Octopussy➸ Octopussy Free ➮ Author Ian Fleming – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The Last Great Adventures of James Bond 007Octopussy the darling was a bit surly The tentacle she lashed around Major Smythe's arm that morning was none to gentle So when Smythe found himself the sudd The Last Great Adventures of James Bond Octopussy the darling was a bit surly The tentacle she lashed around Major Smythe's arm that morning was none to gentle So when Smythe found himself the sudden uarry of James Bond at cocktail time the Major had a brilliant if rather gruesome inspirationThe Living Daylights are about to blasted out of a living target on a crowded Berlin street Crouched behind a International Experimental Target rifle James Bond sights his victim makes a split second decision and gently sueezes the triggerThe Property of a Lady a valuable objet d'art is about to be auctioned at Sotheby's At the start of the bargaining the room becomes electric with danger and terror and nobody but James Bond knows why. Reread this book after such a long time This was my first brush with the iconic British spy in a book written by the creator Ian Fleming I had read a Bond novel by John Gardener earlier thoughThe edition I have contains the following three stories• Octopussy• The Living Daylights• The Property of a LadySome editions feature an additional story 007 IN NEW YORK I wish my edition included this oneIn these stories you will get to accompany Bond on his missions across the globe Jamaica West Berlin and London Enter the world of espionage spies traitors and assassins The best part there are no outlandish plots larger than life villains hell bent on taking over the world even the iconic cars and fancy gizmos are absent The stories are realistic or at least what readers and critiues of spy fiction claim to be realistic and I found then enjoyable But a little bit of sexism is there in one of the storiesNow we come to the stories – Octopussy Here surprisingly Bond has limited presence and dons the role of cop rather than that of a spy 007 deals with a ex British army major who had committed a crime during his posting in post WW2 Germany Interestingly the character of Hannes Oberhauser was first introduced in this book I recognized the name from the movie Spectre But the story around the character has been somewhat altered in the movieI had watched Octopussy before reading the stories But the movie adaptation contains elements of this and The Property of a Lady and has built up on then Octopussy has been condensed into a dialogue in the movie and while The Property of the Lady became a scene The Property of a Lady Bond is tasked with identifying a top ranking Soviet spy during the auction of a Faberge art in Sootheby’s in London The Living Daylights Here Bond’s mission is to facilitate the escape of a spy from East Berlin to West Berlin by taking care of a KGB sniper In this story the famous 007 would actually express his distaste at having to kill someone The story would be part of the beginning scene in the movie adaption featuring Timothy Dalton as BondThe book also has some illustrations which use dots to create profiles of weapons cars among others I liked the designsBond buffs and people interested in spy fiction would enjoy the book The book is only 127 pages long and can be read in one sitting 2 12 starsThis is one that I had forgotten about reading I don't even know how I ended up reading it in the first place but this is the only James Bond story I've read and from this story I gather that Ian Flemming's James Bond is a bit different from the one in the movies The short story Octopussy is very different from the movie of the same name Instead you get an okay action thriller without all of cheesiness that is the movie That's not a bad thing but I just thought it was a little dull This edition contains Octopussy The Property of a Lady and The Living Daylights and is the last of the Bond series written by Ian Fleming himself Octopussy is largely lacking Bond being told through the flashbacks of Dexter Smythe who was tempted by Nazi gold and ultimatelyfinds himself being hunted by Bond who gives him a reprieve although not one Smythe can accept The Property of a Lady finds Bond investigating a Russian double agent and trying to capture her KGB employers at a Sotherbys auction The final story The Living Daylights finds Bond in East Berlin tasked with protecting an agent as he escapes across No Man's Land when he is faced with a dilemma of killing the sniper he has fallen for The writing is as good as the previous books in the Bond series and the stories fit well although again there is nothing particularly new even ignoring the films which are so familiar A good addition and a good way to round off Fleming's series but not not one I'm likely to read again a must for all Bond fans though Not particularly good Three short stories that don't really feel finished only like little snippets of a longer story None of the stories were very interesting or satisfying either in my opinionThe only good thing about it was the scenes from The Living Daylights and The Property of A Lady which were made into scenes from The Living Daylights and Octopussy Bond films After being bored to tears I finally gave up on Dune and it's dull characters simplistic dialogue and rushed narrative And when you need a jolt of energy who better than James Bond to deliver? So I ended my Ian Fleming re read with Octopussy the final collection of short stories published after Fleming's passing I enjoy the short story format for Bond uite a bit and these three stories work uite well in painting a picture of 007's mundane missions SpoilersOctopussy Bond has a relatively minor role in this initial story the recounting of a British soldier's murder and theft as World Word II wound down his profiteering of his crime and his contentment at getting away with his crimes until a British spy shows up at his estate in Jamaica identifying himself as Bond James Bond Not only is Bond there on official business but the murdered German was a friend of his a man who was kind to a young boy who needed a hand when he lost his parents Still Bond gives the officer a Major Dexter Smythe the opportunity to save face and take his own way out The glimpse into Bond's past sheds some light on his sense of loyalty as he's experienced kindness when he was at his lowest and as a man he'll do that for others be they the boss he respects a colleague in need or even a traitor who faces disgrace The irony is that the mercy Bond allows Smythe was taught to him by the man Smythe murdered the man Bond is there to avenge The Living Daylights My favorite of the three stories finds Bond in Berlin with a sniper rifle tasked with eliminating a KGB assassin sent to kill a double agent trying to escape to the west As he awaits the moment of truth Bond tries to come to terms with a mission where he's expected to kill in cold blood something he finds distasteful He attempts to take joy in life which usually comes easy to him but the dark cloud of his looming murder hangs over him and he can't shake it until he sees a pretty girl with a cello Bond falls in love with her well not really but he is intoxicated Likely he is clinging to the promise of happiness of the greatest pleasure in life in the face of his rendezvous with death When he discovers that the beautiful cellist is the assassin he makes a split second decision that may surprise anyone who hasn't seen the movie Why Bond doesn't kill her is likely a mix of different factors First his well established weakness is women and his drive to protect them But than that the cellist was Bond's tether to life the assurance that he was than just a killer and now he's being asked to kill her and effectively kill the last shred of humanity in himself as he does So Bond flips everyone the bird and spares both her life and his own soul settling for scaring the living daylights out of herThe Property of a Lady A Russian spy has been discovered in British Intelligence Actually she was discovered as soon as she decided to sell out to the commies But the British have been stringing her along using her to deliver disinformation to the Russians Now they believe that she's about to be pulled out and paid off with a Fabergé egg at a Sotheby's auction While M is prepared to just write it off Bond sells him on using this opportunity to identify the KGB's top agent in London the guy who runs all their doubles This one isn't as deep as the other two but I like the setting of the auction and the way Bond has to observe the crowd to smoke out the spy But the real joy was in the passage where Bond runs into the traitor in the halls of MI6 and takes stock of her His description applies so well to Antifa that it's hard to believe this was written in the 60s I find that comforting; what's going on now is nothing new nor are these awful people and they were always the same easily identifiable mutants Le Carre probably would have been symapthetic but Fleming saw them for exactly what they areThese are all fun stories and elements of them or in some cases their entireties have shown up in the films over the years It's a nice light way for Fleming to have finished his Bond saga with a bit development of the world's most famous spy I listened to the audiobook which was read by Tom Hiddleston I would listen to that man read the phone book so already I knew it wouldn't be a terrible listening experience I really enjoyed these three very different stories I particularly liked The Living Daylights for its portrayal of James Bond Dexter Smythe is a retired intelligence agent drinking himself near to death in Jamaica Note irony in that Ian Fleming was doing the same When Smythe gets a visit from James Bond he sort of knows it is trouble as Major Smythe has been keeping a big secret since the end of WWIIStory #2 is better James Bond needs to get to the EastWest Berlin border for a Cold War gunfight with a twist endingStory #3 kind of pointless Commander Bond infiltrating the international jewelry bizI have now completed all of the Ian Fleming Bond books and read them in order It is basically not necessary to read them in order though it helps a little Each book stands on its own with the exception of Thunderball On Her Majesty's Secret Service and You Only Live Twice which function together as a trilogyBest of the lot? Moonraker From Russia With Love and Goldfinger Worst? The Spy Who Loved MeWas Fleming a racist misogynist? Yup Nobody's perfectThe books are easy and fun to read They are a consumption fantasy as much as a mystery suspense series Bond drives cool cars eats gourmet food drinks constantly and gets lots of chances to enjoy beautiful women All while saving the world from super villains My life exactly except that I don't get hot cars or gourmet food I don't drink any I am limited to just one beautiful woman I have very little adventure and James Bond does not spend a lot of time reading and posting reviews on GoodReads In these shorter works Fleming's mastery at creating suspense even without a complex plot or much action is on displayreturnreturnOctopussy is the story of a British major who stole some Nazi gold during the war committing murder in the process Bond is sent to investigate and basically shows up in the story just to inform the major that the jig is up The story is basically a morality tale about how crime doesn't pay truth will out and all those sorts of clichésbut Fleming does an excellent job of showing why they are actually true and profoundly how good ends cannot be achieved by evil means and an action such as this results not in happiness but misery even while one may temporarily get away with it A really interesting character study and uite philosophically and psychologically astutereturnreturnIn The Living Daylights Bond is sent to snipe a sniperan assignment about which neither he nor M is thrilled It's not uite murder he knows but almostclose enough from his perspective as the man who has to do it at any rate Lots of interesting characterization of Bond himself in this storyreturnreturnThe Property of a Lady is about a triple agent a Soviet spy turned double but actually still working for Moscow being used by British intelligence to unwittingly pass on false information to her Russian spymasters This part of the story is hardly fictionalized and was much interesting to read after learning about similar real life espionage activities see for example Agent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre But when an unusual payoff reveals her true allegiance Bond sees an opportunity to uncover her boss the head of Soviet espionage activities in Britain Again for a story with basically no action in the form of physical peril to Bond this is surprisingly suspenseful Another save from my Dad's bookshelfThis collection of three short stories which according to the cover are the last great adventures of James Bond were first published in Playboy Octopussy and Property of a Lady and Argosy Living Daylights magazines No surprise but Octopussy bears no resemblance to the terrible Roger Moore movie except that there is very briefly an octopus in the story Bond himself is also an afterthought appearing in just two brief scenes to ask a couple of uestions about events that happened in Germany at the end of World War II Similarly while thankfully never made into a movie Property of a Lady involves a Faberge egg which as I recall was also a plot point in the Octopussy film There's a direct bookfilm connection with Living Daylights as the whole story is basically the first 15 minutes of the movie again as I remember don't hold me to itNone of the stories have aged well in fact they're vignettes than full on stories and so are really only for hardcore fans which I am not As with most of the 007 short stories there is less emphasis on action and less stereotypical Bond bedroom antics with attention given to uirks of human psychology Bond sometimes a witness than a participant in the main events The title story bears only a fragmentary relation to the movie made under the same name in the 1980s A plot component of the second story has to do with the actual events of the Octopussy film The final story in the collection The Living Daylights does provide a reasonable foundation for the opening of the film of the same name but again as is common with James Bond short stories the relations they bear to the film was made under their names are few Readers who are interested in the literary Bond character than the cinematic Bond character may find the stories intriguing at the very least again in to the extent that Bond is often an observer rather than a principal participant in what's going on

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