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This Time Love[Download] ➵ This Time Love By Elizabeth Lowell – Joy Anderson was young and trusting when she served as a guide for aspiring journalist Gabe Venture Surrounded by the staggering natural beauty of New Mexico's Lost River Cave Joy gave herself freely Joy Anderson was young and trusting when she served as a guide for aspiring journalist Gabe Venture Surrounded by the staggering natural beauty of New Mexico's Lost River Cave Joy This Time eBook º gave herself freely to the most extraordinary man she had ever known But even the passion they shared could not hold him—and Gabe left Joy with a broken heart and nine months later with a cherished if painful reminder of their lost love Now Joy is a respected doctor with no room in her life for shattered dreams And Gabe has returned at the pinnacle of his profession longing to fill the inner emptiness that has rendered his achievements bittersweet Joy however has nursed her wounds and moved on; he has arrived far too late to be welcomed back into her heartBut while there is still magic beneath the rolling New Mexican desert—in the breathtaking world of mystery and wonder where the miracle was born—can it ever be too late for love. Heroine I love caves I have a Phd in an obscure branch of geology and a six year old daughter at age 26 and I hate the heroReviewer A Phd at 26? Give me a br – Wait Caves? Oh crapHero I can’t believe the 19 year old I knocked up and never had any intention of supporting or staying with had an abortion I hate her but I need a new story for my freelance journalism career – and she was the best lay I ever had – so Reviewer Caves are walk incrawl in graves There isn’t anything remotely romantic – Wait These characters are horrible – a creepy setting is perfectHeroine chapters about climbing through a cave with a hunky graduate studentReviewer Is it over yet?Hero chapters about the Hh climbing through cavesReviewer Imagine pages blowing in the wind That will indicate how fast I was skimmingHero When did your parent’s die?Heroine Six days after you leftHero Okay now I can understand why she had an abortion since there was no way I was coming back – ever But I still hate her and I still had the worst end of the bargain since I never really enjoyed sex with all those other womenReviewer Is there a cave in landslide underground flood or something that will take this hero out for good?Heroine I’ll tell my daughter whom I have conveniently stashed on a ranch with a family of 8 children who her father is when she is 18Hh’s daughter MommyHero She looks like my motherHeroine I’ll tell her about you when she’s 18Hero Fine Let’s have sex since you need a reward for not having an abortionHeroine Okay – I haven’t had sex in six years But let’s go bareback daughter should have a sibling I can support two children even though I’m losing this job since all the funding is drying up Reviewer Wait Let’s unpack this Hero is okay with his daughter not knowing him He plans to leave again Heroine wants a second child to neglect And she doesn’t know what her next job will be bogglesHero descriptions of the cave since I need to time to decide I love the heroineReviewer No I can’t take much Heroine I’m not pregnantHero You wanted my baby?Reviewer hurlHh Love you Let’s tell our daughter we’re together nowReviewer ranting This was so many shades of bad Boring and offensive Plus I’m truly claustrophobic and I hate anything underground even if it is a metaphor for exploring the character’s unconscious desires and hidden beauty Heroine was bitter and her backstory was impossible Hero was a sleaze and showed no finer feelings beyond his reptile sex brain Side characters were the hunky graduate student who made fun of a 19 year old student’s voluptuous figure as “comedy relief” and to hide his attraction to her deep breathAvoid avoid avoid This was the first book of hers that I have ever read For me it was ok I learned a ton about caving and that's pretty much it The love story was typical It drove me nuts waiting for one of them to just give in It was drug out way to long No mystery at all Not sure if I will read her again Joy and GabeShe was 20 and he was 23 They fell in love but he had to go to Peru as a way to help his mother and brother While there he has an accident and asks his brother to send money to Joy in case she needs it She does need it because she found out she was pregnant and her parents died a week after he left She is all aloneHis brother gives her the money suggesting it be used if she needs an abortionShe is of course crushed by everything and changes her name She had no idea he was in an accidentThis is one of those super angsty drama lamas from the 80's 1986 that pivot on hot heads and misunderstandings AND too much time repeating vitriol in their headsYou do get both POVs though SO that helps When they meet again seven years later Gabe is surprised how much she hates him because he hates her too for aborting his child That's what his brother told him That she was happy to take the money and have an abortion He didn't know any other details and never looked for her to ask sigh so of course they don't have a conversation to sort things out until he discovers Kati the child she never aborted More drama Not that it was over the top but I wanted to coco bonk their heads togetherShe becomes a bit of a bitch close to the end self protection mode I guess He redeems himself then because he's about to bail on her again but mans up and returns to herThis leads to a sweet ending with a nice sugary little epilogueMy biggest beef though there is no justice with his brother view spoilerI wanted to see his brother apologize doesn't happen There's a brief mention after the fact about how he 'Reamed his brother' over the phone Very unsatisfying No mention if he mends fences with his brother While before he found out they would talk on the phone at least once a week I needed the brother to grovel I guess I'm petty that way ; hide spoiler I've read a fair amount of Lowell's books and in general I think she's pretty good But not this time The two main characters are so entrenched in their bitterness and hate because of a shared history and drastic miscommunication that their attitudes uickly become irritating and uncomfortableWe do learn a fair amount about caving which is very interesting the heroine is an expert; he's an adventure writer But it's not enough to counteract the constant sniping at each other and then the agonized thinking each character is made to perform And it goes on and on The what ifs and the but ifs and the maybes and the did shehe and the didn't hesheI was ready to rap their heads together Instead I rapped the book closed I should have read the description a little closer and realized that this was a romanceI don't have anything against sex scenes in books but apparently straight out romance novels aren't my thingNothing against Ms Lowell but this just wasn't my style of book Okay but I didn’t really enjoy this author’s writing style Something about the amount of rolling around in their heads The romance was good and the narration was stellar which saved the listen for me You have to like geology to love this book as half the book is dissertations on how underground caves are formed and what speleologists do and how they explore But I love Lowell's writing so I will always try her books Hero heroine have a past and a child he doesn't know about There's bitterness between them but when he comes back to the New Mexico cave where they first met fell in love they have a chance to get it right I really liked this a lot As per Lowell's usual wonderfulness she makes you see the beauty of the caves and then uses them as all kinds of metaphor for the relationship Lovely lovely story This book was ok way way way to much information on the cave stuff A good 60 to 70 percent was about cave stuff Some back information on the H and h and how the brother was still in the H's life after what he lied to both the H and the h It was so glossed over in the book Over all the book was ok way to much PBS information for me And little romance Romance is not my genre so for a book with no murder or mayhem it wasn't too bad I liked the characters I think it dragged a little in the middle carrying out the oh I love him but a little to much but not bad

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