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Spider's Bite✅ Spider's Bite PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Jennifer Estep – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Follow Gin Blanco a kick butt female assassin who moonlights at a BB joint in Tennessee as she searches for the person who double crossed her in this heart pounding and fresh paranormal romance series Follow Gin Blanco a kick butt female assassin who moonlights at a BB joint in Tennessee as she searches for the person who double crossed her in this heart pounding and fresh paranormal romance series After Gin’s family was murdered by a Fire elemental when she was thirteen she lived on the streets and eventually became an assassin to survive Now Gin is assigned to rub out an Ashland businessman but it turns out to be a trap After Gin’s handler is brutally murdered she teams up with the sexy detective investigating the case to figure out who double crossed her and why Only one thing is for sure—Gin has no ualms about killing her way to the top of the conspiracy. 93017 ON SALE for 299 starsSo here's the thing about ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN it's a great urban fantasy seriesIt really is The magic system is complex and interesting the setting is cool the secondary characters are sympathetic and easy to connect with and Gin well Gin is a stone cold killer HAThat being said this first installment like so many others has a few problems BUT With a very few exceptions most of the things that bug me about Gin or whatever are the reverse of something I love about her or whatever I can never know for sure whether an author does this on purpose but I can't help but treat it less harshly than I would if it didn't have that aspect of realism I'm one of those THE BOOKS ARE REAL THE PEOPLE ARE REAL type readersYES I know they aren't really real view spoilerdon't be a dick hide spoiler The PNR genre has certainly grown a great deal in the past few years but nothing much has changedIt still draws a helluva lot of inspiration from Buffy And who wouldn't? Buffy was hot Buffy was funny Buffy kicked arse Thankfully Estep's main character Gin isn't that funny but she does kick a lot of arse Often and without all that pesky remorse that most other female protagonists are forced to endure by their cruel creators Because remorse is like an STD folks you get it by getting close to people it never goes away and it makes you a lot less fun to be with when you're not on your medication The novel was refreshingly free of duo love interests competing for our protagonist’s affections You can imagine after reading so many PNR romances and Urban fantasy novels that I’m about to gorge out my own eyes before watching two men pussy foot around the same arse kicking wench until she finally chooses the wrong one Penny will agree with me – she always roots for the underdogI would say that my one complaint about this novel is Estep’s heroizing no not a ‘real’ word but really if we all pitch in together then we can MAKE it a real word Gin This chick is an assassin and she never kills a single person in this book that doesn’t thoroughly deserve it Thoroughly Estep actually goes to great pains to ensure that we know that every single person knifed or otherwise stabbed she doesn’t always stab with knives so I don’t want you to confuse the two folks deserves itLet’s face it the majority of her clients are NOT child molester’s and rapists and thugs who get off on torturing people The majority of her clients are probably stock brokers or politicians or supreme court judges or some such ilk who haven’t done too much wrong other than pissing off the wrong peopleLook if you’re going to make your main character a cold hearted bitch – that’s actually okay with me I can relate to that But don’t tell us she’ll kill anything except for children apparently for a paycheck and then have her only kill bad guys in the actual text Be brave Go all out Estep I’m actually pretty confident you could pull it offThis world does have vampires and long lived dwarves in it but the main paranormal focus comes from the various elemental magic users which is a nice change of pace from the norm Vampires aren’t even that awesome in this novel Cool I’m down with that It’s not like Dracula was too much of a badass I mean c’mon Van Helsing and co weren’t exactly the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree as far as a Scooby gang goes The writing was smooth the action was well paced and I enjoyed Gin’s forward and confident nature in dealing with the world around her and with Detective Caine who could stand to pull the stick out of his ass but was otherwise a good love interest and main characterI will read the rest of this series until it either ends or I get bored It was interesting and well written enough to keep me around but I wouldn’t say it’s a shining beacon of awesome in the genre like Mind Games was Then again what is there to expect? Like the hookers in this book the PNR genre is getting a little old a little tired and looking a little frayed around the edges Maybe it’s time for the old girl to call it uits The sentimental part of me was dead burned away and crumbled to ash just like my family had been Yep it's that good I have to give the book points for seriously putting out every cheesy line and stereotype that could possibly be used in this story We had the bad ass assassin girl who was out on the streets as a kid until a kind hearted assassin took her in and trained her to kill Now she is the most feared assassin around and kills without regret But only people who deserve to be killed No kids pets or torturing She has a code They always have a code Well guess what? I have a code too If you write crap like this Part of me wanted to punch him in his nose Another part of me wanted to pull him toward me plant my lips on his my code is telling me to give you a low rating My code also doesn't allow for stereotyping that says these things ditched the glasses in a dumpster next to a Chinese restaurant The metal container reeked of soy sauce and week old fried riceSeveral good ole boys chain smoked and knocked back beers on their front stoops while inside their wives hurried to put dinner on the table in time to avoid getting a fresh shinerA couple of blocks over a vampire hooker would do you in your car for fifty bucks while the homeless guys dug through trash cans looking for enough garbage to eat for the nightI hoped the police force was stocked up on coffee and doughnuts because the body count was about to go up tonightIf there was one thing all southern women instinctively know how to do it's flirt It's encoded in our DNA along with a fondness for grease sugar and oversize hats Okay enough My code has a huge problem with those uotes And that's not even scratching the surface of the giant block of possibly racist cheese She also says that she has to lullaby a guy and that when they are about to fight that then they dance Seriously? I rolled my eyes so many times that they got stuck that way just like my mother warned meSo basically this book is ridiculous Which is a bummer because the premise and the world is cool It just couldn't deliver the same originality in the story It was this fresh idea wrapped in an old worn out wrapper Like a day old half eaten eggroll that was probably in that dumpster behind the Chinese restaurant BUDDY READ With my UF girls at Buddies Books and BaublesFemale AssassinI'm totally in My favorite thing about this book was the fact Gin was a pretty sexually aggressive woman who wasn’t even close to the near virginal heroine that I usually see in a UF series I appreciate that because while I usually don’t mind that trope so much it is refreshing to have a woman who is really secure in her sexuality running around no matter if we need to read about how wet her who ha is on multiple occasions Besides most of the time she is running around killing people or planning on killing people so it is a fair trade in my book “You're lateSorry I was busy talking about my feelings and killing people” This is a pretty basic introductory book I have a pretty good notion of how the world works There is Gin who basically can controllisten to rocks has a heart of stone and kills people for a living She is pretty likable right off the bat as she has a little bit of an attitude that she likes to throw around I like that in a heroineGin comes complete with a horrible tragedy in her past and a kooky set of friends and work acuaintances to lighten the drama Finn was one of my favorites I love that they have a rapport like siblingssuabling and fighting in a fun way that shows all the love and affection they have for each other Sure they might have gotten sweaty together in their youths but now they are the best of friends and family to each otherThere is also a smidge of romancewell sort of There is at least a tall dark handsome and completely wrong man for Gin in this It was enough to give us something steamy in between all the mayhem but a cop and an assassinwell I just don’t see that going much of anywhere in the long term “Maybe I find himinteresting Attractive in an uptight sort of way But that won't keep me from killing him if he does something stupid—like try to double cross us That is something thats nonnegotiable no matter how much fuck potential he might have” While I liked this book nothing really sticks out as extremely memorable about it It is a good set up book and I enjoyed my time easily reading along but if I wasn’t in a buddy read for the entire serieswell I might have waiting 3 months to pick up the next one Still there is enough going on that I don’t think it will be a hardship to continue reading along with some friends 344 A buddy read with the Urban Fantasy fans at BBBThis is a story of a girl who lost her family young lived on the streets met a nice family who took her in and trained her to become an assassin And she has powers in a world where some people are born with an ability to perform magic by controlling the elements Gin our hapless assassin has control over stone with some affinity to ice magic However while going about doing her job killing people she prefers to rely on her blades and sometimes cross bow We get to meet her right after she dispatches with a minor job by this understand an easy hit and is persuaded to embark on a very high risk no prep but astronomical pay new assignment However things are not what they seem and hers and the lives of the people around her are put in peril I personally enjoyed the book but I can see the validity of the arguments some of my friends have against the numerous stereotypes which plague the plot However I am also well aware of my personal complete acceptance of such in the different genres and take them as part of the game So many of the series that compel us to keep on reading them are formulaic and somewhat predictable but at least I come back exactly because of that Sometimes it is nice that you can get out of a book exactly what you expected when you choose to buy it It is those books that I reach for in moments when I seek comfort and running away from conflict So despite it not being very original or exceptionally well written this book was perfect for an enjoyable read in between the hardships of Real Life and the impending doom of the other 3 books I am reading right now which are wonderfully crafted but rough on my psyche and good spirit I will recommend this book to fans of the lighter side of UF including young readers despite a love scene in which all protection was discussed and employed It is also a first in a series and I know from experience you have to give it 2 3 books time to grow So I plan on doing exactly thatNow I wish all of you Happy Reading and may you never be without a good book in your life Dnf pg 100 don't kill me tweeeeeebieThis is a case of it isnt the book its meThis book is badass and awesome but I seriously don't feel like reading it Reading this bc Tweebs is trash and she's on my ass about it PI don't really read Urban Fantasy but I'm hoping this one turns out awesome Urban fantasy books are often saturated with the kick ass snarky heroine the reuisite love interest the paranormal creatures cool weapons and the evil bad guy or gal Yes – this book has all that but it felt like it had Set in the corrupt town of Ashland Tennessee Spider’s Bite has a dirty gritty feel Gin Blanco is known as The Spider a female assassin She is extremely good at her job and is well compensated for her skills Gin has standards a kind of moral code She does not kill children or the innocent I liked the originality of this book While there are vampires in this book their abilities are not really expanded upon except that they seem to heal uickly There are also giants and dwarves There are also people that can control elemental magic – from air fire stone ice etc Gin is an elemental She has the ability to use stone and ice magic While stone and ice are not the most powerful elemental magics out there it is hinted that Gin has some extraordinary powers I would have liked to have had information on these elemental magic practitioners – How did they get the magic? Were they born with it? Can they learn it? The world building in this book was intriguing Basically it felt like our world but with paranormal elements Gin lives in a corrupt city which is policed by a corrupt police force Even the organized crime elements felt like a paranormal mafia Our heroine Gin Blanco comes from tragic circumstances Her family died in a fire leaving her homeless She is “found” by Fletcher who gives her odd jobs in exchange for food She later becomes an assassin and Fletcher acts as her handler I found Fletcher to be a most interesting character even though he was not around for most of the book I liked all the people that surrounded Gin Finnegan Lane Finn Fletcher’s son was a wonderful character I so wanted Gin to be his love interest but it was not happening Finn was a great supporting character I had trouble believing the attraction between Gin and Donovan Craig I did not like the way that Donovan treated Gin I found that his character fell flat for me because of his condescending attitude towards Gin even though he was alive because of her The villain was especially evil and scary I enjoyed the mystery of figuring out who she was and I was pleasantly surprised when I had guessed wrong I loved the ending and it made me rush out to find the next book in the series Web of Lies Check out my review on Badass Book Reviews Clears throat Every one and their mother should read this series Why?? There's no WHY because YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON THIS BEAUTIFUL ASS SERIES No seriously this series will slay your existence For real I've read all 14 books and DAMN JUST DAMN WHAT IS LIFE? WHAT AM I? WHAT ARE YOU? WHAT IS WHAT? Okay I'll be honest when I say that suck at convincing people to do shit so either read this or read this I don't care like IT BETTER ME SOME TIME IN YOUR LIFE GUYS I'll probably be promoting this series 50 years later because the love is real You'll thank me guys AND I prefer to be thanked by giving me a 500 gift card to my local book store ;P Just bless me with this gift since I've blessed you WITH THIS AMAZING ASS SERIES OK BYE AnywaysGOOD DAY drops mic Very good and very gritty Gin is absolutely lethal Killing someone is just a job to her Not that she kills just anyone but if you're on her radar for death you get dead very uickly I found her character very credible I won't deny that I sort of have a fascination with fiction stories about assassins This is a good one Estep builds a three dimensional character here with Gin She's not evil but she's not a a saintly person either How can you be when you kill people for a living? That's where the grays come in If you knew what some of the folks she's killed have done then you might not count it as such a loss Ashland is a place full of dark souls you see The whole place is corrupt to varying degrees except for Donovan Caine He truly is the only honest man in this place So imagine the dilemma when they discover an attraction between them Between the cold hearted but warm pantsed assassin and the straight arrow cop Yeah that makes for uite a conflictIf you like magic noir definitely check this book out If you like badss women who know how to get the dirty jobs done definitely check this out If you have a problem with women who are a bit callous about sex you might have a problem with Gin I'm not big on that trait in a heroine or a hero for that matter I did like how she does the pursuing when it comes to Donovan That was kind of cute And she can be a bit of a bully when she wants to I can understand why her character is that way having lost her family and lived on the streets It's made her into a hard woman one who doesn't let anyone make a victim out of her For all that she does have a sense of honor At least someone does in this place As for Caine he was a bit self righteous at times I totally respect his sense of honor but I think he needs to open his mind a little and ask the whys instead of just blindly following I find it hard to believe he was completely oblivious to the corruption in his police department I think he was just willfully ignoring it A bad tree cannot produce good fruit and vice versa If his partner was doing that horrible stuff why didn't he have a clue? I like that Gin didn't try to defend herself to him Why should she? She was true to herself and he had to accept her or leave her Either way I like that he can't put her into a box and forget about her either Too bad Gin can't get this cop out of her mind either That relationship is fraught with issuesThe magic was cool I liked the concept of elementals and how many folks in Ashland had elemental magic I liked the use of runes to identify people and how it was used to seal magic if you will The vampires felt sort of extraneous but maybe that's because I'm jaded with vampires being in every single urban fantasy seriesOverall this was a very good book Gin is a very lethal fascinating character I didn't like everything about her but I liked a lot I loved that she was so badss and capable She does a lot of the saving but she also works together with others so there was balance in that Donovan is an interesting love interest It should be entertaining to see where things go with that angel I also liked the foodie aspects being a big foodie myself and the glimpses of Southern life and society I recommend this book to readers who enjoy enjoy dark gritty urban fantasy and tough female leads I will definitely continue this series Thanks for recommending this book off my tbr pile Suzi 25 starsOkay let me start with the good ones 1 The story is set in the present world; some of the people have extraordinary talent magical talent based on one of the elementals Fire Ice Stone and Air It makes it easy to follow because there are no big jargonswords or complicated structure of magical worlds 2 The story is kind of fast paced of a whodunit plot; someone is killed our heroine is being bertrayed her handler is killed and the whole story is about her finding out the truth 3 I kinda like Gin as a heroine she is smart and ruthless a perfect assassin but still sarcastic enough to make me like her 4 I also love Finn her best friend who can also be seen as Gin's half brother by closeness of associationBUT there are several things that just annoy the HELL out of me and I can't really get them out of the way to make me love this story 1 The repetitive writing is just DRIVING ME INSANE First the way Gin always ends her fantasy of Donovan Caine with the word Mmm Seriously after you find this word than three times you want to erase the word from your vocabulary forever That and the 'cousin' of Mmmm which is Hmmm 2 There are A LOT of unnecessary descriptions of one's look or one's dress; which is totally going nowhere And what's with the fixation of someone's eye colors? There are repetitive description of Gin's grey eyes Finn's green eyes and Caine's hazel eyes Also this combination of grey on gold; gold on grey everytime Caine and Gin look at each other?? Yes I get it their eyes are grey green and hazel can we frickin' move on then?3 What's with the concept of repetition in three since Gin always says sloppy sloppy sloppy when it comes to her enemy and slaps slaps slaps to describe someone being beaten AND also emotions should be a mixture of at least 3 things Disgust Anger Mistrust Suspicion Curiosity then Shock Anger Disgust Horror Resignation” Yes one is conflicted but really LESS IS MORE4 Last but not least is I HATE DONOVAN CAINE the supposed to be love interest of Gin Ms Estep probably wants to portray him as this one honest person with high idealism But he comes out as a judgmental arrogant bastard who thinks that he is better than everyone else I can get attraction that starts from misunderstanding; look at Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy However Caine doesn't only misunderstand Gin he clearly despises her and disgusted with the fact that there is some sort of attraction between them I don't need that kind of hero Sometimes I wish Gin just kills that aholeI might be a little bit too harsh; especially since this is the first book and I rarely fall in love with the first book in a series However I don't think it intrigues me enough for book #2

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