Resurrection, Volume 1

Resurrection, Volume 1[EPUB] ✼ Resurrection, Volume 1 By Marc Guggenheim – In Volume 2 of the critically acclaimed series Resurrection the survivors of the occupation have made their way to Red Lion PA a town rud to be a safe haven during the invasion But Red Lion has a myst In Volume of the critically acclaimed series Resurrection the survivors of the occupation have made their way to Red Lion PA a town rud to be a safe haven during the invasion But Red Lion has a mystery at its heart and as Sara and Ben uncover the true secrets of the town a sudden attack by Road Agents causes what little civilization was left to collapse in on itself. This was really good I'm surprised people haven't read it It's kind of like the Walking Dead but with an alien invasion mixed in with some of the politics from Y the Last ManStarts out on the day the aliens left Earth after a 10 year occupation No one knows why they left but they've been shelling the earth and experimenting on humans for the last decade What's left of the US government is trying to reestablish itself with a Karl Rove type in charge Our other main characters are a mother and Ben a mysterious stranger who befriends her The first miniseries is in black and white while the second is in color I actually prefer the look of the black and white one Resurrection Deluxe Volume One The End Was Only the BeginningIf you love The Walking Dead read this I do love the blood gore of zombie alien invasions but than that I love how a band of survivors group together and in the process of survival find that ugly or cowardly side of yours or some hidden courage that you never thought was possibleSo US is again the target of an alien bug invasion Peeve This is one of the biggest reason District 9 was such a runaway success People are sick of it always happening in USA Just kidding of courseAlien bug invaders colonise the world for 10 years and then disappear as abruptly as they came The survivors are left to make sense of it all and to rebuild society The nasty conseuences that are uniue to this book are Burns humans captured and experimented on by alien bugs Road Agents marauders who rape plunder and torture sorta like sick depraved Hell's Angels etc I particularly liked the one of an alien bug kept prisoner for 10 years in Berlin who ends up developing feelings for his beautiful captor Dude don't suppose you know of the Stockholm syndrome afterall I like stuff like this and of course the biggest mystery of it all Why is the Eagle kept in the vault of a bank and why the hell does the Eagle still have injuries 10 years on First thing I thought when I read this was they should do a TV series like TWD and lo and behold Universal Studios is making it into a film The problem with film is that audiences go in expecting to be satisfied in 1 half or 2 hours In that space it's hard for character development so that you actually give a shit when someone dies much less follow the original book faithfullyI think it's impossible and they will fail dismally not to say I won't go and watch it when it's out lah PPart of the success of TWD is that it really follows the graphic novels panel by panel save for some artistic license by the director when he thought certain elements would enhance the storyBy the way that's President Clinton featured on the cover I was always expecting someone to make an action figurine of him ever since he swooped into North Korea Dear Obama you're in too much pressure to be an action hero in real life now people expect you to save the world and cure Aids for real so I think you'll have to wait to be featured as an action hero in fiction P While it was a bit like walking dead I enjoyed the pacing and art a lot I wish there was of it Story's coherent here Things get interesting with the appearance of the President Also like the various short tales at the end documenting lifes of various people during the alien invasion I'd just like to say that the fact that the aliens seem to be partially uadrupedal is refreshing It's not something I've personally seen a lot of

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  • Resurrection, Volume 1
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  • 09 July 2014
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