All Things Bright And Beautiful

All Things Bright And Beautiful❰Reading❯ ➹ All Things Bright And Beautiful Author Susan Mitchell – Adelaide has developed an eerie reputation for bizarre and horrific murders even Salman Rushdie has called it a place where things go bump in the night' Bestselling author Susan Mitchell was born and Adelaide has developed an eerie reputation Bright And Kindle Ñ for bizarre and horrific murders even Salman Rushdie has called it a place where things go bump in the night' Bestselling author Susan Mitchell was born and grew up in Adelaide and in this fascinating and disturbing book she sets out to discover first hand the truth behind the Snowtown murders and to ask how a city as cultured and civilised as Adelaide has spawned such terrible crimes She takes us inside All Things PDF \ the worlds of its ruling class cultured middle class and hidden underclass Using a blend of storytelling narrative and interviews in order to discover the truth Mitchell has produced a gripping journey into the heart of a modern day Utopia gone wrong. Like most South Australians I didn't know anything of the details of the Snowtown murders other than they were brutal and disturbing I wanted to know what had happened in my home but it's like a parcel you can never re wrap So Susan Mitchell's writing seemed like the best way to go someone who understood the horror of finding out about awful things that happened in your home town sometimes not far from you She paints a clear picture of Adelaideans and the city that holds them together the everyone knows everyone town She also shares the details of the convicteds' crimes matter of factly In the end you understand both the city and the criminals But some things can be understood never justified Between 1992 and 1999 a series of horrendous murders were committed around the suburbs of Adelaide The discovery of bodies being stored in barrels in a bank in the town of Snowtown earned the killings the nickname of the Snowtown Murders The acts of the people involved defy belief and the killings were extremely brutal Susan Mitchell is from Adelaide and in this book she tries to reconcile how the 'city of light' can also be dubbed 'the serial killer capital of Australia' Written during the trial and released shortly after Mitchell trawls through the history of South Australia the influences previous crimes and meets with people of influence Trying to understand why this has happened I have to say the book has not aged well Having read this recently there is a great deal of assumption that you will know the detail and history of the crimes and people involved As there are gaps sometimes dates are missing and you have to go back and forth to remember who some of the minor characters are While Mitchell is happy to talk to the Adelaide elites in an attempt to understand why these crimes have happened she never talks to people who are the closest That being those who are in that cycle of poverty unemployment and despair It does seem to be an omission in trying to understand why there is two sides to the city of Adelaide If you are not from South Australia you will find the book frustrating as it provides insight into the murders but does not provide a comprehensive study of what occured Thankfully I made it through although it may just have been out of stubbornness More a synopsis on the history and vision of the founding of Adelaide than much of a true crime story this uickly got old While the story of the murders is sprinkled slowly throughout the book the author as she tries to give insight as to why the murders occurred speaks only with the city’s elite making for an almost pretentious viewpoint Grateful that I’ve finished and glad to move on to something else I have been meaning to read this book for years and after recently watching the film 'Snowtown' I knew it was time Those who approach this book to be about those murders may be disappointed Yes the book centers around the murders and the trial but the author also writes about the nature of Adelaide and South Australia There are some historical facts interviews with notable residents of Adelaide and mentions of other South Australian crimes If you want a book just about the murders then you might find this book frustrating to read I found that it did help to clear up some of the story that the 'Snowtown' film tried to portray however A lot of what was going on and who was who in that film was hard to follow There was enough detail in this book to 'fill in the gaps'Overall I personally found this to be an interesting book having been to Adelaide and liking it Mind you I never strayed into its suburbs especially its outer poorer areas where much of the horrors of the 'Bodies in the barrels' murders went on Am I convinced that Adelaide is 'creepy or weird' No not so than other cities of its size What happened there could have easily happened in my city and infact I was rather creeped out by the news that Bunting was actually on his way to Perth but never made it thanks to the car he was travelling broke down in Adelaide and there he stayed If you have never been to Adelaide this book may not appeal as much to you If you live there this book is a must Extremely interesting and disturbing account of the events that led up to the terrible Snowtown murders in South Australia It is just surreal that this happened in the state in which I have lived for most of my life