Taino Ti

Taino Ti❮Read❯ ➲ Taino Ti Author K.B. Forrest – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Yuis Rosales can’t remember a time when he wasn’t haunted by dreams of strange people jungles and the gods whose forms only he can create Just when these nightmares are threatening to overtake him Yuis Rosales can’t remember a time when he wasn’t haunted by dreams of strange people jungles and the gods whose forms only he can create Just when these nightmares are threatening to overtake him he meets Felipe who uickly invades both his waking and his sleeping hours Yuis only wants to see his art hanging in a gallery but when he leaves for Puerto Rico he discovers a history so horrifying that his dreams pale in comparison His past as a Taíno shaman collides with a madman’s lust for mystical dominion Summoning his own power Yuis must learn to trust his totem beast Mukaroand his passionate lover. Yuis is a 22 years old young artist His work is strange he is inspiring by his nightmares and no much people are interested in sell it So he moves to New York and soon finds two persons interested Felipe a young man who believes himself descending from an ancient puertorican tribe the Taino and Albert an old gallerist who obviously is interested in the beauty face of Yuis than in his work But also Felipe is enthralled by this young man very feminine and innocentMagic superstition and perilious all expect Yuis in his travel to his native Puerto Rico and also the strong feelings he is experimenting for Felipe a man Yuis is confused he is still virgin and he has never felt like this nor for women or for men It is lust passion or maybe love?The story is very interesting complex and with a growing plot Felipe is a good character but sometimes I'd like him man he is physically strong but not at all at comfort with his sexuality he still feels shame for the desire he has for men Yuis is a spoilt puppy ready to bite if someone try to near him I like is naivete but it feels odd in a 22 years old guy In the development of the relationship I have preferred the next story by KB Forrest Calor del Amor but for the developtment of the plot Taino Ti is in absolutely complete and original Both stories have really strong yaoi elementhttpelisa rollelivejournalcom13 This was one of those books where the description was better than the reality The concept was decent but the execution was lacking and the entire book just came of as scattered There were jumps in the plot that didn't make a great deal of sense and there were things just randomly added without enough enough leading up to it so I just sat and wondered what the hell was actually going on A lot of the dialogue was also fairly juvenile in executionespecially the interactions between the two main characters This had the potential to be a good story but was just too rushed and it was like the author just randomly stuck parts into the story that they wanted to add but didn't feel like putting in the work to make it a seamless process I made it through on strength of will but will not be reading it again 15 and that's only for the story this could've been 25 starsDNF 25% I really really tried I did This bizarre to me as I have no problem with the supernatural like AT ALL I couldn't find anything to like about any of the main characters But hey just because I didn't like it doesn't mean you won'tNow I have to find another book for my Puerto Rico submission for the 50 States Challenge At least I have until 1231 to do so LOL Well the concept of the book and the technical writing were good I must admit I didn't care for Yuis and I didn't really have a chance to get to know Felipe The story was nice but a bit choppy It felt like the author tried to hard to keep the mystery when it just detracted from the story and the romance felt like it came together too suddenly Not for meNeed to be edited Personage caricature Yuis need a serious kick in the ass No development of the romance Revelation stupid that appeared out of nowhere at the ending

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  • 174 pages
  • Taino Ti
  • K.B. Forrest
  • English
  • 05 April 2014
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