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What a beautiful story It is so gentle and warm and magical; I was carried away The little girl in this story longs for a horse of her own but her parents always say its too expensive and they don't have room They are sweet enough to let her stop by the horses on a drive and smell the horsey fragrance her favorite smell in the whole wide world and do let her indulge in her fantasies though what pretty horse figurines she has so props to the parents for not stifling her completely Best of all though is when the little girl draws horses; as the horse takes shape on paper her imagination takes flight and soon she is soaring on her own horse Silver through the sky and moonlight and clouds to a place born of dreams The story itself is wonderful the illustrations are gorgeous I love the shiny paper its printed on and though the dream world is timeless the real world setting is evocative of an earlier era 1950 ish? This choice made sense when I read the Author's Note at the end and realized that Jeffers wrote this story about her own childhood I love her positive take on being denied her dream of having a horse as a child because she said she believes that is what led to her passion for drawing like the girl in the story Very sweet Even though I was never one of the little girls who longed to have a horse of my own this story made me dream right along with the little girl My Pony has a wonderfully classic feel from the beautiful illustrations to the sweet heart felt storyMy Pony centers around a young girl who wants a pony but can't have one because they are too expensive and need to much room So the little girl spends her time daydreaming about her horse and trying trying to capture it with her artworkA part of me thinks this book is really a four star book but it was so sweet I had to give it five it captures the fantastic imagination kids have and I loved the portrayal of the parents and the gorgeous illustrationsEspecially wonderful is the author's note in the back which really helped explain the way the story ended and is a great example of overcoming obstacles and finding that silver lining I have just started special reading time with my 8 year old son every night We love it and this is our first review It was a nice story and a creative one The illustrations were lovely This is a stunningly gorgeous book Both the illustrations and the lovely story are just beautiful I was deeply touched And from reading this book I want a pony or at the very least I became very eager to interact with ponieshorsesThis is a wonderful story about a girl and her yearning and her artwork and her vivid imagination It’s incredibly appealing Perfect for horse loving girls especially those who want a pony or any pet young artists and those who appreciate how we have experiences via our vivid imaginations A child doesn't have to love horses to appreciate this story However if she has a deep longing for something unattainable she'll easily be able to understand this little girl's feelingsOne of my nieces always longed for a horse and she had her own collection of little horses in a box We added to the collection when we went to garage sales or even wandered through the forest sometimes weathered knots look a little like a horse She too imagined what she could do if she had a horse She's now outgrown her passionate dream but she still holds a fondness for her herd of imaginary horses And she found a stable near to home where she can shovel stalls whenever she wants to spend meaningful time with 'her' horses My daughter really enjoyed the story as she could relate to the little girl wanting a horse We loved that the little girl in the story used her imagination to create her dream horseThis book opened up some nice conversations around horses and what they need to live Beautiful illustrations make this book visually appealing as well I purchased this book at my school book fair when I was in elementary school I grew up always wanting a pony much like the girl in this book This book could be used in a classroom to teach kids about their imaginations They can do anything with only a little imagination This book has great illustrations that really draw kids in A gorgeous book that is simple to read and enjoy with your child especially if they are of the horse hankering type After reading the author's note you find that the book actually probably very closely follows the earlier life and circumstances of the writer as well as with those who truly do desire a horse for a pet Unfortunately my sister did provide me with a copy of the book and although it seems like it may be a charming book it is missing about four pages so the story skips The only reason why I know the amount of missing pages is since I was able to check the book out real uick at openlibrarycom to read while seeing the strange discrepancy that I found in my book The pictures themselves are beautiful while the imagination of the child although not seeming to be supremely superior than others does catch a beautiful dream world Thus along with the little girl and her dapple you are able to explore a beautiful world of horses as they gallop through her mind while sadly leaving everything behind as you close the book in ending it The elementary school librarian recommended this book to me when it first came out I was the first person to get it because I got to check it out before it was even on the shelfAs a kid who longed for a horse or pony and couldn't have one I feel like this was a very good book for me to read I may not have been able to draw a horse that looked like I wanted it too but I did have a good imagination and used to pretend my bicycle was a horse I read this book again as an adult and it was just as good as I rememberedThis is the only book I've ever read about a child who wanted a pony and could not have one For children who are not into ponies it still has a great lesson You can't always get what you want Susan Jeffers delivers another well written and beautifully illustrated book This is also one of my daughter's favorites she loves horses The book shows how a girl imagines up her own horse and her adventures with it because she isn't allowed to have a horse The book describes different breeds of horses and is a good way to show students that their imagination is one thing that no one can control and they can make up anything they want As an activity allow students to come up with their own pet and write or draw what they would do with them on a Saturday

My Pony Epub ¼ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • My Pony
  • Susan Jeffers
  • English
  • 05 September 2014
  • 9780786819959