The Beet Fields: Memories of a Sixteenth Summer

The Beet Fields: Memories of a Sixteenth Summer[KINDLE] ❆ The Beet Fields: Memories of a Sixteenth Summer By Gary Paulsen – For a 16 year old boy out in the world alone for the first time every day's an education in the hard work and boredom of migrant labor; every day teaches him something about friendship or hunger or pr For a year old boy out in Fields: Memories Kindle Ò the world alone for the first time every day's an education in the hard work and boredom of migrant labor; every day teaches him something about friendship or The Beet MOBI :¼ hunger or profanity or lust always lust He learns how a poker game or hitching a ride can turn deadly He discovers the secret sadness and generosity to be found on a lonely farm in the middle Beet Fields: Memories PDF/EPUB ç of nowhere Then he joins up with a carnival and becomes a grunt running a ride and shilling for the geek show He's living the hard carny life and beginning to see the world through carny eyes Beet Fields: Memories of a MOBI :¼ He's tough Cynical By the end of the summer he's pretty sure he knows it all Until he meets Ruby From the Hardcover edition. This book by the author of Hatchet will probably appeal to slightly older boys but NOT to their parents This book is grittier and tells of a young man's coming of age but involves that taboo subject sex It also involves working as a migrant laborer being cheated by white farmers but being aided his fellow laborers being robbed by a crooked policeman being sheltered by an old woman who's lost a son and even for a time working as a carny At just 160 pages this book is a fast read and will appeal to a number of young men who'd be turned off by books that depict similar themes in a somewhat less graphic way The writing reminds me of John Steinbeck while most other reviewers seem to mention Hemingway Many young men consider losing their virginity a big part of the coming of age saga but never expect to read about in literature This book defies those expectations And yet it's retold in a fairly innocent and natural manner without being overly lewd I'd recommend this book highly that is unless I was a teacher and wanted to keep my job My first Gary Paulsen chosen for taking place in my current home of North Dakota A nice uick read with artful and easy rhythmic language Felt like a book old white guys would be intensely nostalgic about Enjoyable though The end is totally inappropriate It wrecked the book for me I'll say this upfront as a service to Gary Paulsen fans who don't know The Beet Fields Memories of a Sixteenth Summer is the same basic story as Tiltawhirl John a novel by Paulsen published in 1977 Without mentioning Tiltawhirl John by name Paulsen acknowledges in the Author's Note to The Beet Fields that portions of the narrative appeared decades earlier in a fictionalized form but years of honing his craft had given him finer tools to tell the story and that's why he wrote The Beet Fields While the central timeline is similar reflecting the autobiographical nature of the two novels there's than enough difference that readers can enjoy both The boy as in many of Gary Paulsen's works the main character goes unnamed never had a nice home life but with his father in the military and his mother getting so drunk that she starts making illicit advances on him he runs away in search of his own future It's 1955 and the boy is sixteen but he's ready to work hard for a living to escape his mess of a home If only he knew the path that would put him on Hoeing beets is brutal boring work The boy is paid a pittance and gives most of it back to the farmer for room and board but worse is that he's in this alone as opposed to the Mexican beet hoers who operate as a team and have one another to lean on when the work gets too rough for any one of them to handle The boy longs for community like that and only starts to come out ahead in his job when the Mexicans extend their hand in friendship They teach him tricks for efficient labor and the money the boy earns piles up though the daily grind still takes every bit of energy he has He spends the rest of beet season traveling from farm to farm with the Mexicans until another offer gives him pause Beet season won't last forever one farmer warns and he could use a disciplined worker like the boy to help on his farm It's the presence of the farmer's teenage daughter in truth that convinces the boy to bid his Mexican friends farewell He fantasizes about getting close to Lynette but there isn't time for flirtation on a farm at harvest season The boy adjusts to the new variety of backbreaking labor and the money pours in This isn't a bad life not like living with his parents until a law officer gets wind that the farmer's boy might be a runaway and hauls him in to find out Shortly thereafter the boy is a wanted fugitive and life on the road begins From getting picked up as a hitchhiker by a Hungarian immigrant an aside that ends with jarring suddenness and violence to helping a grieving old woman on a farm regain her sense of self and then on to the carnies who offer the boy a lifestyle unlike anything he's known the boy is on the sort of adventure a bestselling author would want to write about forty five years later The world is a rainbow of crazy strong flavors and no one has a taste for them all but the boy feels good about carny life shilling for Bobby the Wild Man from Borneo helping Taylor scam customers on the Tilt A Whirl and luring hormonal men to ogle as Taylor's woman Ruby puts on a striptease Coming of age in literature happens in almost as many ways as there are novels and the boy feels himself becoming a man in the garish glow and noise of the traveling carnival He's made a living in many ways but the primal heat of being a carny is his favorite What a life The Beet Fields feels raw and immediate and its insight into the beauty of Mexican immigrant culture is an asset but in my opinion the book pales beside Tiltawhirl John That earlier novel featured confrontations that were intense notably the boy's dispute with the beet farmer who holds him practically as a slave and viciously beats him when the boy fights back and the knife fight at the end between T John and an old enemy a clash built up to with deep visceral foreboding Tiltawhirl John is a superb commentary on the way anxiety can affect us like a toxin we can't rid our system of damaging us even as we try to move on from it Tasting the thunder is a thrilling lifestyle but not everyone can handle life on the edge and Tiltawhirl John is an enlightening exploration of that truth and others Maybe The Beet Fields is closer to Gary Paulsen's own true story but it isn't as exciting or substantive as Tiltawhirl John and I'm not sure there's much of a point to it Curiously the two books share the fact that their titles describe only half the story; Tiltawhirl John indicates the carny half and nothing about hoeing beets whereas The Beet Fields mentions the farming aspect with no hint of the carny stuff Overall I loved Tiltawhirl John and consider The Beet Fields an average book though worth reading Gary Paulsen always is You might not be sure what you were supposed to get out of this book after you finish but it'll leave you thinking and I say that's a fair trade for a few hours' investment Good butGreat read with a very abrupt ending I expected and do not like being dropped like a hot potato Poor way to end a story This novel follows the story of the boy as he works during his first summer on his own He runs away from home when he is 16 and finds a job thinning beats He learns a lot from the migrant workers that he works with as they take care of eachother and he finds a family of sorts As a group they move from farm to farm until he finally leaves them for a tractor job After working on this farm for a while he is taken in by the local police for being a runaway After stealing all of his money the deputy leaves him alone to discover that the jail isn't locked The boy escapes the law and finds his way to an old run down farm where a lonely mother living in the past dwells When they go to the local carnival the boy stays and becomes a carny He soon adopts their hard carny ways until he meets Ruby the wife of his employer who dances for the local farmers The boy loses his virginity with Ruby and then the man lies about his age to enlist in the army I wouldn't recommend this book to very many people maybe very mature teenagers GARY PAULSEN CATEGORYThe authenticity of Paulsen's story which he has admitted to be at least in part auto biographical makes it endearing and compensates somewhat for its simplistic nature The Beet Fields is a story about a 16 year old boy who has run away from home Unfortunately the nobility of some of the characters and even the protagonist is mitigated somewhat by the novel's obsession with sex The take home message of the book seems to be that just when you think guys are deep complex individuals you find out you're wrong and they're really just the same predictable one dimensional horndogs you always imagined them to be Most hero journeys follow the hero as he overcomes some great societal or personal obstacle and achieves a greater good In Paulsen's novel that greater good is nothing than bedding an attractive woman and when the protagonist has done that the book triumphantly concludes Wow Youth Coming of age Farm WorkSeveral of the words that I would use to describe this bookI like how Gary talked about the people he met in life while working as a migrant farm worker during the summer of his sixteenth yearMade me think of the girls farms and farmers that I met in Pennsylvania and Minnesota This is a great book for someone to experience the first hand life of a young boy in the 50's He has a troubled life and alcoholic parents he leaves home late one night The story follows him along his journey from working running from the law falling in love and serving the country A great read and I recommend to everyone who wants an exciting and heart felt story The Beet Fields The Beet Fields is a good book about a sixteen year old boy who is on his own and spending his summer working hard laboring work and learning new things on his way The main character in this book is the young migrant worker being cheated out of his pay working many hours and trying to make enough to live off of Later on the boy is introduced to the carnival and learns carny scams The boy came a long way in work coming from the beet fields where his pay in cancelled from the use of the owners hoe and the price of meals My favorite character is “the Boy” because he is a very hard working man and is just doing what he can to survive I can relate to the boy in many ways I come from a family of hard working farmers and spent most of my childhood working on and around the farm As long as i can remember i was milking cows driving tractors and helping on the farm without pay For most of the time i wasn’t really worried about pay because i was young and did not have any bills to pay but as time went on i wanted to be able to buy my own stuff make a little money but it was nearly impossible considering it was a family farm I have worked hours on end in extreme heat just like the boy in the beet fields I really enjoyed this book by Gary Paulsen I liked how i could relate to the boy and know how he feels My favorite part was the part when he joins the carnival and is introduced to the carnival stripper The author did a very good job relating this book to its time period and conditions There was very good descriptions of the characters and was full of fun I dont think he could have done a better job I would recommend this book to anyone The book pulls you in fast and keeps you interested It was an amazing book and i encourage you to read it

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