A King of Infinite Space

A King of Infinite Space❰Ebook❯ ➧ A King of Infinite Space Author Tyler Dilts – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Long Beach California homicide detective Danny Beckett is pouring the weekend’s first shot of vodka when the call comes in Elizabeth Williams a teacher at nearby Warren High School has been brutally Long Beach California homicide detective of Infinite PDF/EPUB ¾ Danny Beckett is pouring the weekend’s first shot of vodka when the call comes in Elizabeth Williams a teacher at nearby Warren High School has been brutally murdered in her classroom When Danny arrives at the school A King eBook ç the blood spattered crime scene turns even his veteran stomach What could this young woman have done to make her the target of such a violent attack And what is the significance of the victim’s left hand taken by the killer as a King of Infinite eBook ¸ grisly trophy Beckett delves into the case with his usual tenacious cool yet as he pieces together the facts long suppressed anguish from his own past rises up with stunning force His hunt for the murderer soon morphs into a personal uest for atonement as he struggles to come to terms with the loss of his wife and family A King of Infinite Space is a riveting crime novel that serves as a memorable introduction for Danny Beckett to the ranks of fiction’s favorite hardened detectives. This is the second Long Beach Homicides novel I read by Tyler Dilts but the first that he wrote and published A King of Infinite Space takes its title from Hamlet O God I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space were it not that I have bad dreamsLong Beach homicide detective Danny Beckett definitely has bad dreams His wife Megan had died several years previously in a grisly crash sandwich between two trucks and his homicide cases have an eerie way of messing with his past and involving him personally at least in the two novels I read the other being A Cold and Broken Hallelujah It's good to think that noir has a future in Southern California where it was born under the skillful pens of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett Tyler Dilts teaches writing at Cal State Long Beach He comes to the genre with an extensive background and a rich frame of reference In addition he has such a good ear for the Long Beach area that I feel like dropping in at some of the restaurants he mentions and checking them outBeckett's partner in homicide is the luscious Jen Tanaka a black belt in aikido There is definitely something in the works between the two and I have no doubt that it will come out in some future Dilts title That's well an good I'm willing to wait it out I finished this novel in one sitting as it was very a compelling read That being said I had figured out who the killer was the minute he was introduced into the story about chapter two or three And this was primarily because of the way the killer acted in the killing scene Still a good read I'm wondering how the next story in the series will go since something happened to the lead character at the end of the novel Here is a great review that explains the novel better stars and recommended If you're a fan of the detectivePI typed mystery I highly recommend that you read Tyler Dilts' The King of Infinite Space If you follow my book reviews you know this is a genre I tend to read a lot of so I'm pretty particular about this type of book And after reading the entire book in a day thanks insomnia I am shocked that this is Dilts' first book Beth Williams an English teacher is brutally murdered one night in her classroom Long Beach Detective Danny Beckett and his partner Jen Tanaka begin investigating the crime that doesn't seem to have any suspects until suddenly a number of possible murderers materializes Beckett and Tanaka try to figure out what happened to Beth while Beckett is struggling with his own personal demons and Tanaka is trying to keep one of her martial arts students on the straight and narrow which isn't proving too easy I really enjoyed the main characters in this book The dialogue seemed authentic; sometimes books try to throw too many police procedural terms into the mix to prove their authenticity but wind up seeming fake I worried that Beckett's personal issues might prove too overwhelming for the plot but they served as an intriguing counterpoint to the action and deepened the dimensions of the character While ultimately I figured out who done it it was tremendously interesting the way the discovery of the murderer unfolded I hope Dilts intends to write books especially those featuring Beckett and Tanaka Seriously read this book A solid police procedural set in Long Beach California Well told and well written a meat and potatoes mystery This really feels like the beginning of a long series which means that we are only getting the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to character It's what the author should do but it's always frustrating when you know you have to get through three or four books to really dig deep into the characters and the relationships It's true with McBain Sjowall Wahloo and most procedurals so Dilts is in good companyWith all the cop shows and whodunits on television it's a real challenge to surprise the reader as we have become pretty familiar with the tricks of the trade Hell Scooby Doo taught us to keep our eye on the least suspicious character And I would have succeeded if not for those meddling kids That said I'm not the one to judge the mystery element of the story I saw some stuff coming but overall it worked for me Your experience will be uniue I am sure I read for atmosphere detail and character The best of crime fiction can ask uniue moral uestions comment on social issues and immerse you in a new environment And this novel and I'm hoping the subseuent series that will follow has all of these elements in spades Looking forward to the next book Tyler Dilts' Long Beach based detectivepolice procedural novels were recommended to me by a friend well known to the Goodreads community the prolific and very wise Jim Paris He seldom leads me wrong with his recommendations no matter how outre they might seem Having said that I've read the first two books in the series and have yet to share Jim's enthusiasm There were things I liked about this the first of the three in the series but there were things I didn't likeWhat I really I didn't care for was the book's predictability The murder that starts the protagonist's investigations was especially gruesome even by modern standards and was described in what could almost be described as sadistic detail The protagonist's main partner is a near comic statement of Political Correctness a female Japanese detective with a black belt in aikido who has a heart of gold and does community work with troubled teens And the murderer who was pretty obvious from very early on is so completely devoid of the slightest trace of redeeming characteristics that he is one dimensionalThe other thing that bothered me is the pace of the book was off It was almost as if Dilts got so wrapped up in laying out red herrings and wallowing in the procedural aspects of the investigation that he suddenly remembered he had to stop writing and resolved the pending issues like whodunit for example in the last five pagesOn the positive side he does write uite well as befits his profession I will continue with the series to see if the material gets any better After a teacher is found stabbed to death in her classroom the detectives investigating the case grimly suspect it is the work of a serial killer Less than 100 pages in I already had an idea about who the killer was and without many twists turns or surprises woven into the plot my suspicions were correct This first installment in the series takes place in my hometown of Long Beach and follows Detective Danny Beckett who’s still haunted by the fiery car accident that killed his wife The author—the son of a cop and professor at Cal State Long Beach—follows the tried and true formula of a damaged cop willing to break the rules in order to catch the bad guy There’s no real tension to speak of no frills and it’s pretty straight forward but a solid effort for a debut novel nonetheless I never felt that the dialogue was stilted or the pacing was uneven and although it was difficult to discern the year in which this was meant to take place it was published in 2009 2010 but there are references to pagers and video stores it didn’t interfere with the enjoyment of the book at all And it was fun to visualize local streets and eateries along with familiar landmarks mentioned throughout I’ll be interested to see how the author develops this series I don't read too many crime novels but this one kept me interested from beginning to end The characters are very real and the action is strong It is also extremely realistic Dilts has some fantastic descriptions in the book and has obviously done his homework on how detectives work This is the first book by this particular author and it has to do with Homicide Detective Danny Beckett of the Long Beach Police Department and a murder case he and his partner are investigating An instructor at the high school has been brutally slain with a special type of knife and the killer took her hand as a trophy There are three or four suspects from the beginning including a former man the teacher dated Beckett and this man have something in common both have lost their wives in the last few years Yet it begins to look as if this mild mannered man may be the killer of this woman and the one who comes after But why? Well there one would have to go further and figure out why the second woman was killed and what the killer may gain from both of the deaths besides his serial killer trophies I also though the title of the book very clever; the title comes from one of Hamlet's lines in Shakespeare's play and it really fit the story to uite a degree I enjoyed this story; however it is really irritating to see the publisher left the second 's' off the word canvass all though the book I don't know if it is the proofreader who checks these things or what but surely we could all do better The author is a very intelligent person so I am surprised he didn't catch the error I hope Mr Dilts will write another book if he has not done so already This is my second Tyler Dilts book and before I get into the review I just want to acknowledge that Dilts' book titles are fantastic lifted from brilliant uotes tied to the theme and his music tastes are impeccable If I ever write a book I want Tyler Dilts to name it and make me a mix tapeDetective Danny Beckett is a thoughtful and diligent cop haunted by the violence he has seen on the job and the loss of his wife He can barely sleep for the nightmares and settles himself a little to freuently with vodka Neither of these things are out of control but you get the sense that Beckett is on the precipice and only the job and his partner Detective Jen Tanaka keep him from giving inGenerally in a mysterycrime novel I get pretty disappointed if I can identify the killer in the first interview While I think Dilts played his hand too early this isn't a book which relies on the collar for the drama The characters especially Beckett are so well written that it is the methodical procedural working of the case that sells the story The work is hard slow and takes its toll I think it is easy to render a detective who stands as witness for the victim as a sap or a tired trope of the genre but Detective Danny Beckett's portrayal feels sincere There is an honesty and integrity in the Long Beach Homocide novels which makes them well worth recommending Great read and I have already started on the second book in the seriesThe characters are well formed the words well chosen and it's very easy to feel like you're in the main character's head I finished it in one day because I didn't want to stop readingIt didn't hurt that I was a CSULB student ages ago and grew up near Long Beach so the locales were all familiar I felt like I was back home againMy favorite part? It was a hard choice but I fell madly in love with He left no tone unsterned Brilliant