Rampant[Read] ➫ Rampant Author Amy Lane – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Lady Cory has carved out a life for herself not just as a wife to three husbands but also as one of the rulers of the supernatural communities of Northern California and a college student in search of Lady Cory has carved out a life for herself not just as a wife to three husbands but also as one of the rulers of the supernatural communities of Northern California and a college student in search of that elusive degree When a supernatural threat comes crashing into the hard forged peace of Green's hill she and Green determine that they're the ones in charge of stopping the abomination that created it Their vow to protect leads Cory Bracken and Nicky to Redding where a tight knit family of vampires threatens the people Cory loves to keep a terrible secret It also leads them to a conflict of loyalties as Nicky's parents threaten to tear Nicky away from the family he's come to love than his own life Cory has to work hard to hold on to her temper and her life as she tries to prove that she and Green are not only leaders who will bind people to their hearts but also protectors who will keep danger from running Rampant. Book four in the 'Little Goddess' series is just as incredible as the first three are In this one Lady Cory has to travel away from Green for awhile in order to take care of a problem that should never have been allowed to exist Taking her people along with Bracken and Nicky to Redding they stay in lakeside cabins which does give them a much needed vacation and a chance for Cory to just be a kid again instead of ueenI loved Rampant because it was so very family oriented I know I know all of the Little Goddess series have been very much about family But there's just something about this last one until the next one Ms Lane hint hint that pulled me into the family There's some definite nastiness in terms of bad guy vampires and a revolting ex prom ueen out for blood but all in all what I felt throughout this installment was love and family This story strengthened the bonds between Cory Nicky and Bracken which simply strengthens their entire family as a wholeMs Lane left a gigantic cliffhanger well maybe not gigantic but it certainly begs to be a storyline in its own book The author has assured her fans that she will write a book five so I'm not letting go of my hope As all of these have been the writing is beautiful and so very lyrical It's not difficult to imagine being there and seeing the entire story unfold in front of your eyes That is the beauty of this author's work It's one of the many reasons that keep me coming back for over and over again Damn Damn Damn this was one hell of a read I love you Amy Lane and I love Green Bracken Corinne Carol Anne Arturo Grace and of course the one person who has touched and moved them all including me; Adrian RIP This review is so hard to put in to words; because it really moved me It's definitely in my top ten favorite series It moved me; so much so that even though it's been four days since I read Rampant I can't stop thinking about it and the wonderful characters and their journey to dateI sure hope that this series continuesI highly recommend this series to everyoneI can't imagine anyone not loving it Thank you Ms Lane for such a warm and wonderful series Wow I loved this book just like the othersI took my time with this book I didn't want it to end CoryBrackenGreen and Nicki I love these characters I'm so excited for the next book to come out Thank you Amy Please write faster Amy Lane returns us to Green’s Hill with the long awaited fourth installment of her “Little Goddess” series and fans will not be disappointed The story begins a year after the end of “Bound” Fans will want to read the series of Jack and Teague stories posted on Lane’s web site both to apprise them of events that occurred during that year and to introduce them to Jack Teague and Katy who feature prominently in “Rampant” Cory has grown into both of her roles as Green’s ueen and ueen of the Vampires and has been busy as Green’s enforcer and head of her kiss while still perusing that longed for college degree She has matured as well learning to control her temper her powers and finding balance in her relationships with Green Nicky and BrackenLane does not fall into the trap of having a single “Big Bad” for every novel but that does not mean it’s smooth sailing for the residents of Green’s Hill The first hint of trouble arrives in the form of a hideous creature a vampire bear along with disturbing reports of slaughtered families While trying to discover its origins another threat is delivered in the morning mail photographs of Cory and her obviously not human companions leaving Davy’s funeral last year captioned with the horribly ominous words “I know what you are” To top it all off Nicky’s parents who refused to attend his four way binding ceremony to Cory Bracken and Green come for a visit with a young woman in tow the woman that they’d prefer to have as a daughter in law Annette is sly vicious determined to have Nicky for her own and she won’t take “no” for an answerCory takes charge in her role as Green’s enforcer traveling with her team of vamps sidhe and weres to solve the mystery of the vampire bear’s creator She is much confident than the young woman who was crushed and lost during Green’s absences in prior novels Green is still in her heart and mind of course and there is a good bit of interaction between them but Cory has found a refreshing measure of independence that illustrates the growth in her character As a result Green is not as prominent a figure in this installment as he was in the previous books but Bracken fans will be pleased at his primary roleThe novel takes us in some new directions but reminds us why we love the series in the first place the magic humor action and passion The characters have grown but they’re still the people that we love Cory still erupts into a cursing streak on occasion and still gives her beloveds heart attacks by putting herself in the line of fire to protect those she loves Brack sticks his foot into his mouth on than one occasion and is still baffled by human customs Renny is still kitty than girl emerging to be human mostly so she’ll have hands to steal Cory’s stuff The passion between them all has not cooled The first scene between Brack Green Cory and Nicky nearly melted my Kindle We get to see Bracken leading an army of lower fey into battle the return of a certain uber sexy character fans may be able to guess who it is Renny adjusting to married life and some heartbreakingly lovely scenes with Adrian And if that wasn’t enough the book ends with an exciting surprise which will have fans demanding the next installment Lady Cory is really starting to thrive in her new royal role Alongside Green Bracken and Nicky she is coming into her authority with wise words a firm hand and vicious tenderness So when there are numerous reports of puma killings were puma Cory and her people are uick to assume control of the situation And when Nicky’s family are so distraught by his foursome relationship that they want to drag him home to bumfuck Montana Cory and her men bandy around their brother and lover with fiery determination‘Rampant’ is the fourth book in the ‘Little Goddess’ seriesPrevious books has seen Cory deal with her newfound supernatural tendencies an unconventional multi partnered romance and the responsibilities of her kingdom In ‘Rampant’ we are reading Nicky’s perspective and understanding the many ways he is balancing his unpredictable and unscripted life Previous books have concentrated on Cory’s relationship with Bracken and Green so ‘Rampant’ is really Nicky’s time to shine I didn’t think much of Nicky as a character until this fourth instalment but I feel like now that Cory knows is role in her life and vice versa I finally get and appreciate him too His journey in this book is cringe worthy funny and also sweetly moving I find that Amy Lane does that juxtaposition a lot Cory herself is a young woman of wise and lyrical words who can switch to gutter mouth in a New York minute I like that flipside in this series – when Amy Lane can write a highly erotic scene followed by a blood bath ‘Rampant’ also introduces some new characters in the form of Green’s Hill werewolves – Teague Jack and Katy Apparently these characters appeared in short story instalments which were originally free to download on Amy Lane’s website but have now been bought by Toruere Press Short stories 1 and 2 are currently available for purchase but the other four won’t be out until June August October and December this year It’s a little frustrating to read their concurrent storylines because Teague occasionally narrates Their story of a threesome werewolf pack isn’t so convoluted that you can’t follow it but there seems to be a lot of delicious back story that I resent not having read yet These short stories will definitely be on my TBR list though‘Rampant’ is the last book in the ‘Little Goddess’ stories for the time being I don’t know when Amy Lane intends to release the fifth instalment but I hope it’s soon because ‘Rampant’ leaves on a jaw dropping spine tingling cliff hanger that is full of spectacular possibilities I have been really impressed by this series Amy Lane writes a sensuous and intense romance between four very different characters Her writing is lush and poetic and the universe is set on a grand fantastical scale; Some demons couldn’t be kissed away Some of them had the right to ride you to rend the skin of your wellness with ragged dirty nailsI am really looking forward to books in the ‘Little Goddess’ series It’s been a grand journey so far and I can only imagine where Amy Lane intends to take these characters in the future When I found Amy Lane and her Little Goddess series I read 12 and 3 voraciouslyEach one had such special meaning a coming of age a growing up and the clear feeling of unconditional love The characters are so well defined the author makes you feel them as your ownShe is true to them and who they are and they are true to us In Rampant our Cory has grown up in the years we know her She is learning how to temper her powers and with that comes power We have a wonderful story in book 4 going off in three different directions One we have a pedophile vampire in a Kiss in Redding that is turning children into vampires Cory is needed to address this issue Another is the age old In laws Nicky's parents They want to visit with their son thinking he's made a terrible mistake with Cory as his wife and being on Greens Hill With them they bring Annette and trouble The third story which I found facinating was Green finding the Hill in a blackmail situation We have our usual cast of Characters Arturo and Grace play a smaller part this time Jack and Teague and Caty please read their story on Amy Lanes Website join us and play a larger role along with Nicky and his parents We also meet a few new people Tanya and Sam and Annette I loved the beginning of the book there was a Table of Characters so to speak Reminding us of who we met and what there story wasA brilliant brush up after the time we had been away from the Hill In Book 1 Vulnerable I cried In book 2 Wounded I sobbed In book 3 Bound I had hope In Book 4 Rampant I laughed with its fun because they now were my friendsI know that Cory might puke and Nicky loses his socks I cried when Green prostituted himself and Cory found out I loved that Cory let Bracken have that moment with AndresOhhAndres another storysometime??? I love Green and Cory and Bracken all so broken and the strength they make togetherAnd oh yes it's still there what I felt from the firstUnconditional Love Amy Lane I cannot give your stories enough praise Your writing is so heartfeltI feel these peoplelike you want me toIts 10 stars as always I'd give this 4 12 if I couldI am so happy that I started reading these after rampant was done I don't think I could have stood a 2 year wait for the next book I like this series I think it's better all of the jenny come lately paranormal romance books that have been published in the last 2 years to capitalize on the fading trend The problem is that on the surface it is set up so much like LKH books But her charactars writing and focus are so different Amy Lane ALWAYS gives you the emotional pay off for putting in the time and investment with her charactars Even her charactars really GROW emotionally and deepen And there are conseuences for the demands they make Cory wants all the men have to give Fine they will give it but then she has to take the conseuences of that demand And everyone ackmoweldeges that they have limits and are supported and even forced to observe them My only complaint is the repetition of hey you're weirdos she encounters from all and sundry Shouldn't everyone have gotten over her living situation by now? I don't want to hear any angst about it And tbe gf from Montana she was kind of a straw man She could have been a fully developed character rather than an avaricious cypher This was Cory's first female villain if Cory is the Lion Rampant she didn't need such an easy mark That's be my only recommendation make the villains less cartoony and real They will be scarier then and the victory will be that much profoundRe reading my review of vulnerable Obviously I need to go back and read it again which i plan to I think i will understand it better since I am now so familiar with her worldAlso kudos to Amy for making all her books available electronically My Sony Ereader is full of her worksan I struggled to maintain my interest in this story And as much as I want to ding this book I can'tThe book starts slow then we get sucked into a major clusterfuck and we have to figure out who done did it Cory is tremendously flawed Her language seems coarse than in her previous books She is also much depressed than in her other books I almost don't recognize her character Cory continues to come to terms with her ueendomship We begin to see her world as much of a kingdom than a family when politics begin to come into playBut she is as devoted to the protection of her kingdom and garners devotion and solidarity not just from her people but from surprising places Characters that you already love become marks of perfection and wisdom These characters show intelligence and a single focused devotion to Cory which makes you sigh when you think of how humble and down to earth Cory still remainsI dragged through this book though The story stagnated or dragged at times 30% of the book could have been cut out without affecting the flow of the story Ms Lane's writing is so delightful and most times gives me goosebumps This story was no different in that it was full of prose and poetry There are lots of points to ponder in this story But some conversations and revelations total lost me or were fractured in placesAll in all the storyline moved forward at a fairly nice pace the characters were memorable there was hot monkey love sprinkled throughout the novel and when things started to drag Ms Lane would give us a shot of adrenalinI believe it just was not my time to read this book Don't miss this seriesI don't normally write reviews but could not help myself on this one I had been reading raves on the Little Godess Series on the Paranormal Romance discussion board and just couldn't bring myself to spend the over nine dollars for an independent author for a kindle book After all I could buy a Gena Showalter or another known author for less Finally I gave in to peer pressure and on pay day bought the first book in the series A uarter of the way through the book I knew I was in trouble I was hooked on this series I laughed and I cried and I cried some Next pay day I splurged and bought the next two books in the series I knew I was going to have to add 4 or 5 books to my wish list that I could have bought with the money but I had to have these books After reading 2 and 3 again laughing and crying even before payday I bought Rampant After all if I didn't go to the grocery store I would save money in both gas and food and could pay for it Well worth it Can't say enough how great this series is I won't go into a description been done by other reviewers Now my only problem is what to do I've read all the books even the short stories on Ms Lane's website and am going into withdrawal Buy this series you won't regret it You will laugh you will cheer you will cry you might jump your significant other a time or two Ms Lane please tell me another one is coming out soon This book is my favorite of the series It focuses on Cory Bracken and Nicky a little less on Green Andres my favorite vampire in the series also makes an appearance again In this book we really see how much of a ueen Cory is but yet she is still so down to earth and normal and doesn't realize how ueenly she is I love a main character that is so strong yet so vunerable Cory can fight with and for the best of them but she still wears down and hurts emotionally and physicallyMy favorite thing about this series is the passion There is so much passion between Cory and Bracken It astounds me at how well the author illustrates and portrays it Everyone touches each other constantly The author has found such a brilliant way to express the amount of passion between the characters I think Amy took every hot scene ever imagined and put it in her books She doesn't write the boring usual love scenes these are different and explosive The relationship building is spectacular too The characters keep growing and evolving Each book I fall in love with the charactersI would highly recommend this book and this series if you enjoy passion and romance as well as some butt kicking action

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