And I maintained that hope in the teeth of mounting evidence to the bitter end Because I am apparently a fool I console myself that at least I have courage than boiled cabbage—a feat neither main character in this story managedI had worked up lots of rage in the final hours of reading this but I think I'll stop with the tortured cabbage analogy Seriously this is an immense suandering of that incredibly tight and impactful opening So very sad I'm giving it a second star for that lovely start and the continued family dynamics But it's a weak second star the story probably doesn't really deserveA note about Steamy There are three or four explicit sex scenes which gets close to the high end of my steam tolerance It doesn't help that all but the last are founded in manipulation and shame 25 starsThis book is my least favorite of the series Francesca is the worst Bridgerton for sure She was really annoying in this book I really hated how she was fooling Michael because she couldn't made up her mind She was constantly running away literally from her feelings Fanning myselfGoodness This book should get two stars from me but here's an interesting fact; Michael Stirling rates an entire star on his own I found myself frustrated with Francesca's behavior It's not that I couldn't understand it just that it dragged on for far too long I've noticed that a propensity to draw out a story is one of the weaknesses in uinn's writing This isn't the only book of hers I've read that had me heaving a sigh rolling my eyes and uttering But if you can get past the drawn out melodrama Michael Stirling is uite a hunk o' man meat and reading about him is certainly no chore 45 STARSI loved this I haven't read this series in order I think I've read Sophie's story but that's it I've been told that the Bridgertons are entwined throughout the series so it's best read in order But I gotta tell you I loved this anyways and never felt I was lost or not privy to previous developments I do plan on reading the rest of the series and only wish they're as good as this oneSo Michael Stirling The man had my attention from the first page His forbidden love and acutely desperate longing for Francesca was so tangible I felt every bit of his anguish I also loved him to pieces He played the rogue the ever unattainable rake but his heart was locked for someone else There were times I found it difficult to support Francesca in her time of indecisiveness She could be so obtuse so out of her mind sometimes that I wanted to scream I especially felt that way towards the end when things finally got to a head By then I was yelling internally I never didn't like her though because I won't even attempt to understand how guilty she felt But I do believe she felt that way because the depth of her feelings for Michael was so deep subconsciously so But Michael oh the poor man His pain was the perfectly orchestrated emotional angst I love HR is among my fave sub genres because I love reading and experiencing that time It was so different so pure yet constrictive The fashion food emotional restraintit's all so interesting to read But comedic HR or low angst HR isn't really my thing But this the angst depth of emotion this is the HR I love And Michael Stirling was the epitome of restrained desire He reminded me of Sebastian St Vincent from LK's A Devil in Winter They were very similar with their rakish behaviour and the subseuent helpless falling for a woman they wanted above all else However St Vincent takes the cake for a man completely at a loss for how he feels Anyways this was beautiful touching very sensual and moving I loved how time couldn't change Michael's heart and how Francesca finally admitted to herself yet Michael and we the readers already knew that she loved him than she ever thought possible than I dare say John Highly recommend this fantastic book loved it

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