The Bear that Wasn't

The Bear that Wasn't[PDF / Epub] ☂ The Bear that Wasn't By Frank Tashlin – “Once upon a time in fact it was Tuesday” the Bear went into the woods to settle in for his long winter nap But when he awoke what had happened The trees were gone the grass was gone the flowers w “Once upon a time in fact it was Tuesday” the Bear went into the woods to settle in for his long winter nap But when he awoke what had happened The trees were gone the grass was gone the flowers were gone and in their place were buildings cars a fenced off courtyard The Bear had no idea that he was in the middle of a factory “Get back to work” a man The Bear Kindle - yelled out of the blue“I don’t work here” said the Bear “I’m a bear” The man laughed and laughed “Fine excuse for a man to keep from doing any work—saying he’s a bear” And so it began and so it went with the Bear protesting his bearness all the way from the Third Vice President to the First and no one willing to believe that he wasn’t just a silly man in a fur coat who needed a shaveHow the bear endured and how he finally prevailed are the subject of this delightful modern fairy tale—beautifully illustrated with the author’s inventive line drawings—about sticking up for yourself no matter how many Foremen General Managers Vice Presidents or even Company Presidents stand in your way. I don't know what I think about this book My late aunt had two copies a very worn 1st edition and this 1981 Dover reprint so it must've meant something to herThe blurb claims it is very funny but I found it depressing I'll have to ponder for a bit this is the perfect case of two ppl reading a book and getting complete different messages from it or at least that's what I gather when reading the reviews for this children's book This was one of my first books I read on my own as a child and it holds a special place in my heart to me the message that conveys is to be true to who you are like the bear regardless how many times the bear heard that he was a silly man that needed a shave and wore a fur coat at the end of it all he knew he was a bear It puzzles me how ppl think this book is about environmentalism Oo like I said above guess it shows perfectly how two can read the same book and a complete different message from it Pleasing line drawings illustrate the tale of a bear who hibernates and awakens to find that a factory has been built on top of his cave and he is told to get to work because he's not a bear just a man in a fur coat He tries to protest in succession to the General Manager Third VP Second VP First VP and President each of whom has increasing numbers of secretaries with large round butts and Barbara Stanwyck hairdos wastepaper baskets telephones and increasingly extravagant office decor Anti bureaucratic anti industrialist message One of my favorite children's books I read as an adult Fantastically funny with and detail in the illustration with every subseuent read Your heart will sink and then lift together absurdly as you follow the adventures of a bear who everyone thinks is a silly man who needs to shave Frank Tashlin is usually remembered as being a Warner Bros cartoon director during its brilliant World War II period and as the director of several Jerry Lewis pictures and other '50s films full of sight gags and cartoon like pacing It's a shame that his 1946 book The Bear That Wasn't isn't better remembered Much like Shel Silverstein's well loved The Giving Tree Tashlin's book is a simple fable with deep messages that masuerades as a children's story The story of a bear who wakes to find himself in a factory built atop his cave while he was hibernating then told that he's not a bear at all but rather a factory worker Tashlin's book can be interpreted many ways Some readers may find an allegory about the individual's plight in a bureaucratic and mechanized world others may see a warning about the destruction of nature and natural impulses and still others may see a lesson about how a lie repeated often enough becomes accepted as the truth as Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels wrote just a few years before this book was first publishedI would venture to say that almost everyone no matter his or her age can relate to Tashlin's story All of us at some point in our lives and perhaps in the past several days has been told by a boss or other authority figure some variation of You're not a Bear You're a silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coatAside from the story the illustrations in The Bear That Wasn't are brilliant One should pay special attention to how each of the factory's successive vice presidents is depicted The higher the vice president's position the secretaries wastebaskets and telephones as well as lines under the eyes he has The 1967 cartoon version of The Bear That Wasn't by Tashlin's former Warner Bros colleague Chuck Jones is enjoyable too but loses some of the book's best visual gags and the simplicity of its language It also trades the book's wonderfully clean black and white line drawings for what's sometimes called cartoon modern style I'm a big fan of cartoon modern but don't think it serves The Bear That Wasn't as well as the book's original illustrations do Also by 1967 the style was getting a bit long in the tooth I suspect I read this book as a child and loved it so when it was reprinted in paperback I had to buy it for my grandsons The story is a bit outdated but the sense of trying to be true to oneself remains A bear noticing that fall has come retreats to a cave to hibernate Over the winter a factory is built right over his cave When he wakes and leaves the cave he finds himself on the factory floor where everybody tells him he is not a bear but a funny man in a fur coat who needs a shave Will he cave into pressure and believe the others or will he be able to find out his true nature once again? The original illustrations are wonderful My kids and I love reading this one the simplicity and repetition of the story and the illustrations make it appealing to children but the underlying theme how unreasonable a bureaucratic system can become will speak to adults as well and provide fodder for discussion as children grow up It's accessible and fun for early readers and the humor has multi generational appeal Looks can be deceiving This is as much a book for adults as it is for children Its about knowing who you are about not letting the world determine your identity and nature Its about being true to your self Well it was a lot better story than I thought it would be In fact children should enjoy its repetitiousness and cute illustrations It makes a great read aloud I tried it Recommended My love for children's books knows no bounds This is a sweet little book about a bear who keeps getting told he isn't and eventually starts believing it

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